Tummy Time...

is over rated!  Two seconds later...he was asleep!

Fun Friday Night...

 Right before Daddy got home from work...this is what was going on at our house.  Big brother Nixon was taking care of the Little Guy.  He LOVES and adores him!
 My kitchen was closed for the night.  :)  So we went to pick up M and go grab some dinner and yogurt.  Afterwards, this is what happened...Daddy and Ebby Lee did their best to get some smiles out of B.  
This is what Bowen was seeing....ha!  He was probably in over-stimulation mode with both of them in his face making ALL kinds of noises!  Story of his life!

My 3 Kiddos...

 I'm still playing catch up from last week!  Sweet Nixon man...I caught him reading the Bible.  Maybe he was flipping through the pages looking for the pictures, but it counts!
 Ebby Lee watching Sofia the First.  Her new favorite show.
Bowen...sweet, sweet boy!  He is growing SO quickly!!  He's doing great!  I'll say it again...Best. Baby. Ever!  He turned 8 weeks old this week which is important because now he can go to the childcare at the gym!  He went 4 times this week.  The super nice childcare ladies gave him a good report everyday!  He's starting to really watch Ebby Lee and Nixon and smile at them all the time!  So thankful for these 3 kiddos!  

Any Given Sunday...

our house could look like this...
 horseback rides by G with football on in the background.
 They were loving it!!  G...probably not so much!  ha!
Daddy and Bowen

Happy Birthday to Nixon's Bestie...

Last weekend, (yes, I'm SO far behind!!) we joined the Shull family at The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Nixon's bestie, Smith, turning the big 3!!  We had a great time!  So fun hanging out with friends AND eating yummy food.  I thought this picture was too funny.  I must have been in la la land when Ms. Shay was taking pictures!  I got my camera out late and told the boys to smile.  This is what I got!  ha!  Smith ducked and Nixon cheesed!  Love these boys!

More Phone Dumping...

Medical City Dallas...

Thursday morning we checked in at 9:15.  Tab and Bowen in the waiting room.  
 Sweet Bowen during all his pre-op preparations.
The area we were in looked JUST like the room the kiddos were in for their ear tube surgery.  I think that REALLY helped me.  It made it seem like not such a big deal. 
Tab left around 8:00 to get the kiddos so it was me and this handsome guy for the night.  He did really well at night.  He had those little probes on him to monitor his breathing.  He also had nurses coming in ALL the time to check his vitals.  We somehow managed to still get a little sleep.  
This is how he slept.  He'd watch the monitors and slowly drift off to sleep.
Tab and the kiddos came and picked us up on Friday morning.  
This little guy was doing great by then!!  We just relaxed and did lots of resting.  Tab even let me take a HUGE nap!  Wahoo!
So happy he's home and out of that hospital room!!
Sweet boy stopped playing and fell asleep.  :)

CRAZY week but oh, so blessed!!

CRAZY week!!

 What a CRAZY week we had!!  I'd prefer to never experience another week like January 7th-11th, 2013 again! I do realize that it could have been SO much worse, but it was a crazy-super fast moving-stressful week!  It started Monday when I got Bowen out of his bathtub I noticed a (I'd describe it like this) lump on his groin.  When he cried it got bigger.  Freaked this mama out!!  I was screaming at Tab to come look at "this thing I found on Bowen"!!  After some tears, I called Dicky & Sarah, (who were SO sweet) who let me drive over to their house at 8:45.  Dicky took one quick look and called it a specific hernia name.  So thankful that's all it was!  (On the quick drive to their house I'd been praying the entire way that Dicky would be able to tell me what it was.  I didn't want to leave there without an answer or that limbo feeling of still not knowing what it was.) Tuesday, Bowen had an appointment with our pediatrician and Wednesday we met with a pediatric surgeon who scheduled his surgery for the next day!  Super FAST!!  Thursday, Bowen had the surgery and did great!!  We had to stay overnight so they could observe how he handled the anesthesia from the surgery.  I was SO ready to leave that hospital the next morning!  So thankful everything went well!  We are SO blessed with great friends/family who watched our kiddos, offered to watch our kiddos, and were covering us in prayer!  Maybe 2013 didn't start off like we'd expected, but we are so fortunate.  Here's to some great things to come in 2013!

Funday Monday...

 On Monday (after ballet), Ms. Haley, Case, and Kylnn came over to have lunch and play.  The weather was SO nice.  We joined the kiddos outside and helped them burn off some energy.  We were hoping for LONG naps that afternoon. 
 Look at that big smile from Case!
 Somebody looks a little sleepy.
 Cracks me up!!  This is what happens to Ebby Lee's hair on the trampoline.
Sweet boy :)
Kirby played with us on Monday too.  These kiddos were loving that trampoline!!  Funday Monday!!

2 BIG Goals...

I had REALLY high hopes that the first week of January I was going to potty train Nixon and night/nap potty train Ebby Lee.  Whew!!  Maybe those were a little too high??  After a week, I marked one off my to-do  list.  Ebby Lee is fully in panties ALL the time!  She had two accidents...two nights in a row!  But...then it clicked and she's got it!!  I'm going to give myself a couple weeks off and then I'll tackle Nixon.  

3 Silly Kiddos...

 Over Christmas break we met some friends at McDonald's.  Afterward, I took a couple random pictures of my 3 silly kiddos.  
 We're working on Nixon's pose or "cheese".
 Bowen looks so comfortable, huh??
Still working on it...:)

Phone Dump

Getting some wear out of those 3D glasses.

Nixon saw wrestling on tv and was infatuated!

Ebby Lee and I made this pinterest fruit turkey on Thanksgiving.

Disney on Ice

Bowen arrived!

Going home

Parade of Lights

Lunch date with this handsome guy

Track partner at the gym

1 week check up

We've had a crazy busy month!