Sunday and Monday...

 Sunday before church...these three all matched and were looking GREAT!!
Sunday night the stomach bug hit Ebby Lee and she was down for the count!  Hormonal preggo Mama was flipping out!  Luckily it didn't last long.  She was feeling MUCH MUCH better by Monday.  It cancelled some of our last minute before baby fun plans, but we were SO thankful she was feeling better. 

Last pics as a family of four!!!  (Don't pay attention to the no-makeup, fresh out of the shower, ready for bed look)

Disney on Ice...

 On Saturday, the girls went to see Disney on Ice in Allen.  I took Ebby Lee last year and she did GREAT!  She loved it and talked about it ALL YEAR LONG! the last second, I decided we should go! T-Nonnie and Ebby Lee before the show.
 Somebody MIGHT have talked their hormonal preggo Mama into a ridiculously priced souvenir!  It's pretty cool looking though, right?
Love our girl time!!
Nixon went with Boo to do "Man Stuff"...ha!  Boo let Nixon pick where he wanted to go.  They ended up at McDonald's (at 4:30 in the afternoon!  ha!), PetCo, and then Cabela's (where Nixon insisted he have a bag of chips!).  Nixon got home and was so excited about their night!


 With the baby coming just 5 days later, we had a really low-key Thanksgiving (which is just the way I like it!).  My parents came to town to celebrate Thanksgiving and then stay to help out with the big kids.  So...Thanksgiving morning, we watched the parade, relaxed, and cooked.  Ebby Lee & T-Nonnie had a dance party while we were waiting for the food to be ready.

 Family of four picture
This handsome guy was a big fan of his Thanksgiving food!  So much to be thankful for this year!

iPhone Pics...

We walked to the park on Halloween. On the way back, they tried to pull me. It didn't work! :(

Poor Nix was watching football with Tab and he fell asleep.

Cowboy fans heading out to small group dinner.

Ready to run errands!

Love this face! He was ready too!

We celebrated Lexi's birthday.

Nix fell asleep by 7:00!!!! What?

We went to the gym!

And...then story time at the library.

Thanksgiving Feast...

 Thursday we celebrated with Thanksgiving Feasts at school.  Not sure WHAT Miss Priss is doing here.  This was her pose.  Nixon was refusing to look!
 Happy last day of preschool before Thanksgiving!
 Nixon's class had a feast at 11:30, but I thought he would cry if I came in, hung out with him, and then left to go back to my room.  I didn't want to do that to his teachers or him.  I asked him about it and he said, "Yeah, I'll cry!".  So...I didn't go in there.  :(  Ms. Karen said that it was probably for the best because they had another kiddo MELT down when his dad left.  Nixon did great and enjoyed his chicken nuggets!
 I did slip over to this little Pilgrim's party.
 This was her table.  Those moms went ALL out on the decorations!
 I had to take a picture of the chair cover.  Wowsa!!
 Chicken nuggets, applesauce, and carrots...just like the first Thanksgiving, right??
Ebby Lee and her sweet friend, Molly.  Molly wasn't feeling the picture.  We made a pilgrim girl craft right after that was so difficult I was SWEATING when I left!! ha! 
What a fun day!!  It was my last day at preschool until January!  Bowen should be arriving on Tuesday, November 27th...if he hasn't already made his appearance by then.  We're ALMOST all ready!  

End of the Season...

 Look at those sweaty Gators coming off the soccer field!!  Saturday was our last game.  After the game, they got medals!!
 This is usually how dark ALL my pictures are from soccer.  Ebby Lee & Ava
 Way to go, Gators!!
We had such a fun soccer season!!  I'm so glad we got to share our FIRST ever sport season with some of our very best friends!!  It made the season SO much fun!  As for now, when I asked Ebby Lee if she wanted to play soccer again...she responded, "NO!".  Ha!  She also said that she doesn't like getting sweaty and thirsty!  Ha!  Me either, sister!!  

Black Light Pep Rally...

Last week we headed north to go to the Melissa Cardinals Black Light Pep Rally!!!  My friend, Karla, is the cheerleading sponsor.  She and the cheerleaders did a great job!  My kiddos had so much fun!  We ate dinner at the Cox house and then went to the pep rally!  Such a fun night!!

Election Day and a Busted Jack...

 Yesterday in honor of election day we rocked our red, white, and blue at school.
Then right before I was leaving to go to FC, Nixon mentioned something about Jack falling.  (Jack is our jack-o-lantern pumpkin that I've been meaning to take a picture of.  Tab carved him and then the kiddos painted he looked really good!)  Jack was on the very top of our kitchen bar and SOMEHOW mysteriously fell off on the floor??  He was ALL busted up!!  I missed a picture of Jack looking good, but at least I got this one!

Sunday Best...

 They look SO grown up!!  Before church on Sunday (because we had an extra hour!) I took a couple pictures of the kiddos.  We're finally breaking out some of our fall clothes.  FINALLY!!  Miss Priss looks 5!
 Nixon looks 8!  ha!  I have NO idea how I got him to stand there long enough to snap a picture??
Someone just kept posing for me...ha!

Trick or Treat...

 I'm loving these ages!  At 3 and 2, they totally got the fun in trick or treating and we had the best night!  We started the night off with a visit from Allie, our next door neighbor.  It was also Allie's birthday.  Ebby Lee was being SO shy.  She would hardly stand next to her!
 We headed out to visit the neighbors, Mr. Doug & Ms. Jody.
 Then we stopped off at Makenzie's house.  She's our sweet babysitter that my kiddos LOVE.  We're already getting sad because she's a senior this year!
 Mr. Carl saw us from across the street.  He came over and passed out MONEY because they didn't have any candy!  ha!
 Then we went to M & G's house.  G had his front yard looking good.  He brought his candy bowl outside.  We were going to hit up a couple houses on their street and then go in and hang out a little bit.  Well, Ebby Lee had been asking for a drink for the last 10 minutes, so we rushed in quickly to get her a quick drink.  G set his candy bowl down outside.  We came back out in only 2 minutes and all the candy was gone!!!  Poor G!!  Bless his heart!  He was a good sport about it.  I was bummed!!  He was passing out the really good candy!
 The clown fell down and busted her lip, but got right back up!  She was ready to trick or treat!!
 Dalmatian, Daddy, & the clown
 Nixon LOVES candy.  He'd probably say that Halloween is his favorite holiday!
 Clown, Mommy, & Dalmatian
What a great night!  We ended it with a Halloween show at M & G's house.
Only 23 days until Baby Bowen's arrival!!