This Week...

 Nixon before church on Sunday.  I thought it'd be fun to start with this picture.  We turned our front closet into a mud closet??  Ha!  Don't know what to call it, but we added hooks, a bench, and baskets.  I'm loving it, because the kids can get their shoes out of the basket right before we walk out the door.  But...on this particular day Ebby Lee had sit his basket in the floor and he wanted to do it himself.  So...I got this face!!  Have I mentioned that Nixon is still 2?  He can be the sweetest kiddo ever one second and the next...whew, watch out!
 Miss Priss...probably loving the fact that her brother is throwing a fit on the floor right beside her.
 It's been hot STILL outside here.  And, we're over the pool.  So...that leaves lots of time for crafts.  My kids are loving it.  We painted and colored yesterday.
 Ebby Lee before school today.  It was red day for both kiddos.  I was trying to get a group picture and they weren't cooperating.  Nixon wanted to stand by Ebby Lee, but she didn't want to stand by him!  So...this is the best I got.
The only second he was still.  He kept chasing her to try to stand by her for a picture!!  We've had a great week and are looking forward to a cool rainy weekend!!

Go Gators!!

 Coach Andrew and his soccer team before the game on Saturday huddling up to discuss plays, I'm sure.  :)
 It was SO dark in there when I took pictures.  :(
 Ebby Lee enjoying her after soccer snack.  She ran up and down the field and somewhat followed the ball.  She wasn't interested in kicking or touching the ball in anyway though.  We're working on that. 
 Sporting our Gator Green!
What a fun Saturday!!

Days 4 & 5...

 Don't you love that all those kiddo posts are popping up in the middle of the Hawaii trip?  Ugh!  Apparently, I did something wrong!
Saturday was the football game!  I mean the TRUE reason we even traveled to Hawaii in the first place right?  :)  Tab and the crew left earlier in the day.  A couple of the wives and I ventured out a little later to make it to the game.
 I just got some warm-up pictures.
 It was the perfect weather for a football game.  There was a nice breeze the ENTIRE time.  We were sitting in the it was perfect!
 Afterwards some area officials had a little tailgating party in the parking lot.  All the guys had to wear Hawaiian attire to and from the game.  So thankful that G has a variety of Hawaiian shirts in his closet.  Tab went "shopping" there before we left.  Thanks, G!
 Our last day there we decided to have a nice relaxing day at the beach/pool.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!  We actually walked down to the beach (10 steps) to take some pictures.  Then preggo found her way right back to my clean comfy chair at the pool.
We bumped into some of the crew while we were there.  They were going to surf and paddle board. 
Super super fun trip!!  So nice to have some fun time with Tab before sleepless nights with baby #3.  We still have not solidified a name; however, I think the negotiations are finally getting us somewhere.  :)  I hope anyway!! 
Thanks again, T-Nonnie, Grandpa, & Grandma for holding down the fort while we were away!  Our kiddos had a blast and are ready for us to leave again!!

Random Pictures...

 I snapped some random pictures of the kiddos last week.
 Somebody refused to look!
 On September 11th, we sported our red, white, & blue to school.
Who doesn't take a little scooter ride in the morning around the garage??

Day 3...

Our first stop...Pearl Harbor

A little part of the USS Arizona that is still above water.
Dave, Tab, & Erika on our ferry boat ride.
After a quick walk to lunch, we stopped to pose by this tree.  I don't know how to spell it, but it's a banyan (??) tree.  They were all over and so cool looking.
Next stop...a hawaiian luau!  This is Charlie getting a leis.
Not the best lighting for a picture.  Don't worry...we tried again. 
Before the dinner and luau started, there were all kinds of games and activities you could do.  I caught Charlie taking a canoe ride with this sweet couple.
Tab and I took turns throwing spears.  
Then Tab got chosen to take part in a little Hawaiian dance!
Charlie got picked too!!  Aren't they lucky??  Out of about 600 people they both got to participate!
Getting better?
Practicing for the dance
They called everyone over to the beach and these guys performed!  Too funny!  

Group shot after the performance
So...there were about 25 people taking pictures and watching at this point.  The photographer tells them to jump in this circle, say their name, and strike a pose.  Awkward!!
Finally!  The dinner and luau started right after this picture.  It was a fun night!!

First Soccer Practice...

 A couple Thursdays ago we met up at the park with our friends for the Gator's first soccer practice!!  Don't these girls look ready to play some soccer??

 Smith & Nixon thought this hill was lots of fun!

 What is Ebby Lee doing in this picture??  Let's just say that I think she got her mama's skills in the contact sports type of play.  :)
 Getting ready to huddle up after a sweaty practice!  One time Ebby Lee completely stopped moving.  She told Coach Andrew that she was hot!  ha!  That's my girl!
Soccer Moms...ha!  Nikki, Narci, Andrea, Erika, Rachel, Manda, Lori, & Karla
She looks pretty rough after practice #1!!  So funny! 
The Gators had their first soccer game this Saturday.  Tab and I missed it because we were in Hawaii.  But...they won!  (Even though I don't think they really keep score.)  Go Gators!!

Hawaii Days 1 & 2...

 We made it!!!  FINALLY!!  Preggo was not prepared for that LONG flight.  It's a long story, but Tab and I were not on the same planes to Hawaii.  He stopped in LA and my plane stopped in San Jose.  But...we arrived within 30 minutes of each other.  We were famished when we arrived so after freshening up we quickly found food!  Our hotel was right on Waikiki directly across from the International Market.  I thought it was a great location, because there was so much to do RIGHT there!
 Day 2...we went to Diamondhead Park to hike up the mountain to see the view.  I'd heard it was something we needed to do!  It was so pretty up at the top!  And...preggo felt like I'd just won a gold medal once I finally made it to the top!  ha!
 This is so random.  This is part of the crew that Tab worked with.  I think Tab gave a thumbs-up so I was being silly too?  I don't know.  From the left...Charlie (also lives in Dallas), Greg (lives in Arkansas), Me, Tammy (Greg's wife), and Jeff (lives in Reno, Nevada.

 So close to the top, but still SO far away!  ha!
 WAHOO!!  The view was amazing!
 Part of the crew for the game...Greg, Charlie, Tab, & Jeff
I wanted a picture of the bottom of the mountain from the parking lot.  Tab was my prop...thank you! :)
We went back to the hotel and lounged by the pool.  Then later that night, one of the replay guys that was doing the game (who actually lives there) hosted all of us over at his house for dinner.  I took my camera, but completely forgot to take pictures.  Their backyard was so pretty.  They even had a barn and horses in their backyard.  Who would have thought??  Horses in Hawaii?  Not me!