Lindsey Gets Married!!

 The flower girl was so tired and cranky before the wedding, but she came through RIGHT when it counted!! 
 A fun picture before the wedding.
 Lindsey was a beautiful bride!! 

 Ebby Lee & Daddy
 I caught somebody making silly faces in the mirror!

 Baby Brynn got in on the action too.
 Whitney, Brynn, Lindsey, & Aunt Rene'
 She did GREAT!!!  She stayed up there the whole time!  So proud!  Nixon was in the back with a babysitter and Brynn. 
 Brynn wasn't feeling this pic.  :)
 Newlywed Ty and Nixon...they were almost dressed EXACTLY alike for this wedding.
 Would you believe  me if I told you this was the best of three??  Crazy to think that next year, we'll have another addition to our family picture!  After the wedding and pictures, Ebby Lee was dying to ride the party bus for the wedding party.  So, the two of us loaded up with everyone to go take more pictures outside.
 Weddding party

 Reception...was super fun!!
 Tab and I were in those empty chairs...Newlywed Morgan, Torie, Engaged Tarah, New Daddy Jared, Bride Lindsey, and New Mom Kelly.
 Nixon was all about getting some lovin' from this girl!!  He went from Ty to pretty girl, pretty girl, pretty girl ALL night!
 Waiting for the newly married couple to come out!  Tarah, Uncle Tim, Grandma, Grandpa, & Ty
 Luckily my daredevil isn't in to fire...yet!!
 Ebby Lee with her sparkler.
Congratulations Curt & Lindsey!!!  We had a fabulous weekend with you two!  So thankful to get to be a part of your big day!!

A litte swim before the wedding...

 We had a little time on Saturday morning to swim before we went to the wedding.  These kiddos were so ready to swim in T-Nonnie's pool!

 Even Boo joined in the fun!
 Daredevil Nixon made Tab do this about 4,324 times!

Bridal Luncheon and Rehearsal...

 We went to Missouri last weekend for my cousin, Lindsey's, wedding.  We arrived in Missouri around 1:30 a.m. and started the festivities with the Bridal Luncheon at noon.  Needless to say, Ebby Lee and I were a little tired, but we had a great time!  Grandma Hency & Ebby Lee (the flower girl)
 Ebby Lee & T-Nonnie
 Lindsey is on the front left...these are all of her bridesmaids/candlelighter/and attendants.
 Flowergirl snuck in a picture.
 Lindsey, Ebby Lee, & Whitney

 My hair looks like I'd been rolling around on the couch or something??  ha!  Love this girl!
 Then it was time to meet the newest addition to our family....Baby Paxton.  Uncle Jared & Aunt Kelly had him on Tuesday so he was so tiny and so sweet!  Ebby Lee was a champ at holding this baby!
 Check her handed??  Luckily sweet Baby Paxton just slept!!

 My turn!

 We changed clothes and then headed over to the rehearsal.  Ebby Lee loves her some Brynn.
 I know her eyes are closed, but what is this pose??
Even Tab wanted to get his hands on Brynn!  ha!
 Daddy, Boo, & Handsome Nixon-Man arrived.
 Ebby Lee and Andrew practicing.  They were adorable!

 I hadn't seen Nixon all day.  He was sitting in my lap and as soon as he saw Grandpa (he hadn't seen him since April) he ran over to sit with him!!  Love this picture!
 Take #1...the rehearsal dinner was in downtown Cape right on the river.  After eating a yummy meal, we walked over to take a picture by the Mississippi River!  I should also add that Curt's mom had the cutest coloring books and Magna Doodles for our kids to stay busy and QUIET!  So sweet!
Take #2...not sure this is any better?? 

Friday was definitely so much fun!!  We were so ready to celebrate Lindsey & Curt's big day!!