This & That...

 Nixon made me this SUPER cute flower pot for Mother's Day.  I've left it on the counter in the kitchen, because I didn't know how to store it or what to do with it.  Thought I'd blog it for the world to see (or maybe the 5 people that will read this?).  Super cute, huh?
 Some days my kids are OVER pictures!
So Daddy does something funny to make them laugh.  :)

This week Mama was down for the count.  We hardly left the house all week.  The house was a DISASTER.  I had a stomach bug that was ROUGH!  Itwould make me think it was gone and it'd all of a sudden reapppear!  It was horrible!  But...I think I'm on the mend.  Watch out pools!!  We're already planning our swimming strategy!  We'll be ready this week!  


Ashley said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said...

I am so sorry you were sick, but thank heavens it was last week! Your stomach bug sure would have cramped our pool plans for this week. Come on Monday!!!!! :)