iPhone Pics...

These are some pictures that I took on my phone. What a great trip!!!

Destin Day 7...

 Last day on the beach, Nix enjoyed a little ocean view nap.
 This hat looked SO cute with her bikini....but we took a walk on the beach and it blew off her head straight into the water.  So...it lost it's cute shape and now looks more like a hillbilly hat!
 After our last day of beach/pool, the 4 of us went our for our last dinner of seafood.  I tried to get the kiddos to take a cute pic together.  They were pictured out!  Can you tell?
Even more proof that our picture time was over!!  We had an absolute blast on this trip!!  Such a fun week with the family!

Destin Day 6...

 We snacked at the beach.
 Ebby Lee and I probably ate a pound of cherries every day.  Not really...but it was definitely our snack of choice.
 Later that night, it rained a little...so we did a little shopping.  Daddy & Nix hit up the Bass Pro Shop.
The girls did some real shopping and she talked me into this hat!  

Destin Day 5...

 Another morning spent at the beach with some silly faces from Nixon.

 This is what both the kiddos would do after coming in from the beach/pool.  Watch some t.v. and usually CRASH!!
 We all dressed up in our white/khaki and hit the beach for some family pictures.
 G & M with the grandkiddos
 Katie's family
 This picture is a perfect representation of us...ha!
Group Pic

 Nixon was stressed that he was having to stand in the sand.

 Miss Priss began putting on a show...

 After lots of silly faces, glad I got this!

After lots of pictures, we went to The Track to ride go-carts and rides!
 My kids LOVED this!!
Kind of looks like Daddy was enjoying it too?
 This little guy got in trouble for rocking too much on the swings.  The ride guy even came over to me and said that "he has to remain calm on the swings".  Good luck with that ride operator!
 Ebby Lee is definitely going to be my ride partner!  She rode them all!

 We were being those crazy obnoxious parents that were screaming, "Ebby Lee" to get her to look.  If she would have been 15, she would have been SO embarrassed!  Nixon was even yelling it!
After watching Ebby Lee ride, he decided he'd give it a try.  Before the ride started he kept shaking his head "no".  We stopped making eye contact and he did great!

Destin Day 4...

 Just the 4 of us needed a change of scenery so we went over to the Outlet Malls to do a little shopping in the morning.
 There was a little playground in the middle of the mall.  Ebby Lee was in heaven AGAIN.  Nixon was NOT.  The playground was in sand!!  So...he watched and did a little exploring.

 He enjoyed the swing...where his feet did not have to touch the ground.  :)
 She loved this slide, but it was concrete on the bottom.  Couldn't have been comfortable??
 We had lunch and then headed out to the beach.  G and M had bought kites the day before.  Daddy and Nixon got Nixon's Cars kite up quickly. 
 Ebby Lee's kite seemed to be a dud.  It would go up and come down in about 30 seconds!
 Flying their kites
 So sweet :)
 We did catch a few smiles from this guy every once in a while at the beach.
 Ebby Lee's hair is so thin!  G & M also picked up a hat.  It had Hello Kitty on it, so she was a big fan!
 The 4 of us
 That night we went to the Harbor Walk area for dinner and a little entertainment. 
 We didn't make our kiddos nap during the day...so they would usually pass out in the car or while we were getting ready at the condo.  This night Nixon fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep until right before our food arrived!
 Sister brought some friends to dinner.
 I didn't know which picture I liked better...so I posted both.

 G and Nixon...Nixon loves him some G.
 They were all watching a fire throwing lady?  Not sure what you call her.
 M decided to get a "G" tattooed on her arm. 
 Ebby Lee picked out Tinkerbell.  Nixon's exact words were, "No, I'm fine".  ha!

 Tattooed girls
Nixon refused...but 3/4 of a family pic at the end of a great night.