Last Day of School...

 Just a recap...this was us in September 2011.  Look how much they've grown!
 A little blurry...
 Our last day of school...May 22nd, 2012
 Nixon really needs his haircut!!  Anyway, they had GREAT years and fabulous teachers!  We're going to miss them all!
 Miss Priss last day in a 2-year-old room.  (Nixon's individual pic didn't turn out so well.)
 What should you do on your last day of school?  Celebrate!!!  We threw our own little pool party in our backyard!

Looks like this a lot at our house....after school, swimming, dinner, & baths...we get all cozy on the couch!  Happy Summer!!

I'm counting it as my excuse...

 Story of my behind on this blog!  Here's a quick catch up and I'll try AGAIN to stay up-to-date.  Ebby Lee striking a pose before school.
 Nixon being silly.
 A few weekends ago, Tab was working a football scrimmage and the kiddos and I met my friend, Erin, in Southlake for shopping/eating.  There happened to be an art festival going on with bounce houses and lots of fun kiddie stuff.  We hit it all up!
 It was HOT outside, but this girl was loving it!
 Our church did a Walk-for-Water event a couple Sundays ago to raise money to build a well in Sierra Leone.  Ebby Lee, Molly, & Nix were ready to walk!
 First swim of the season...many more to come!
 He wasn't feeling it.  That water was FREEZING!
 My mom came to visit this week.  When she's here, Tab and I request our favorite dinners she makes.  First night, Ebby Lee helped the chef make a delicious home cooked meal.

 Happy Mother's Day!  Tab is SO good at this gift thing now...ha!  Only took him 7 years.  :)  He was so sweet.  We went to church, came home for a quick lunch, napped, went out for pedicures, shopped, and then met everyone at Chuy's for a yummy dinner.  The perfect day!
 T-Nonnie was SO helpful this week.  She babysat, cleaned, organized, babysat some more, and cooked!  On Wednesday, we went to the park to walk/play/feed the ducks.  Ebby Lee was feeling BRAVE!
 Nixon...not so much.  I couldn't blame him.  I wasn't feeling it either.  All those ducks and geese flocking toward you and honking! 
 See what I mean?  There weren't just a couple they were SURROUNDED!!
 Thursday before school...cheese!
 Nixon and Ebby Lee went to swim with Ms. Sally this week.  The beginning of the week Nixon was a little shaky...crying, crying, crying.  He would always do what she asked, but he cried.  T-Nonnie and I had to hide out in the garage. the end of the week, this little guy was rockin' it.  Check out this hands!!
 Sister did AWESOME!  No tears all week.  I was SO proud!
 This is how Nixon ALWAYS came up out of the water...mouth open and a BIG smile!  ha!
 Ebby Lee swimming to the step.  Look how far back Ms. Sally was!  She did awesome!!

Here it is(sure you've seen it on fb by now), but my one and ONLY excuse for not blogging lately...
Baby Slaughter #3 is due on December 4th. 
The #1 FAQ...
Was this planned?  Yes and no...we wanted one more.  We had stopped preventing it so in a way, we were trying.  We thought it might take a LITTLE longer, but we are super excited and ready to meet this little guy/girl.  Ebby Lee wants a baby sister and Nixon wants to hold this baby!  ha!

Oldies but goodies...

From the iPhone...

Ebby Lee loves taking pictures.

Nixon and his BFF, Smith, all clean and ready for bed.

Day at the park

Pig tails!!

Nixon-Man is 2!!!

 This is how the birthday boy started his day!
 So excited it's his birthday!
 Nixon turned 2 on Thursday, April 12th, so he spent part of his day at school.  I asked his sweet teachers to take some pictures of him.  I was thinking the snack/celebrating his birthday.  They went above and beyond and snapped pictures of him throughout the day.  I loved it! So...this was the birthday boy with his birthday sign at school.
 During music
 More music time...
 Lunch time
 Nap time...awww!
 Party time!!
 We brought baseball cookies with Nixon's name.  He was so excited about eating his baseball cookies.
Love this little face!

 After school, we met the Bishops for some park time and MORE treats!  Ms. Haley brought some yummy cookies!
 Nixon wasn't too sure about the sand.
After dinner, Daddy brought out Nixon's present...a bat, tee, and a ball.  He was in heaven!!
As soon as Tab gets home every night, he wants to go outside and play baseball.  It's so cute!  During the day, if I hear, "Catch, Mom"...I better be ready.  That ball is coming!  Love this little guy!  He is ALL-BOY and I love it!  Happy 2nd Birthday Nixon-Man!

Ebby Lee Celebrates at School...

 On Tuesday, April 10th, we took a fun healthy snack of sugar cookies to school so Ebby Lee could celebrate with her friends.  Not sure what is going on with her bow in these pictures...ha!

She said that her friends LOVED the treats!  ha!