Our Week...

We had a busy week! We jumped right into our week with school, spring cleaning, and fun with friends! Nixon (bless his heart...we're working on our posing skills), Mama, & Ebby Lee before school on Tuesday. It was rainy and YUCKY!Wednesday...we had errands to run so we got out and about early to get it all done. I'm sure no one, but T-Nonnie will enjoy seeing ALL these pictures. But...seriously how hard is it to get 2 kiddos to look and smile? Pretty hard!Love that they're looking at each other!Nixon's trying...ha!This is why we're practicing! This is his "face" he makes. Funny, Nix!On Thursday evening, we had the Shull kiddos over for some fun play time. This is the only picture I took! I completely forgot! We had pizza for dinner! They played and played. It was EXTREMELY cold outside for a March evening, but I let them jump outside on the trampoline for like 3 minutes. Then it started raining! Boo! All 4 kiddos had a lot of fun! We're looking forward to more nights with Kensington & Smith!
Yesterday morning we had LOTS of errands to run. (Apparently, that sounds like all I did this week!) We MAJORLY cleaned out closets so we had lots of stuff to drop off. Anyway, Nixon woke up yesterday at 5:50 a.m.! So...needless to say he zonked out!Ebby Lee got a little playing time in while Nix was asleep.This morning before church I had two kiddos posing for me! ha!Nixon's attempt at a pose! Love it!
A quick self portrait before we left. Can you tell who we were waiting on? Not giving any hints...but I bet you can guess?? :)


Got to try out M's headphones for her DVD player in her car. (Doesn't he look like such a big boy in this picture? Almost 2 in less than a month!) Nixon thought it was too cool for about 3 minutes and then he was over it!Sister thought it was pretty cool too!Before church on Sunday, we were ready early (shocking!) and the kiddos were playing so nicely and sharing a toy (even more shocking!). So, I snapped some pictures!

Spring Break Day 5 1/2...

We did a little shopping, dinner, and lots of play time with M on Friday night.

M got us lots of stickers!! Where else should you put them??

Spring Break Day #5...

We enjoyed even more of this beautiful weather on Friday. As soon as we got home from the gym and errands, Ebby Lee asks to put on a princess p.j. dress so that explains her lovely attire on the trampoline.

So sad to see our spring break go by so quickly!!

Spring Break Day #4...

Nixon & Case
On Thursday morning, we met Haley, Case, and Kylynn for an early morning run/walk. Let me just say Haley was a rockstar! My only excuse was a flat tire (2 actually) and I was struggling! But...we had a great little workout, then we let the kiddos play at the park. Sweet CaseNixon got his hair cut the day before. He looks so different without it spiked up in the front.The humidity does some CRAZY things to these fine blonde locks! Whew!Throwing acorns into the pond.Sweet Baby Kylynn...I think she is the best baby ever! Wish Haley would let me have her! She never makes a peep!We had a great day Bishops!! Spring Break Day #4 was perfect!

Spring Break Day #3...

Last night we kid swapped again with the Shulls. They had all 4 kiddos and next week one night we'll have all 4. I heard they had a fun night of playing outside, dinner on the patio, and baths with all 4!! Smith

Ebby Lee


My kiddos were so excited when they got home. They had a blast! Thankful for friends who will hang out, feed, and bathe my 2 kiddos so I could have a night off! Love you Shulls! Tab and I went out on a sushi date, had some dessert, and stopped at Hobby Lobby. Great night!

Spring Break Day #2...

On Tuesday, Whitney and I had the bright idea of making a bunch of freezer meals. We dropped the kiddos off with a sitter at her house, hit up 2 grocery stores, came back, and cooked until our feet were sore! It was an ALL day affair, but we were super productive! Ha ha! Nixon didn't know what we were thinking! There was a BIG mess in Whitney's kitchen ALL day!
Check it out!! I meant to take a picture of all our meals, but I totally forgot. I haven't made any for dinner yet, but I'll let you know how they taste. It turned out to be a huge success. Whitney made 21 meals and I made 18!! So nice to have my freezer full of meals for the month!

Spring Break Day #1 1/2...

Ebby Lee was still sleeping in a crib as of Monday, March 12th. Her last nap in the crib. :(
We got her a cute black bed with a trundle. I'm still working on pillows for her bed, so I'll have to post pics of the new big girl room soon.

She was so excited about reading books in her bed.

I think it's official...we have a big girl on our hands now! She's growing up!

Spring Break Day #1...

It's Spring Break here in Texas and we are loving it!! On Monday, we went to the gym with Ms. Rachel and then we met Ms. Sheaffer, Ms. Shay, Ms. Rachel and all their kiddos. It was the perfect day for the park! Ebby Lee is gettting a little strained in her cheesing for the camera. We need to work on that. :)
Cute Smith

Nixon-Man was being sneaky. Can you tell by that face? Love it!

Ebby Lee and Kensington

Sweet (Baby) Rawston

Carter, Jaxson, & E.L

Love this picture! (Thanks, Sheaffer!)

And...this one too!

Jaxson looks like he's trying to figure these girls out! Good luck, Jaxson!

And...they're off!

I'd call Spring Break Day #1 a success!!