We Have Lots of Pets...

At the pet store!!! Tab was out of town this weekend. I asked the kiddos what they wanted to do when Daddy got home. They picked the pet store!!!

They were both so excited and did not want to leave.

When Ebby Lee ran up to look at the guinea pig, it ran inside its little plastic igloo house. And...My favorite Ebby Lee quote,"I'm sorry I scared you guinea pig". Ha ha!!

Lost Treasure...

My Dates...

Sorry, I'm posting this from my phone so it might be a little off...

I had a little date with these cuties tonight. We went to the mall to play, shop, and eat.

There were so many kids in the play area!! Nix was so overwhelmed. He just stood there...didn't move. Didn't play.

We had a yummy dinner of Chic-Fil-A.

Hope your Saturday night was as much fun as mine!!

Our Week...

Monday: Ebby Lee and Nixon read some books before running errands.
Fever blister was STILL there this week but getting better!
Tuesday: Playing in Mama's room before school.

The only way to get him to look at the camera.
Wednesday: It was SO nice here!! Lots of playing outside on Wednesday & Thursday. After naps, we went outside for more playing/jumping/bubbles/sidewalk chalk. We were LOVING the weather!!

Please excuse Ebby Lee's mismatched outfit. :)

Thursday: Quick picture before school...everybody was in stripes!

Friday: Birthday party for one of Ebby Lee's besties...Kirby!

Love these girls!!

Kirby had a cool bounce house with a slide at her house today. I was so proud of Ebby Lee! She got in it and even slid down a few times. Impressive, huh? Fun birthday party!

Batter Up...

My cousin plays baseball for Southeast Missouri State University. They're playing DBU this weekend. So, we headed out to the ball game yesterday afternoon. I tried to take a cute picture of the back of Nixon's shirt. My aunt had shirts made for the kiddos with Kody's number. Too cute!
Ebby Lee loved all the snacks and food that goes along with a baseball game!

Go Redhawks!!

The kids were SO good for the first 4 innings. Then they'd had enough. They got their new baseball gloves (courtesy of Aunt Sandi) and went out to play some ball with Daddy.

Ebby Lee & Aunt Sandi...Ebby Lee just turned her head!! Ugh!

Watching Kody get ready to bat.

Nixon is obviously ALL boy. By the end of the game, he was covered in dirt/grass. He'd been eating the same sucker since the beginning of the game, so it was covered in dirt/grass/who knows what. He was even playing with old sunflower seeds that somebody had probably spit out of their mouth! I thought about hosing him down before letting him in the house last night! ALL BOY!

Picture time with our favorite player!! Check out Nixon's big cheesy grin. The rest of the night we heard, "Miss Kody", "Where's Kody", "See Kody", etc. ALL from Nixon. Think Kody has a little admirer!!

We are SO glad that SEMO played close to us this year!! We had a great time hanging out and watching the baseball game. Kody, Nixon can't wait to see you soon!!


Getting ready for the Campbells to come & visit!

Before School/Cabella's/Cupcakes/Valentine's Day...

Before school on Thursday, this little guy was ALL smiles!
Ebby Lee cheesed it up too.
My parents came to town on Thursday night and stayed until this morning. While they were here, we made a trip to Cabella's to see all the animals. My kids were in heaven!

Poor Ebby Lee got her first fever blister this weekend. Ugh! It was big, (probably painful), and a little nasty looking! Bless her heart! She was a trooper and never complained about it. Thankfully, she's only 2. If she gets one on Valentine's Day weekend and she's 16, it'll be another story!

Nixon had WAY too much to see.

Best I got of both kiddos...:(

After Cabella's we came home and made some Valentine's Day cupcakes.

I had two great helpers!

Valentine's Day... Nixon & Ebby Lee all ready for Valentine's Day at school. We started off the morning with some treats and balloons!

Boo & T-Nonnie went to Ebby Lee's party at school. She is SO quiet at school. She hardly talks?? Anyway, they said that the moment she got in the car she was Chatty Cathy!! She'd been bottling it up all morning. She had a yummy Chic-Fil-A lunch and then a cupcake!

Had to document this attitude she was giving me! Nice, huh? She was done with pictures and I wanted one more! ha!

Super Bowl Time...

Nixon, G, & Ebby Lee

We went to G & M's house yesterday to watch the Super Bowl. It was perfect! The kiddos played in the play room, watched a movie, and ate lots of snacks. They were the only kids there so that got LOTS of attention! We had a great night. The food was delish!
Eating a Super Bowl dinner.

Ken & Tab...don't they look happy about getting their picture taken? ha!

Erika, Ebby Lee, Krist, & Marla

Great night with great family/friends!!

Friday Fun Day...

On Friday, Kirby came to play with us. My kiddos were SO excited! Can you tell these girls were excited about playing together? ha!
Nixon was excited too. Poor little guy ended up being the monster, the puppy dog, and who knows what else? They could have talked him into anything!

A little movie time...

And some paint time...

Loving it!

Even this little guys knew what to do.

The girls were so good and had an awesome time playing together. Ebby Lee was WORN OUT when Kirby left. She fell asleep sitting up on the couch. Exhausted!!

Thursday morning before school...

I took their pictures! Nixon-Man was looking SO handsome!
Ebby Lee was a little preoccupied.