One More...

Whitney just posted this picture of us girls at our tailgating party before the Mizzou game. I had so much fun and I love these girls so much!! Can't wait to hang out with them again!!

I had a picture of us at the end of the 3rd quarter of the football game...rain + ponchos=not such a good I definitely didn't post that one!! ha!

Aunt Rene's...

On Tuesday night, we all met for dinner at Aunt Rene's house. She had a yummy mexican spread and a delish apple cake for dessert! We got to see Baby Brynn!!
We were outside playing before Brynn arrived, so Ebby Lee has sweaty hair! But...she was so excited about getting to hold Baby Brynn!

Reading her a book

Random Picture....I saw this on Whitney's SIL, Sarah's blog and thought it was too cute not to repost!! ADORABLE!!!

This girl will be ready to babysit in no time!

Nixon tried to get in on the action and didn't smiles.

Uncle Jared & Ebby Lee dressed alike in their turquoise!

Sweet kisses for Baby Brynn before we left. We'll see you soon, Baby Brynn!

I should have titled this post, "Baby Brynn"...ha! We talked and talked about getting to see her on Tuesday, so I think Ebby Lee was super pumped. Whitney and I have always been super close, so even though these girlies won't get to see each other near as much as we did I pray that they have a super close relationship. We had a great visit in Missouri seeing all our family. Everything but the flight home was fabulous!! It was right in the middle of nap time. Nixon cried, screamed, kicked, hit me, hit the man sitting next to us, and on and on!! If you can imagine it, then Nixon probably did it! I have NEVER been so happy to get off a plane in my life! We're already looking forward to our next Missouri visit. And...if I'm travelling alone with the kiddos...we might just drive! ha!

Mizzou Weekend...

I woke these two kiddos up at 4:00 a.m. Yes, you read that right 4:00 a.m. so that we could get ready, head to the airport, and catch a 6:20 flight to St. Louis. I was a little nervous about getting everything ready, loaded up, and to the airport on time, but the kids were SO good!! Nixon took a little nap on the plane. Ebby Lee watched a movie. Aw! They were GREAT! (It's the flight back that was a disaster!! But...I'll tell you about that later.)
Nixon-Man was not excited about getting up early, but he was such a sweet boy!

Us on the airplane ready to meet Daddy (who was gone ALL week for work) and T-Nonnie at the airport.

Ebby Lee & T-Nonnie

Yeah! We made it!! We stopped off for a little breakfast and then drove on to Columbia.

Such a good helper!

The timing for this trip worked out perfectly. Tab had training the whole week. Then he had a football game to officiate, which happened to be the Mizzou game. The kiddos and I decided to go to the game, see Daddy, and see all our MO family. It also happened to be Family Weekend, so some were already planning on going to the game that weekend. Perfect!

Ebby Lee and her beloved, Chi Chi (who we actually lost on the trip...after calling around to several places we visited like restaurants, stores, etc. Chi Chi was finally located at our hotel! Sweet Lindsey went to pick her up and is mailing her to us as I type! Thank you, Lindsey!)

After dropping our stuff off at the hotel, we left to meet Lindsey, Aunt Rene', and Uncle Dale for a yummy lunch at this cute restaurant on campus.

Nixon and Lindsey

We made a quick stop at the bookstore for some cute Mizzou gear for the game. Lindsey is a senior at Mizzou. It was fun to have her show us around the town and campus.

The kiddos and Daddy took a little dip in the pool.

Nixon being silly.

Aunt Rene', Nixon, and Uncle Dale...LOVE Nixon's face..ha!

Erika, Ebby Lee, Lindsey, and T-Nonnie

Ebby Lee was really into the Hokey Pokey this weekend. Lindsey, T-Nonnie, and Aunt Rene' all did it with her at Lindsey's apartment.


I can't believe I didn't get a good picture of all us in our cute Mizzou stuff. Don't worry...we'll be walking around TX in these 3 cute outifits soon!

Another yummy lunch!

Group Pic...Ryan and Whitney drove up that morning and met us. It was a little cooler than I imagined. I was a little sad, because all of our cute Mizzou clothes are covered up!!

Nixon grabbed Lindsey's hand and this yellow purse before we set out on our campus tour.

A picture with the tiger...notice Nixon's wet pants. I hadn't realized they were wet at this point...oops! Poor Nixon for having to wear wet pants until his mama noticed.

Beginning of our walk

End of our was cold!

A little tailgating action...kind of?

Tab getting ready. My mom took the kiddos to McDonald's and then back to the hotel while the rest of us went to the game. Thanks, Mom!

Mizzou won 69 to 0! We had such a great time hanging out in the cold watching the game!

Sunday morning we got up and drove to the airport to drop Tab off for his second week of training. Then we headed to T-Nonnie's house for a little visit.

Boo met T-Nonnie and Ebby Lee at the movie theater to watch The Lion King, so Nixon and I went home to make chili. We invited Grandpa & Grandma Hency over for some chili too. He LOVED having their undivided attention and ALL the toys to himself!

Miss Priss got home and told us ALL about the movie. She loved it and left her 3D glasses on for almost the entire thing.

Happy Thursday...

Hope you're having a great Thursday!!


Tab's out of town this week and we somehow got up early enough to have time to actually play before school. They were surprised too!

He's not looking, but I LOVE this face!

Enough pictures...then we hopped in the car and went to school. Later that evening, we met the Smith girls for a dinner date at McDonald's...

Sweet Baby Maggie is too cute and sitting up like a big girl!! She was all smiles for us last night. Ebby Lee chose to watch Nick Jr. on t.v. and skip the playing nonsense! ha!

Molly wanted to play!

Handsome Nixon-Man did both!!

Baby Maggie...for some reason she's "Baby Maggie" at our house. She'll probably be 12 and still "Baby Maggie" to us! So sweet!