Playing with a friend...

Our sweet friend, Kirby, came to play for a while on Wednesday. My kiddos were so excited!
Ebby Lee loves her some Kirby! They played so well together. It was a little sad though. I know I did this...when it was just me & my brother at home I'd play with him all the time, but the second one of my friends came over to play...I dropped him like a fly? Do you remember doing that? Anyway, Ebby Lee totally did that to poor Nixon! At such a young age! It took Nixon about 3 seconds to get over it and play by himself.

Who needs those girls?

Thanks for playing with us Kirby!

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Whitney said...

They are SO CUTE! And I remember doing that to Lindsey when we were seventh grade some boys stopped by our house and I quit playing with Linz to hang out with them...she got so mad that she told them embarassing things about me. I specifically remember her telling them how I liked to watch Martha Stewart, which at the time mortified me! HAHA!