Meet the Teacher...

This is how she got ready for Meet the Teacher night. A mani/pedi on Mama's bed while watching the Bubble Guppies. This girly has it made!

Sidenote...she doesn't always wear bows with pajamas. We'd actually already been out & about and when we got home she wanted to put the Ariel pj dress on.
Since I'm teaching at preschool this year, Daddy was flying solo at Meet the Teacher. Let me just say, "Bless his heart". He tried his very best. When I saw Ebby Lee, she was a bit of a mess. Her bow wasn't matching and her cute little shirt was TOO little!! I'm telling you...bless his heart!

Her "cheese" is getting a little violent! Nixon-Man wasn't feeling well, so he REFUSED to have his picture taken alone.

I absolutely LOVE and ADORE Ebby Lee & Nixon's teachers. I can't wait to see what this school year will hold. It was also great to meet all my little 3-year-olds. We had lots of sweet girls and some super shy boys. I'm looking forward to spending my Tuesdays and Thursdays with them! I think we have a great group of kiddos!

Sunday Best...

Ebby Lee and Mama before church

Lots of days during the week, I don't shower until before bed. If I'm going to the gym and we're running errands, I might not look "nice" the entire day. So...on Sundays when everyone is looking good I like taking pictures before we leave. This past weekend Nixon wasn't feeling well. Daddy stayed home and they had "Men Time"...ha!

Early Mornings...

This week has been an EARLY week for the Slaughters! I'm working this year two days a week at our church's preschool. It was a last minute decision, but I'm so excited about it! We've had training the past 3 days, so we've had to be up and out the door early. I've been snapping pictures the last couple mornings for 2 reasons...1. Because I knew we'd be gone the whole day and I wouldn't take any other pictures. 2. Because I was super impressed that we were ready and had time to spare to take pictures! ha! Ebby Lee is obsessesd with wearing dresses. If I pull out something with shorts or pants, she flips out!!
Good Morning!

Nixon wasn't too excited about getting up early...ha!

This girly likes the mornings. It looks like Nixon was trying to smile too!

Wednesday morning...

"You want me to go to school again?"

This morning...not sure why he still has the spoon leftover from breakfast! Oops!

Catching Up (Take 2)...

I have GOT to get better about taking pictures AND about blogging after I take the pictures!! I'm going to be working on that! But for now...this was our week... We went grocery shopping at Market Street and right at Ebby Lee's eye level they had TONS of coloring books, sticker books, etc. Two of her absolute favorites are Wonder Pets and Disney Princesses and they were RIGHT beside each other. So...she chose a Disney Princess water paint book and Nixon chose the Wonder Pets water paint book. We came home and I made dinner while they painted.
It's kind of dark but I LOVE that his little tongue is sticking out!

Then he decided to suck the water off his paintbrush...yuck!

On Thursday, we ran lots of errands. The kiddos slept late, so I fed them waffles on the go.

Nixon is NOT a fan of having his picture taken. Can you tell? I tried out a cute headband for Ebby Lee. 5 minutes after this picture was taken, she ripped the cute flowers off the headband! I was so mad!! Don't guess we're ready for headbands!!

I think I got him in the middle of trying to talk.

Miss Cheeser

Saturday night we headed to the mall to ride the carousel and get a little shopping in. It was tax-free weekend here so the mall was crazy busy, but I actually kind of like it like that. It makes it a little exciting!

Miss Cheese & Daddy before church

This was Nixon's face when I told him that he had to take a picture with me...ha!

Take #1 (with Ebby Lee's cup)

Take #2....doesn't his face look like, "Mom, really another one?" ha! He's a mess!


This weekend Tab worked a scrimmage and was gone a BIG part of the day on Saturday. The kiddos and I got all cozy on the couch and had a "Movie Afternoon". Ebby Lee got so cozy...she was wearing p.j.s!
Nixon-Man had fun too.

All cozy with their nap mats

Saturday night we celebrated Tab's 30th birthday with some of our very closest friends...the Coxs and the Shulls. We met up at Bennihana to have a yummy dinner.

Super fun hanging out with them and celebrating Tab's birthday!!

This is the kind of lovin' Nixon gets from his sister!!

Being silly for the camera...ha!

Daddy's 30!!!

Yesterday was Tab's 30th birthday. The kiddos and I decided we'd make him cupcakes instead of buying them. (Because that'd be more fun, right?) Hopefully for Tab...Nixon will be able to talk next year and he'll speak up more to represent boy stuff! For example, Ebby Lee thought Daddy would like pink cupcakes with pink icing. She also knew he'd love the Ariel plates and a Disney Princess balloon?
We made the cupcakes, put them in the oven, and then took baths. they're clean and ready to ice their cupcakes. I WAS NOT thinking when I set a warm cupcake in front of Nixon!! I really thought he was going to help me put icing on that thing! ha! I looked away for one second and this is what I saw...

He was digging into it and eating it! So...I gave them some icing to add to the top and let them go at it!! They LOVED it!


Happy Birthday Daddy! Hope you enjoyed your (pink) 30th birthday!

Playing with a friend...

Our sweet friend, Kirby, came to play for a while on Wednesday. My kiddos were so excited!
Ebby Lee loves her some Kirby! They played so well together. It was a little sad though. I know I did this...when it was just me & my brother at home I'd play with him all the time, but the second one of my friends came over to play...I dropped him like a fly? Do you remember doing that? Anyway, Ebby Lee totally did that to poor Nixon! At such a young age! It took Nixon about 3 seconds to get over it and play by himself.

Who needs those girls?

Thanks for playing with us Kirby!

San Antonio...

Friday we packed and I do mean PACKED up the car and headed to San Antonio for a long weekend.
Marla & Erika...check out Ebby Lee...ha!

She was so excited!

Nixon had no clue what was going on.

So excited!! We made it!

On Saturday...this girly was ready to play!

The guys headed out to practice.

We did some shopping and then played in the play area.

After naps and some pool time, we got dressed up to go eat with some friends.

Nixon was looking good.

Love this guy!

Miss Priss was looking pretty good herself.

We met some friends at their hotel. They have teenagers that were more than willing and able to babysit while the adults went to dinner. Yeah! So...the kiddos stayed with Tatum & Tanner and the adults went out to eat.

Happy Anniversary to us!! It was our 6th anniversary on Saturday...we celebrated with a delicious dinner, dessert, and great friends.

Sunday (while the guys were at practice)...we did some more shopping and playing.

Ebby Lee played all weekend with the Smurf Happy Meal toys from McDonalds.

When Daddy got back, we went swimming.

Because it was Cowboy's training camp, EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE and their grandmas were wearing Cowboy's clothes. My family was definitely in the minority in our cute dress and polo w/khaki shorts the night before. So...I thought they should fit in a little more the next night. We invited Miles Austin to come to dinner with us on Saturday. Possibly the cutest Miles Austin ever...huh?

We of course...had to have our Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleader join us too!!

G and the grandkiddos

We went to eat at Mi Tierra on the square. It was delish and so much fun. There was a band and people were dancing. Daddy and Ebby Lee decided to join in.

Nixon, Mama, and M...2 booths behind us is Jerry Jones.

After dinner, we walked down to the Riverwalk to get some dessert. There was a group of high schoolers that were doing a flash mob/skit every time the boats drove by the area. Ebby Lee watched for a while and then joined in. It was too funny! They would dance around. Then someone would yell, "freeze" and they'd all stop.

The dancing was over and they asked if they could get their picture taken with her!! ha!

Sidenote...those of you who know Nixon & water will understand. I was a nervous wreck EVERY time we went down to that Riverwalk!!

After 3 nights of shopping, playing, swimming, etc...these kiddos were wiped out!! They were so tired. It was a great little weekend getaway.