T-Nonnie & Boo are here...

Boo & T-Nonnie came to visit us on Wednesday and stayed to play until today. My kiddos love them so much and have so much fun when they're here!

Nixon loves to vacuum. He gets upset when he tries to vacuum with the big one because he can't hold it up. Anyway, he's going to be the perfect husband one day with his love for vacuuming!

What is Ebby Lee doing??

After our dinner, the kiddos and T-Nonnie ran around outside.

Killing time before church (probably waiting for Daddy)...we were marching.

Sunday afternoon Boo & T-Nonnie took Ebby Lee to watch the new Winnie the Pooh movie. I sent my camera with T-Nonnie to capture the momentous occasion...her first movie in a theater!

So grown-up!!

I think they had plenty of snacks!!


And a soda? This girl was in heaven!!

Nixon Likes...

*Brushing his teeth. I LOVED Nixon's random pajama outfit last week. He didn't seem to mind.
*Snuggling with his mama. Tab and I thought it'd be funny to swaddle him up like a baby. He loved it.

* Ring around the rosie with Daddy

*Driving the car. He DISLIKES sharing with his sister. Can't you tell?

LOVE their faces! ha!

*His sister MOST of the time. Don't pay attention to the mismatched outfit. We were playing outside in the water table, eating popsicles, and getting wet.

*Mowing the yard

*Playing outside

*Getting wet in the water table

*Popsicles...he stole that orange one from his sister.

Catching Up...

I was picking up the bathroom and heard Ebby Lee say, "Monster, Monster". I had no clue what she was talking about, but I turned around to see this! I realized that she thought Nixon looked like a monster! ha!
We played on Wednesday afternoon with our sweet friends Haley & Case. They've been so busy lately that we haven't seen them much, so it was great seeing them. Don't these boys look excited?

Ebby Lee loves Haley and Case too!

Wednesday night we celebrated G's birthday at his house with some cake and ice cream. I realize that Nixon isn't looking in this picture, but it is SO good of G & Ebby Lee!


Saturday morning Tab was out of town so we headed to the pool with the Haley & Case. This girly was SO over pictures!

I could not get this little guy to be still for a picture. Mr. Case is so handsome!

This is what I found in the bathtub on Saturday night...haha!

Dressed & ready for church. She slept so late she had to have her breakfast in the car.

Tab got back into town so we decided to pack up and head to the pool. We met G at his neighborhood pool. It was so hot there was hardly anyone there.

Ebby Lee loves to swim.

Nixon would not be still for one second!! He loved running in that splash park.

Red, White, & Blue Weekend...

Saturday...we headed out to Hughes Springs to visit Tab's family. His brother's family was all here from Denver so we wanted to hang out with them for a while. As soon as we got there, we headed to the pool. Nixon LOVES the water. I was shocked that he kind of figured this ring out and made sure he didn't fall through the middle.
Nixon and Nanny

Our crazy crew enjoying the pool.

The swimming bunch...Katie and her boys, Eleni, us, and Eleni's kiddos

Lance and Ebby Lee

Boys and their toys??

Love this little guy!

The 3 siblings...Brent, Katie & Tab

Then it was picture time...A.J. took some lovely pictures for us.

The great-grandkids with Mimi & Papa

Too bad Nixon isn't looking...the best we could get!

Love this! Brecken is loving it...huh?

I LOVE Garrett's smile in this picture...ha!

Aunt Eleni brought Nixon this Mater lawn mower and he was in love. He pushed it around the entire time we were there.

This picture is out of order...oops! Check out my dirty girl in front.



Sunday night we ended the fun in Hughes Springs and headed back home. We had a great time visiting and hanging out with everyone there.

On the 4th, we went to the 4th of July parade downtown. It was SO hot, but SO much fun!! I'm a sucker for a parade...don't ask me why??

The 4 of us...we stumbled upon the Easons and the Gerbrandts and we were so glad we did. They had great seats right by the curb!

Our group ready to watch the parade.

Ebby Lee loved it! She kept asking, "Where are the horses?"...so glad there were horses in that parade!

After the parade, we went home and took big naps. Then Casey & Sarah came over to swim and grill out.

Miss Priss

Nixon & Casey

We celebrated Casey's birthday with some delicious brownies & ice cream!!

Ebby Lee relaxed a little with the Wonder Pets. Daddy watched too.

We all bathed, got in our pajamas, and we went to watch the fireworks.

All cozy on our blanket and ready to see the fireworks!!

Ebby Lee loved them!! She clapped and cheered for ALMOST every one! I'm sure the people around us were excited about that...ha!
The Easons & Gerbrandts met us for the firework show, but the picture I took of everyone watching didn't turn out too well.

Then it was off to bed for some much needed sleep!