Big Week...

This was Ebby Lee on her first day of school with one of her sweet teachers, Mrs. Norma.
Ebby Lee on Tuesday...her last day of school. So grown up!

She had a GREAT year!! I didn't know what to expect and I realize it was only Mother's Day Out-2 days a week. But...she had an awesome time! We absolutely adored her teachers and will miss them terribly!! They set the bar REALLY high. I truly felt like they LOVED my child and I definitely think that's the most important thing!

Swim Lessons...

Ebby Lee had swim lessons all week in the afternoon. She took the lessons at Mrs. Sally's house. It was just Ebby Lee and one other little girl. I only have pictures from today because the rest of the week was TRAUMATIC!!! ha! She definitely improved. There were NO TEARS today! Wahoo!!

Such a big girl!!

Prize Day!!! Since today was prize day, we could bring parents/grandparents so we had G come to watch with us. I think he was impressed...ha! She did such a great job! I was so proud of her!

This little guy can't WAIT until next year...when he can go to swim lessons too!

Horsing Around...

This is what I've been working with lately!! They're constantly picking at each other OR playing so nicely together??

By the way, Grandpa & Grandma Hency...thank you for the cute new birthday clothes!

I'm lovin'...

the fact that these guys are becoming such great friends!!
See? Ha!!

Heard Museum...

Luke and Ebby Lee...doesn't she look so excited about holding his hand? ha! (I'm sure she'll be excited one day, Luke!)

Last Sunday we headed out to the Heard Museum for our Children's Ministry Apprection Night. Every year our church hosts this event. It's a nice way for our church to say thanks to the volunteers. We'd never been before, because our kiddos haven't been hold enough to really enjoy it yet. Anyway, we had a great time on Sunday. Ebby Lee and Nixon had LOTS of friends there and for some reason...I STUNK at taking pictures. I stole the picture above from Andrea!
Nixon is in full blown WALKING mode. He is cruising everywhere!! (Notice the nasty boo-boo on his face!) He's already 13 months old!! Can you believe it?? He's saying some words now and is really developing a fun, flirty personality!

I know this picture isn't great...but it's the best I got. She was super pumped about seeing the animals.

Can't believe she's 25 months old!! I also can't believe that when Ebby Lee was Nixon's current age she had a one month old little brother...ha!

Hughes Springs...

This little guy thinks he is BIG STUFF! Can you see the big nasty scab on his nose? He took a nose dive off the bed and the bed WON! I will brag on him for a second. He has been passy free since last Wednesday and he's doing GREAT!

On Friday we loaded up and headed to Hughes Springs to visit Tab's mom's family, Tab's sister, and her family. We had dinner at Nanny's house and then headed to the park.
Ebby Lee loves her some Garrett

Daddy and Uncle Justin thought they'd show Nixon the "cool" way to slide down the slide. He loved it and probably slid 10 times!

The grandkids and great-grandkids with Mimi & Papa...

On Saturday we had some fun in Longview and then went to visit Papa in the hospital. He was looking great and doing good. We had a great time visiting family this weekend and are looking forward to their next trip to McKinney!

Craft Night...

Some girls and I started a craft night once a month. We get together, EAT, and then make a craft. Last week, we had our first one and it was so much fun! We started out pretty easy making holiday banners to use for decorating. Next month, we're getting a little more hardcore with some headbands!! We missed you Haley!!

Weekend for Mama...

Family Self-Portrait before going out to meet the Cox Family

This year I felt like Tab really GOT it! He finally understood that just like my birthday I need more than ONE day of celebrating my specialness...ha!

On Friday night we went out to eat with Rusty, Whitney & their crew. (MANY years ago, Whitney and I read the book, Something Borrowed. We vowed to go see the movie as soon as it came that's just what we did!) After eating the guys loaded the kiddos up, brought them all to our house, and babysat so Whitney and I could go watch a movie!

The 2 handsome men in my life!!

Then on Sunday...I was surprised with a new pair of tennis shoes and a plate hand painted by my kiddos. Too cute! Thank you to Tab!! I'm telling you...he really delivered this year!
LOVE these babies!

Absolutely LOVE it!
Happy Mother's Day to all you Mamas!!

I especially want to wish a "Happy Mother's Day" to mine. After having kiddos, you realize what a sacrifice being a mom sometimes is. My mom was awesome and I've learned and am STILL learning so much from her!

Today...we met the Shulls and Smiths at a splash park. I forgot my camera...but I blog stole this from Shay!

Ebby Lee and Molly enjoying the water!

Splash Park Trip #1...

This picture MELTS my heart! The girls did this ALL by themselves. LOVE. IT!

Today we met the Cox kiddos at the splash park and had SO much fun!! I said "trip #1" because I see many more trips to the splash park in our future. Last year my kiddos were at really rough ages for this. Ebby Lee was too timid and Nixon was too new! But...this year we had a great time!
Ebby Lee was LOVING her some Kirby today. These girlies played so well together. Whitney and I always talked about how great friends they would be and today I saw it! So sweet!

Loving on Kirb

This little guy had fun too. It was almost his nap time so he wanted to be held by his mama MOST of the time...but he was a pretty good boy considering all of that.

Princess Ebby Lee & More of our Sunday Best...

Uncle Jared & Aunt Kelly got Ebby Lee this dress and she LOVES it!! As soon as we get home, she's asking, "Where's my dress?".

Tab had to leave to go to church early on Sunday. So, the kiddos and I tried our best at a self-portrait. Failed attempt #1

A little off-centered, but as good as it gets!

Ebby Lee had WAY too many things on her mind...Pablo from Backyardigans, Teddy Bear, her cowboy boots, smile for my camera.

My attempt at a picture of Nixon...ha! He was NOT getting off his mama's lap, but he was looking SO handsome for church!