What's Been Going On...

These pictures are a little out of order. The group picture was taken on Friday night. Tab got back to town LATE so the kiddos invited some friends over for pizza. Ebby Lee wanted this ridiculous head band on her head...so check that out! These kiddos played so well together. We had a great time staying busy while Daddy was gone.

Ebby Lee and Carter

Friday around lunchtime we met Carter, Jackson, and their mommies to eat and then play.

Check out the mess we made!!! YIKES!!

On Saturday we ran some errands and this little girl was TIRED!!

She fell asleep WHILE standing up.

Saturday night out neighborhood rented out the Natatorium to swim. We met the Bishops there. I didn't really know what to expect, but it was great. The water was REALLY cold, but the kids LOVED it!!

Watch out boys!! This girl is bikini ready!

The Bishops...we had lots of fun hanging out with them. Nixon and Case are going to be GREAT friends.

Nixon and Daddy

Nixon was like a mad man in the water. He LOVED it!! I was putting him under and he would crack up! It was hilarious. I hope he likes the pool this summer just as much.

Case, Ebby Lee, and Nixon

Today, we went to the gym and then came back to the house. Nixon and I were cleaning up...

Such a good little helper!

While Ebby Lee was watching t.v....

This little guy LOVES to eat!!

Why God invented MAMAS...

This is EXACTLY how Tab took Nixon to church this morning!!
(He did have both white socks on for church.) I had to be at church early so Tab dressed the kiddos and brought them ALL by himself. I laid clothes out for Ebby Lee, but Nixon was still asleep in his room. I told Tab to pick out a "cute shirt and a pair of pants". So...he sent him in a blue, orange, and off-white striped shirt with olive green pants, white socks, and crazy hair!! I thought dressing the boy would be easy for him! I just happened to see Nixon strolling down the hall. I thought he'd had an accident and the nursery workers had put on some random clothes! ha! The sweet worker said, "His dad thought you might not like the outfit he picked out!" That was a bit of an UNDERSTATEMENT!!
I'm convinced that this is one of the MANY reasons God invented MAMAS!!

I must say that he was kind of rockin' this ridiculous look, huh?

We've been spending LOTS of time...

at the PARK!

We've been enjoying this nice weather by spending lots of time outside. Hope you're enjoying the weather too!!

Valentine's Day at the Park...

On Valentine's Day we met Kensington, Smith and Jackson at the park to play/eat lunch. I didn't get any pictures of Jackson but right before we left I had K and E.L. take a couple pics. They were being so silly! They both would NOT smile at the same time. I must say that Kensington had a big fall (the dirt on her jeans) right before I took this. Her mama wanted me to point that out! :)
Sweet Friends

Nixon was so excited about Valentine's day too! ha!

A Busy Day...

Cute picture before church
After church, we had lunch and naps. Then we loaded up in the wagon to head to the park. This was Nixon's first wagon ride. He LOVED it!
After the park, we ran some errands. M & G stopped by to visit. Then we had dinner and baths. After baths, I caught this:
Boo & Ebby Lee-both ready for bed-playing in her room.
Ebby Lee and Nixon had such a great time with Boo & T-Nonnie! They can't wait for them to come back to visit again soon!

Boo & T-Nonnie...

I seriously think the first thing that goes through Ebby Lee's mind when Boo & T-Nonnie come to town is that she's going to get to ride a horse on the carousel! Boo & Ebby Lee...maybe this is why she's been making so much progress on the rocking horse?

So handsome! After this picture, I got him out and Ebby Lee would say, "Hi, Nix!" every time she went by us! They're starting to become the best of friends.

We headed out that evening to go eat dinner at La Hacienda. It was delish! I got a picture of Miss Priss ready to go!

Sweet Nixon and the MANY faces of Ebby Lee...

The sweetest little guy you'll ever meet! (now that he sleeps through the night..ha!)
Too busy to smile for the camera

Sad face

Cheesin' and oh so happy!! T-Nonnie (Ebby Lee has officially changed the name) and Boo were coming and she was so excited! On Thursday at her school they exchanged Valentine's....so we sported some V-Day clothes.

Triple the Fun...

Shay, Erika, Rachel, Sarah, Andrea, Lori
Some of us girls at the baby shower. I posted this, then stole the above picture from Sheaffer's blog, and now added it to mine...so it's kind of in a random place, but go with it!
Rachel, Sarah, and Andrea

Last Tuesday (right before snow #2) we had a triple baby shower at my house honoring Rachel, Sarah, and Andrea. Since it was so close to Valentine's Day, we went with that theme. I love these girls so much!! I'm SO looking forward to getting to hold ALL their sweet, precious babies! We had a great night of chatting, eating, and presents!
I was REALLY crummy at taking pictures AND at giving out the door prize! Lucky for Lori, she was the only one at my house when I realized I forgot to draw a name! Other than my forgetful moments it was a great night!

A LONG way...

Please excuse the lunch on her face. But...I wanted everyone to see her progress. Ebby Lee and Nixon got this rocking horse for Christmas. Ebby Lee used to be terrified!!! I remember us going to the Shull house to play one day. Shay started up that horse for Ebby Lee and she practically started convulsing!! Terrified! But...it's taken us about 6 weeks and look at how far she's come! Such a big girl!! ha! This was us on one of our many snow days last week!

Ebby Lee's first SNOW day...

On Tuesday, Ebby Lee got to experience her first snow day. ha! She didn't even realize it was supposed to be a school day. The roads were awful so we enjoyed a nice warm and cozy day inside! Nixon was crackin' up...probably because he had sister's dog. She's a little protective of her stuff!
We played with the Wonder Pets school house for a BIG part of our day. She LOVES this toy!

Later that evening, we were going a little stir crazy so we went over to M & G's house. This was Nixon all bundled up. Tab thinks he looks a little like Ralphie?? ha!