Experiencing the NFL...

On Saturday, Tab's sister, Katie, and her family were in town. We all loaded up and headed to the NFL Experience in Dallas. There were lots of firsts for the Slaughter Family... *Our first time to ride the Dart! The only picture I took b/c I had a 21 month old on my lap. I was trying my best to keep her from touching ANYTHING...but I will say that it was MUCH cleaner than I imagined!
I think a fire truck was going by?? I can't remember. It must have been pretty exciting because everyone was looking!
Check out this crew??
They couldn't WAIT!!
*Ebby Lee's first time to "suit up".

We REALLY enjoyed the free Dorito's booth. I think Nixon even got his little hands on a couple!!

*Nixon's first time to "suit up".
Daddy and Ebby Lee

G and the grandkids...G was speaking and these little guys were SO excited to hear him!!
Nixon LOVED listening to G talk!!
G doing his thing.

Ebby Lee was SO excited about riding the escalator. Probably the highlight of her day??
*First time to get her face painted!
Ebby Lee and Mama...check out that star!
He's kind of hard to see...but this is Lance going through some football drills.
Ebby Lee and Garrett enjoying the wide open space.
They ran around so much they were BOTH out of breath!
Sweet Cousins!
We were gone THE ENTIRE day, but we had a blast!! So much fun hanging out with the family!
Today before church...
On Sundays, we usually have a kiddo that we're each in charge of getting dressed/ready for church. I just wanted to document that Ebby Lee was my kiddo today and we were ready SO early that we had time for a little photo shoot while we waited for the guys!! (I hope Tab reads this! :))

Random Mix of Pictures...

Nixon-Man enjoying some yogurt melts. Nixon is such a sweet baby. He is SO good and happy about 90% of the time...however, the other 10% of the time he lets us know that he's NOT happy! ha!
Last Friday night, Amber and I celebrated her birthday. Her birthday is in November, but I was busy when she went out for her birthday dinner. It was so nice to go out to eat just the two of us. We had a great night and even ended it by bringing the boys and babies home some ice cream!

The weather was SO nice here this past week!! We usually go for walks with Haley & Case several times during the week BUT on Thursday I was feeling lazy and asked them to come over to play outside in the back yard. We had such a great time!

Nixon was enjoying his sheet-full of toys to play with.

Handsome little Case enjoying the swing! That little guys is happy about 99% of the time!!

Show Us Your Life-Single Friends...

I've never "linked" up to Kelly's Korner blog before, but here it goes...
Let me introduce my fabulous friend, Erin. Erin and I met in college. We went to Arkansas State University. I thought about posting some of those pictures, but decided not to...ha! We lived together my junior and senior year and had SO much fun! After college, Erin moved to Ft. Worth. She's 27 and is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. She has a heart for Christ and for serving others. She enjoys hanging out with friends, traveling, and cheering on those Horned Frogs! Erin with Nixon
Erin and some friends tailgating.

Please e-mail me if you or someone you know might be a perfect match for Erin. Thank you!! erika.slaughter@yahoo.com

Mickey D's...

Let me start off this post by saying that I had absolutely NO picture taking skills on this day. When I was going through my pictures deciding what to blog, there was really nothing blog worthy, but it had been a while since my last post...so I decided to do it anyway.
On Monday, we celebrated a couple cute boys' birthdays at McDonalds for lunch. Molly and Ebby Lee...it was incredibly hard to get them to look at me at the same time!
Ebby Lee saying, "Cheez!"

Molly's turn, "Cheez!"

Then I tried to take a picture of these handsome little guys! Check it out...only one is looking at me!

Finally...a picture of Nixon LOOKING at the camera. Shay...sorry about this face you were making that I captured in this picture. I'm telling you..it was an OFF day!! We had a great time at the b-day party! The cupcakes were delish and the party favors were fantastic!

After church...

After church...sportin' his new hairdo!!
She was SO sad that her chicken nuggets were taking so long in the oven!!

Nixon's First Haircut...

The little guy pre-haircut. Notice the wispy thin hair combed over to the side and the big sprig sticking up in the back...that's what we were trying to get rid of.
While we were waiting Ebby Lee got her finger nails painted. Such a big girl!

Loving all the balloons in this place!

Such a big boy...sitting in the car ready to get his haircut!

I have to brag on this little guy. Yes, he moved around while she was cutting, but he's 9 months old. Of course, he'll move around. He was SO good while he was sitting in that little car!

After the cut...looking so handsome!


This post does NOT have a fun title. These are just some cute pics I snapped on Tuesday before we took Ebby Lee to school.
So stinkin' cute!

It's kind of dark...but look at this little guy! This is what he does when he sees a camera...ha!