Halloween Weekend...

Ebby Lee and Nixon...ready to eat!

We loaded up Friday and decided to head to Daddy's football game with him for the weekend. We got to Conway, Arkansas, just time to eat! My parents met us in Conway for the weekend. I'm so glad they did! I don't know what I was thinking! I planned for me and the kiddos to go with Tab and kind of nonchalantly asked my parents if they wanted to come. I don't know what I would have done with those babies at the football game if it would have been JUST me!

So excited that she was sleeping with Boo and T-Nonna!

Nixon was excited for her too!

Playing with Boo

Ready for the game!!

Saturday morning, Nixon and I went to one of my college roommates house to visit. Carrie and Kurt are in the process of adopting two of the cutest babies I've ever seen. It was fun to get to catch up and hang out with them for a while. I forgot my camera in the car...so no pictures!! Then Saturday afternoon, we headed out to the stadium. University of Central Arkansas Bears were taking on the Southeastern Louisiana Lions. It was homecoming weekend...so there were lots of people!

T-Nonna and I before the game.

Nixon and T-Nonna

Tab doing his "thing"!

This was the first one of his games I've gone to ALL year long. So, it was good to see him out there. I think he was super excited about us tagging along!

Nixon was SO tired. He's growing up and WILL not fall asleep while someone is holding him. So, I tried to get him to take a nap laying in the stroller. He wasn't having that either.

Ebby Lee and Mama

So, after lots of cheering, Nixon crying because he was SO tired, and two babies with pink cheeks...we decided to load it up and head back to the hotel.

When Tab got in from the game, we went to eat at this delicious pizza place. It was so good!

She was giving us her bear growl.

Nixon-Man ready to go to bed after a LONG day!

Ebby Lee lounging while we were packing up.

On our way back to TX, we stopped to meet Nanny, Pops, Mimi, Papa, Aunt Katie, and her boys for lunch.

Nanny, Garrett, and Ebby Lee

Lance, Papa, and Nixon

I had to throw this one in there...it was my first attempt. Lance's face cracks me up and Nixon looks HUGE!! ha!

Sweet cousin, Garrett, shared his Dr. Pepper. Ebby Lee was so thankful!
Halloween evening we "visited" our neighbors. I wasn't thinking candy. We didn't even get Ebby Lee's candy basket down from the attic! We started off at Justin & Amber's.
Waiting for Justin & Bella to come to the door.

Family Halloween Pic 2010...do you like that hideous yellow truck in the background? After hitting up our neighbors, we headed to the Shull's and McAnally's neighborhood. We stopped at the Shull's first. They were just leaving to go trick-or-treating themselves. So...we joined them.

Walking to Kensington's door.

Daddy & Football Player, Nixon...he outgrew his costume before Halloween arrived. The bottom was supposed to cover up his feet!

Ebby Lee and Kensington

Smith and Nixon

The girls carrying their big Halloween buckets door-to-door. Smith shared his bucket with Ebby Lee. Thank you, Smith!

We ran into a cute little monkey (Luke) and his family. Ebby Lee looks so rough in this picture! ha!
Thank you Smith for sharing your cute Halloween bucket!
Shulls...thank you for letting us tag along with you! Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Cute Kiddos...

Ebby Lee in her Halloween dress. We were all ready for school a little early on Thursday, so I grabbed my camera and took a couple pictures of these cute kiddos!
Handsome little man! He LOVES his paci! He has mad skills when it comes to that thing.

"I need the camera, Mama!"...that marked the end of the pictures!

Happy Birthday Shay!

On Monday, Shay celebrated her birthday at the park. I think these boys are too cute! Nixon and Smith really enjoy those swings!
This is the WHOLE reason I attended the celebration! :) I heard Rachel was bringing her cake balls! Just kidding, Shay!! We had a great time celebrating with you! We hope you had a great day!

I'm a Brassy!

...well I'm more like the extra holiday help, but a Brassy none the less! Last weekend, I loaded up with the Blueberries and we traveled to Alexandria, Louisiana, for the Merry Market Show. We made our first stop in Natchitoches, Louisiana, for dinner. On the way to the restaurant we passed the Steel Magnolia house. I know it's a super dark picture, but we were in the middle of the road-driving in the car-and it was dark. So...it's not the best picture, but we tried. We started early on Thursday morning unloading the trailer and making the booth SOO cute! (SOO cute in fact that I FORGOT to take a picture! ugh!) We were doing so well with time. We went out to the car to go run a couple errands, grab some food, and go back to the hotel to get ready for the show that night. We found a FLAT tire! Whitney, Susan, and I had NO clue what to do.
We tried to change it on our own. That didn't work.

We got some help from 4 or 5 nice people that stopped by to help. That didn't work either.

Finally, Susan called Triple A!! He hooked us up! I don't remember his name, but he had us up and running again in seriously about 5 minutes!
The rest of the trip was busy, but lots of fun! It was nice to get away from the kiddos (thanks parents and grandparents for babysitting!) and hang out with the girls for the weekend. We also got to see Shannon, who just moved back to Louisiana from McKinney recently. Overall, it was a great weekend. I was super proud to be a Brassy Blueberry.

Harvest Party 2010

Ebby Lee was a football cheerleader this year for Halloween. I stole a lot of these pictures from friend's blogs. Apparently, I didn't take many pictures that night. A couple Saturdays ago, Ebby Lee and I loaded up (thank you, M, for watching Nixon!) and headed out to the Coxs' Harvest Party. It's always lots of fun to see all the kiddos in their costumes and eat the yummy food!
Taking a break from cookin'

She was probably trying to get some cooking ideas from Jaxson. His mama is a good cook!

Enjoying a little dinner at the kiddie table...Ebby Lee, Mackey, Kate, Luke, and Kensington

Carter and Ebby Lee
Me & Kirby cuddlin' by the fire

Mackey and Ebby Lee

In the playhouse with Carter and Luke

Finally, an attempt at a group kiddo picture! I think that was about as good as it gets. You can barely see Jaxson's giraffee behind sneaking right out of the picture.

Ebby Lee was a little unsure about the group photo. Carter seemed to be enjoying it!
Thank you Cox Family for hosting this fabulous party!