18 months & 6 months...

Ebby Lee is 18 months old. She is so much fun! She's trying to say lots of new words. She's become so independent...well she TRIES to be independent. She loves to take care of her babies. She has an addiction to the Wonder Pets and Yo Gabba Gabba. She's developed this really FuN aTtItUdE!! ha! I'm loving this age!
Nixon is 6 months old!! He's such a happy boy! He absolutely ADORES Ebby Lee. She can just look his way and he'll start laughing. He's almost a sitter. He is such a great napper. He LoVeS meal times. I'm sure you can tell by the pictures. He is also at such a fun age. I love these babies so much!!

Attempt #1 at a group photo...she's trying to see the t.v. behind me.

Attempt #2...she's STILL trying to watch t.v.

Attempt #3...I'll take it!
On Friday, for some crazy reason I THOUGHT it was supposed to be cooler. I dressed the kiddos in their Halloween shirts/pants we got all bundled up to go for a walk and at 9:00 it was seriously already 75 degrees!! Don't know what I was thinking! But...since they looked too cute in their fall clothes, we stayed in them all day! Ms. Andrea, Luke, Ms. Sheaffer, and Carter all came over to play on Friday night. We enjoyed the nice weather and played outside almost the whole time. Thanks for coming to play with us!!


Nixon is so scary!
Spooky, huh?

He's showing off a new trick. He hasn't fully mastered it just yet, but he can sit up for a while. He loves getting to see everything when he's sitting instead of laying. Nixon's growing up so quickly!


Snuggling on the bed after bath time...so sweet!
Brotherly/Sisterly Love


Ebby Lee

My Community Helper...

A couple weeks ago, at Ebby Lee's preschool it was Community Helper Day. You were supposed to dress your kid in community helper attire. The firetrucks, police officers, and guide dogs were all there to be honored. I did not have any "real" community helper clothes for Ebby Lee, but I did have a super cute SEMO Redhawks cheerleading uniform. Cheerleaders are community helpers, right? They bring cheer and pep to each and every football game.
Nixon enjoying some exersaucer time in the morning.

My community helper cheering!

Her teachers laughed when I brought her in. They knew I was stretching it, but it gave her the chance to wear her super cute uniform to school!

Pumpkin Patch 2010...

We made our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend. They have animals, a hayride, and several pumpkins...BUT the REAL reason we go is to get cute pictures of the kids. Let me tell you it is WAY harder to get 2 kiddos looking and smiling while ALL kinds of things are going on around them. This year it was TOUGH!! Daddy and Ebby Lee...she was absolutely TERRIFIED of this cow.
Nixon checking out the sheep.

Nixon had a GREAT time!

Loved the animals...from a distance.

Checking it all out

We tried this pose...it didn't work. ha!

This was the BEST picture we got of the 2 of them! I know! It's not even that good, but they're both looking and no one's crying...so it won! We probably took 50 pictures and this was the best??

Nixon and Daddy on the hayride.

Loving all those pumpkins!

We saw a big spider they made out of hay bales...so she was doing her "Itsy Bitsy Spider" motions.

Family picture...not bad 3/4 of us are smiling, right?

Playing with Daddy

Ebby Lee and Daddy
We had a great time. The weather was SO nice!! We were probably at the pumpkin patch about 2 hours and as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot BOTH kiddos were already asleep! They wore themselves OUT!

We've been doing LOTS of this...

Going on walks
Heading to the park


Nixon-Man LOVES to swing!

Ebby Lee

Working puzzles...looking rough after school, a walk, and playing in the park!

All clean and getting ready for bed. We've been LoViNg this weather. It's been so nice. We've been walking and playing in the park as much as possible. We're loving it!

A Little Help...

Tab has been gone working football games almost every weekend since the middle of August. T-Nonna and Boo came down last weekend to give Mama a MUCH needed break and a LITTLE help! Boo and Nixon
An attempt at a group photo...whew! That girl is FAST!

Nixon was such a good boy while we were eating our super greasy but delicious burgers!!

Group photo at Twisted Root Burger...Gary was out of town too so Marla joined the party on Saturday night. We went out for dinner and then did a little shopping before heading to the park.

Sunday morning we got ready for church. Nixon loving on his T-Nonna!

Miss Priss

T-Nonna started something awful!! She let Ebby Lee HOLD her camera and look at the pictures!!

More fun pj time!

Can you feel the love?


Handsome Man