They're Here!!

Uncle Dale opening his birthday underwear...ha! My family came to visit and to go to the Cowboys game on Sunday. They got tickets for Uncle Dale's birthday. It just so happened that Sunday was his actual birthday, so he got to have a big celebration by attending the game.

We went to Outback for dinner on Saturday night. It was Nixon's first time sitting in a high chair. He wasn't a big fan...AT ALL!

Sunday- The view from our car....we were in traffic for a LONG time.

Marla, Erika, & Aunt Rene'

Whitney (Soon to be-MAMA!!)& Erika posing in the car. I'm telling you there was lots of time for pictures...tRAfFIC!! We're so excited for Ryan and Whitney! They'll be welcoming Baby Bandermann in March 2011. Wahoo!! I can't wait! I'm kind of hoping for a little boy b/c then he and Nixon would only be a year apart. But...Whitney and I are 2 years apart and we are super-close cousins. So...the Slaughters will be happy with a BOY or a GIRL!! :)

Soon to be parents!!! Ryan and Whit!

This is where Tab had my camera and all the pictures of us stopped. Tab took some pictures during warm-up time.

After the game, everyone came back to our house for some chili dogs and treats. Chili and football goes hand in hand, but it was like 95 degrees outside...ugh! Ryan was practicing!! Nixon didn't care who was giving him the goods as long as he was getting some food!

He's such a good little eater!

Saturday Morning...

was one of those days that EVERYONE decided to wake up way earlier than normal. So, I plopped them both in Mama's bed and they watched some Wonder Pets. They both thought they were too cool watching t.v. in the big bed!
Nixon started enjoying his Johnny Jump Up. (Thank you Lorie for letting us borrow this...STILL) Ebby Lee is sporting breakfast on her pajama shirt.

So handsome...

My Aunt Rene', Uncle Dale, and cousins Whitney and Ryan were all coming to visit us and go to the Cowboys game on Sunday. So...we were anxiously awaiting their arrival and doing lots of last minute cleaning.

Happy Birthday to...

Kensington!! Molly, Kensington, and Ebby Lee...Kensington turned 2 today! We enjoyed getting to spend the morning with her at the park. I can't believe she's 2 already!!! She'll be going to high school before we know it. We love those Shulls and enjoyed getting to celebrate with Miss Kensington!!
Apparently, Nixon thought the park was a drag! ha! He and Smith were enjoying the swings until he just couldn't stay awake any longer! He's wearing a big old nasty bib because his favorite past time is spitting up! Hopefully, he'll outgrow that soon!

Happy Birthday Miss Kensington!

We just wouldn't understand...

It's a MAN THING!! Daddy and Nixon snuggling while they're watching football.
This is what was on!
I know this is blurry, but I just wanted to document that this is what they were doing. I'm not so sure that Nixon was really enjoying the game as much as the cuddle time, but we'll just let Tab think he has a football lover on his hands.

M's House...

Tab has been really busy with football season, so the kids and I have been getting in lots of hang out time with friends and family. This Saturday we went over to M's house to hang out with her. We ended up making a whole day out of it and even did some shopping too. Ebby Lee has discovered the shuffleboard table at M's house and she LOVES it! Showing off her skills...

Nixon had a great time playing in the floor.

Concentrating REALLY hard on this shot.

Wanna know why he's smiling??

His sister is at school and he's got his mama ALL TO HIMSELF!!

The First of Many...

Nixon was in shock! He didn't know where he was or what he was doing. We usually bathe him in the little bathtub on the kitchen counter. One of us tackles his bath and the other one bathes Ebby Lee. We thought we'd give the 2-for-1 bath a try. It'll be so nice when Nixon can set up! Ebby Lee thought it was too funny!!

Trying to Keep Up...

I thought I should have had a LOT of blog catching up to do, but apparently I haven't been a good picture-taker lately. This post should be in front of the last one. Meet the Teacher Night-We all loaded up and drove to Ebby Lee's school to meet her teachers. We knew one of the teachers so we were excited about that. She walked right in and played for a few minutes so I think she'll be ready for MDO on Tuesday!
She's just started being REALLY interested in putting on people's shoes or jewelry. She's wearing M's shoes around the house.

We painted her toenails. They're not so painted anymore, but they looked pretty good for about a day!

Nixon all dressed up for church...this is a bad picture angle...ha! It shows off his double chins!

Being silly at dinner.

First Day...

This morning as we were walking out the door I wanted Ebby Lee to smile with her lunch box. This is what she did?? She refused to look at me and smile!! Hope she listened to her teacers better than she did her Mama today!
I tried again and this was her pose #2??

Doesn't he look excited to be dropping his sister off for her first day of Mother's Day Out? Ebby Lee goes Tuesdays and Thursdays to the preschool at our church. I'm really excited to have the little break and to have some extra cuddle time with Nixon.

We were outside her classroom and she kept pointing at the door so I'm guessing she was ready to go in.

One of her teachers, Ms. Norma. She went right to her this morning without even looking back at her Mama!! Ms. Norma has Nixon in the nursery on Sunday mornings. I wasn't feeling well today, so Nixon and I came back to the house and took a long nap! Nixon knew just what he needed to do. We relaxed and snuggled and had a great day!

When we picked Sister up, they said that she did great! She even took a nap! I was so proud of her! A little sibling love picture...

She thought she was being too funny by getting in Nixon's toy.

He was all about sharing his toys! The first day at MDO was a success!! We're ready for Thursday!