Friend-Filled Thursday...

We started off the day by meeting Whitney, Mackey, & Kirby at the gym. I'm not even going to tell you how long I worked out. I was late meeting Whitney so that was part of it, but the other part was I was just having a LAZY day. Needless to say, we didn't stay at the gym long! Then we went to Hailey & Case's house for a playdate. Emory, Case, Lindley, and Ebby Lee all trying to pose for a picture. Nixon was being so good in the swing that I couldn't move him!
The ONLY child that's old enough to understand what we want her to do...gets up to get close to the cameras??

Not following directions...AT ALL!!

Sweet boy in the swing was being so good!
We had a fabulous lunch at Hailey's house. It was probably the best lunch I've had in months. I'm pretty used to peanut butter & jelly sandwiches! Thanks Hailey & Case for having us over. We had a great time!

For dinner, we headed out to a "blind date" with our BFG. Manda set it all up and we were told where to meet and what time. I have to be honest and say that I was nervous. There's no one in our BFG that I wouldn't like to hang out and have dinner with. But...I started getting nervous about their reaction when they saw it was "The Slaughters"...ha! We arrived at Fudrucker's to find...the Bogues! We were super excited about that! We had a great night hanging out with them.

Lillie and Ebby Lee playing after dinner. I think they had most of the restaurant's attention.

Sweet girls

Thanks for showing up for our "blind date" Bogues! We had a great time!


Ebby Lee has learned how to really cheese for the camera!
Saturday we had a very busy day. The kiddos and I accompanied Tab to the TCU scrimmage so we could hang out with my college roommate, Erin. (Sorry, Erin...I have no pictures of you or me!) Anyway, after running out of gas and switching the car seats we finally ended up at Erin's apartment to hang out for an hour or two while Tab worked. Then we met up with Tab for lunch. Erin...we had lots of fun hanging out with you and we can't wait to see you again!
Nixon enjoyed rolling around on the floor.

Then Saturday night we went over to the Wayne's house for dinner. Bre made this fabulous Razorback cake in honor of Tab coming over. ha!

Pretty impressive??

Miss Tyler and Nixon

Another cheesin' pose

Sweet Tyler
Thank you Waynes for the yummy meal and the fun time hanging out. We're looking forward to seeing you soon!

What have we been doing?

*Ebby Lee's been sitting on Mama's bed to watch t.v. She thinks t.v. watching is so much more fun up there. I will say that she got a little over confident right after the picture was taken and took a plunge.

*We've been enjoying the newspaper. Check out Nixon...he loves his sister!

Reading like Daddy...Mama prefers a magazine or t.v....not so much the newspaper :)

Mr. is getting SO big!

Cheesin'...I know it's dark, but I thought it was too cute.

*We went on a business trip with Daddy to Austin. We got to stay at our Auntie Shell's house. Her house is lots of fun. She has 3 kiddos, which means she has almost every toy known to man! Nixon enjoyed himself.
Ebby Lee was rocking her mullet-esque hair these days. It's been looking rough! She loved playing with G...who is 5!

They were having a picnic.

Sweet Mr. A is only 2 weeks older than Ebby Lee.

We stopped to eat on our way to Austin. Daddy and the Mr.

Ebby Lee and Mama

*We went to the pool with our playgroup...Ebby Lee and Kirby were stealing Smith's puffs. Poor guy!

*Nixon's been growing!! Doesn't he look tough?

4 months old already??

*He's been lovin' on his Mama

*This picture is out of order....years from now I can see these boys at the pool lookin' for girls and I hope I remember this picture! Smith & Nixon...notice the puffs...this must have been BEFORE Ebby Lee and Kirby arrived.

*Nixon's been rolling!! It's official...he's a roller! I tried to capture the process, but it didn't work.

Handsome sweet!

*We went to the doctor for our 4 month and 15 month (a little late) check-ups.

*Nixon's been eating rice cereal. He was a fan from the beginning. This boy's gonna be my little eater!

So thankful for food!

*We celebrated Daddy's birthday. We made Daddy's favorite dinner. G & M came over to celebrate and then we went to get some yogurt! Happy Birthday Daddy!

Nixon's become my little daredevil. After this, I had to start buckling him!

A quick snapshot of me & the birthday boy

Friday Fun...

Nixon relaxing on the couch. I'm sure he was naked because he had spit up on his clothes.

Boo and Uncle Jared agreed to babysit the kiddos while my mom and I did some shopping/running around. It was so nice to have lunch, talk, and worry about no one except myself!

Ebby Lee's first 4-wheeler ride.

She hated it!

Nixon and Grandma Campbell

Friday evening the kiddos and I headed over to my grandparent's house (on my dad's side).

Nixon and Grandpa Campbell

Ebby Lee preferred to keep her distance and enjoy the toys on the floor.

Nixon and Uncle Kelly

On Saturday, we had big plans to go tubing on the river. My grandparents (on my mom's side) had agreed to babysit. They did an awesome job and Grandma even had a gourmet meal ready for us when we got back.
Then the trip went down hill. Sunday morning, we got up and everyone was sick. I guess we brought the little stomach bug with us. Jared, Bruce, my mom, and my grandma were all sick. So, the big family party on Sunday was cancelled and me and the kiddos packed up to head home early. We did great on the trip home...just the 3 of us. We're looking forward to another trip to MO, but no stomach bug next time!!

What a Day!

On Thursday morning, bright and early, Amber and I loaded up the kiddos and ALL of our stuff to head to Missouri. Amber's brother was getting married on Saturday so the plan was for her to ride up there with us. She had to get back on Sunday, so she was going to fly home Sunday morning. That was the plan! We left TX around 5 a.m. and got to MO around 3 p.m. Ebby Lee and Nixon could not have done ANY better. They were awesome!! This picture is out of order....this is Nixon at VBS on Thursday night.
Ebby Lee ready to get to T-Nonna's house!

SOOO ready to get there. We took a picture of Amber, but I promised not to post it. Poor Nixon was flipped around the other way so we didn't get an on-the-road picture of him.
Thursday night: It was VBS at my mom's church, so we decided to join in on the fun.
She was a big fan of snack time. She also enjoyed playing with the toys in the room. The craft for the night was using markers (PERMANENT markers) to decorate a beach ball. Ebby Lee's mama made her bow out of the decorating part of that craft! She had no clue the beach ball was supposed to be decorated. She was super excited about the beach ball itself.

Enjoying snack time...all in all it was a success!

This picture is for Shay. I hope you blow this up and really look closely at this dog. This is probably part of the reason that I don't like dogs. This dog was sitting RIGHT outside the church. It had a nasty dirt mixture ALL over it's body mixed with beggar lice (I don't know how to spell that) and it looked like it was trying to like shed some of it's coat. It was DISGUSTING looking! I HOPE you can see it in the picture. This is probably how most dogs look in Zalma. These are the types of dogs I was around as a child. That might have something to do with my dislike, right? The second I saw that dog I knew I had to take a picture!! Hope you enjoy, Shay!

Friday night was the last night of VBS. We went to visit more family, but my mom picked this up from Ebby Lee's class. They must have thought she did excellent on Thursday night? ha!