Our Week...

These pictures are ALL out of order, so imagine them all backwards?? We had a busy week this week. Rusty and Whitney went out of town and their kids stayed with us. It was a trial run...just in case we were thinking about having 5 kids? ha! Nixon was excited about having company. Mackey was like his 2nd Mama. She loved on him all the time!
Mackey enjoying her cake.

Kirby and Ebby Lee eating their cake. I don't know what I was thinking giving 4 kids cake! They made a huge mess, but they enjoyed eating it!

On Wednesday just to get out of the house and run off some of that energy, we met Andrea and Luke at the bounce house. This was Mackey "thinking" she was playing the game.

Paxton had so much fun at the arcade.

Too funny! This is what the back of the bounce house area looked like after Luke turned the lights out. They were the kind of lights that take 7-8 minutes to come back on! ha! Andrea and I thought it was too funny. I'm not sure everyone else did.

I was trying to tickle Kirby to get her to smile.
This was the like 5 minutes that she was being independent and enjoying herself.

Wasn't too sure what to think.

The girls all dressed up and ready to go!

Bath time was so much fun!

On Tuesday, Whitney got us a babysitter so Tab and I could go meet some college friends out on the lake. This is Sarah-looking great in her bikini and me-in my I have kids tankini...ha!

ASU football alums...Casey, Frank (who was visiting from Virginia), and Tab

Lake Day...

Saturday we headed out to Pat & Susan's lake house for some fun in the sun. Mama and Nixon
Kirby's first time to tube. She was really excited about it...ha!

Ebby Lee was not a big fan of the boat or the water. She got better as the day went on, but she did not do great that's for sure!

Miss Mackey

Nixon's favorite new place to nap.

After some boat time, we came back to the house for lunch and some rest time. While we were hanging out on the back patio some geese decided to join us. We quickly got some bread and they were ready to join us the rest of the night.

This girl might be afraid of big farm animals but with some geese...she could hang!

Cox Crew

They were too funny! She had to double over!
Thanks Rusty and Whitney for letting us crash your nice relaxing Saturday out on the lake! We had so much fun!

Craft Day at Luke's...

First a quick picture of Nixon...this is one of his favorite ways to nap. He loves to have his head leaned to that side squashed up against something. Nixon was catching some early morning nap zzz's before heading over to Luke's house for craft day.
Kirby is showing off her tamborine.

Ebby Lee showing off her coloring skills.

Nixon and Whitney...what a snarl he's making!

The finished product...thanks Andrea and Luke for having us all over!

The Ramp...

After talking to Shay (whose kids were both up from their naps and mine were too) we decided to make a last minute trip to the Star Creek pool. We thought the girls would have a great time at the splash park. Little did we know they'd be in love with this ramp... Bathing Beauty #1 on the ramp

Bathing Beauty #2 on the ramp

Ebby Lee is playing peek-a-boo while Kensington watches.

There she is!

Empty splash park :(

The cool place to be...the ramp :)

Nixon's favorite place to nap...his tummy!

All About the Mr...

Love this face! Mr. Man is getting so big! He loves to be held and is such a sweet baby when you're holding him. He'll smile at you all day long! But...when you put him down, it's another story! He is a bit on the high maintenance side....just a BIT! ha! Still not sleeping through the night...but we're working on it!
Nixon's room is football themed. M painted some canvases for above his crib. I love how they turned out. I found them online and she made them look exactly like the pictures!

This picture didn't turn out well b/c of the flash, but I like this vintage looking tin sign. His room isn't super over the top, but I think it's a room that will be able to transition to a todder/big boy room easily. We still have some small things that we want to add, but I'm loving it. I wanted it to be vintage football. Everything in the room isn't vintage, but I think it turned out great!

Hope you enjoyed my room!
This is Nixon in a 0-3 month outfit. He's busting out of it! He can still wear a COUPLE 0-3 things, but mostly he's in 3-6. He's my big boy!

Playgroup on Friday...

On Friday our playgroup met at Willow Bend Mall to play at the play area and eat lunch. Isn't she getting so big?
She's practicing her "cheese".

Both of the kiddos packed up and ready to go. Tab was out of town the night before, so I was very proud of myself for getting us all up, ready, and at the mall by 10:30! I should add that I had to get up with Nixon 5 times the night before...now it's more impressive, right? ha!

Luke enjoyed Nixon's carrier WAY more than Nixon did. Linli and Aiden were there to play too. Ebby Lee was in a funk mood when we got there and she chose not to play. She just sat beside me on the bench the entire time!

When we got home, Nixon got to play on his play mat. He's starting to enjoy this toy a LOT more.

The 4th...

Saturday a big group of people headed to Dallas to see the JFK stuff. I bowed out of that...I'm not a big history girl! When they got back, we went to some shops, had dinner at the house, and then headed over to G & M's for a shuffleboard tournament. I must have been having lots of fun b/c I never took a picture ALL day!
On the 4th, we all went to church. Family pic before church. Nixon man is growing up...so sad!
Another family pic...We went to the pool after church. I got a littl red! We cooked out that night, went to get some yummy yogurt, and then ventured out to watch the fireworks.
Aunt Rene', Grandma, Tab, Whitney, Amber (Amber's husband, Trent, is a high school friend of Tab's...they were in Dallas for the weekend so we got to hang out with them some.), Lindsey, Ryan, and Jared....part of the crew that was ready to watch the fireworks. Nixon stayed at home with Boo and T-Nonna.

Mama, Daddy, and Ebby Lee...she was watching the fireworks. Good thing we took the picture when we did b/c the fireworks didn't last long and they were awful! I was embarrassed! I think they have a better firework show in this town of about 2,000 close to my hometown. It was awful!!

She started getting bored b/c there was so much wait time in between them!
Even though the fireworks weren't the greatest...we had a great visit with our family. It was so nice to have them all here. Happy 4th!