is the total number of months our children are! (I skipped the 2 month and 14 month post b/c I'm so behind) In these pictures Nixon is 2 1/2 months and Ebby Lee is 14 1/2 months... Nixon, Daddy, and Ebby Lee before church this morning.
Ebby Lee, Mama, and Nixon

The last few days have been tough! We switched Nixon's formula and he's been MAJORLY constipated! Ugh! Poor guy! But...thankfully, he seems to be doing better. Ebby Lee is walking everywhere and is jabbering nonstop! Exciting times in the Slaughter House!

Hanging with the Denevans...

Lance and Nixon
Daddy and Ebby Lee


Nixon-Man enjoyed being outside.
Katie and the boys came to visit G & M for a couple days this week. They came to our house on Wednesday for dinner and then some pool time. We had a great time visiting with them. We're looking forward to another visit!

San Antonio Bound...

A couple Wednesdays ago (again...I'm still behind), the Slaughters and Coxs set off for San Antonio. We left the kiddos with grandparents so we could have a kid-free mini vacation. It was so nice! We stopped on the way to have dinner at The Hula Hut in Austin... Our first night we stayed in New Braunfels so we could go tubing the next day. The water was SO cold, but we got used to it. It was a nice relaxing time...floating the Guadalupe. After tubing we drove to San Antonio to stay at the Westin at La Cantera.
The view from our room...The first night there we ventured down to the River Walk to eat.

Whitney and Rusty

Had to go by the Alamo

Group shot downtown
The next two days we shopped and relaxed by the pool. It was a great time! We're looking forward to another vacation with our traveling buddies! Thanks to T-Nonna, Boo, Grandpa, and Grandma Hency for holding down the fort while we had a few days to ourselves. Thank you!

Ebby Lee Goes to the Farm...

A couple Fridays ago (I'm way behind on blogging), our playgroup went to a petting zoo farm in McKinney. This farm had a great area for the kids to play and run around. That's definitely what Ebby Lee enjoyed the most! Ebby Lee loves playing with Amber & Justin's dog, Bella, but apparently when it comes to other animals she's her mama's girl!
Wouldn't this goat have freaked you out a little?

Carter was not scared...look how close he is to the fence!

"What are we doing here?"

Paxton feeding the animals.
This is how close my girl would get!

Mama and Ebby Lee...Nixon hung out in the A/C with M. Thank you, M!

Attempt #2...

After one disappointing photo shoot (when Nixon was just a month old), a sweet photographer in Melissa offered to take more pictures of my kiddos. Nonnie was so sweet and patient. She took lots of time with us, and I think she got some really cute stuff. Nixon is 6 weeks old and Ebby Lee is 13 1/2 months.

I think this big mouth full of teeth is so funny!

Catching Up...

After running errands, Ebby Lee took a break for a picture.
Rockin' in the bumbo...such a strong little man!

Sweet smiles!

Thanks, Aunt Katie for my stylish hat!!
On Friday evening, we went swimming at our neighborhood pool.
Daddy and Ebby Lee
Why is the turtle floatie just sitting outside the water? Because our daughter screamed like a mad lady when we put her in it!

Nixon enjoyed his pool time in the bouncy seat.

Playing with Daddy's glasses

Thought this was too cute!

On Saturday, we went swimming at G & M's neighborhood pool.

She needed a snack after all that swimming!

Just relaxin' in the shade!

Nixon's first time in the pool. He wasn't a huge fan.

He's like his mama...he preferred just laying out by the pool.

She's practicing her "kick, kick, kick".

Today...we went to play at Luke's house. Thanks,
Luke! We ATTEMPTED a group photo. This is the best we got!

Nixon-Man is 7 Weeks Old...

I don't know what is happening...these posts are all out of order!! Sorry! Nixon thought the blog posts had been really one-sided lately...WAY too many pictures of his sister. So...here's a post just for him! He's 7 weeks old! (I think the pictures of sleeping babies with their hands up are too cute, so I had to take the picture.) He is such a sweet baby. He's so laid back and just goes with the flow. He's on acid reflux medicine and that is helping out so much. He still gets up 2 times at night to eat, but then he goes right back to sleep. He's started smiling!! We love you, Nixon-Man!!

Memorial Day...

We had a low-key Memorial Day. We had Boo and Uncle Jared helping out with some projects around the house. We went out to eat lunch and then came back to play in the sprinkler.
She thought the wet slide was lots of fun!

T-Nonna w/the Kiddos...

Posing with T-Nonna

Bumbo Chair...

Ebby Lee thinks it is SO funny when she sits in Nixon's Bumbo chair.
He thinks it's pretty funny too!


After church, we went out to the pool again. Miss Priss is posing in her swim suit.
Nixon never even knew he was missing out. Boo stayed at the house while Nixon slept in his swing.

Uncle Jared and Ebby Lee

Wagon ride to the pool.

Mama and Ebby Lee...I'm making a crazy face, but we were having lots of fun!