Gonna Party Like It's My Birthday (Even Though it's Early)...

Since Ebby Lee is expecting a little brother right around her birthday, we decided to have her 1st birthday party a little early. We celebrated her party this past Saturday. We had the party at G & M's house. They were so sweet to let us host a party with 30 people! But...we knew their house would have lots more room and we were hoping to utilize that awesome patio they have in their backyard (since it was 40 degrees on Saturday we didn't get to do that!). Ebby Lee had a candy themed party. This was some of the decor... The candy buffet
Table with all the food

Ebby Lee's 1st birthday cake

Table of goody bags

Before the party started, Ebby Lee posed above her birthday banner.

The three of us ready to party!

Ebby Lee with G & M

Pops, Nanny, & Ebby Lee

T-Nonna, Boo, & Ebby Lee...It was so sweet that all of her grandparents got to come and attend the party. Thank you grandparents!

Doesn't she look ready to party? Ebby Lee and Lance

She enjoyed a lunch of turkey, cheese, and fruit salad.

Then we opened presents. She got SO many wonderful things...lots of super cute clothes, toys, books, bows, and the list goes on!

The birthday girl

Opening presents...

Not sure what to think??

After the presents, it was time for the cake! Yum!

Ebby Lee and Daddy

That cake was so yummy!!

Ebby Lee and Kirby...both on a sugar high I'm sure!

Erika, Ebby Lee, Kirby and Whitney
Thank you so much to all our family and friends that came out on a super nasty day to party with us!! Ebby Lee had an awesome day!! We love you sweet girl and we're so thankful to have gotten to spend this year with you!!

St. Patrick's Day...

I've never really gotten into celebrating St. Patrick's Day, but my kiddos will not be the ones getting pinched at school for not wearing green!!! So, we're starting early! On St. Patrick's Day, we headed out to run some errands.
Ebby Lee wasn't wearing much green on her outfit so I threw on a big green bow! As you can tell, she was excited about our errands!
That night we went to M & G's house. The guys were having a football thing upstairs so the ladies enjoyed pizza on their own downstairs. I'm sure this will come as no surprise but Ebby Lee ate her first and whole piece of pizza!! She didn't pick it up or anything. I cut it up into small bites, but she loved it!!

She always thinks it's fun to crawl under their coffee table b/c it's glass!

This wasn't actually on St. Patrick's Day...it was the next night. She really enjoyed her dinner! Ha!

I Got Sprinkled Too...

The cute & yummy set up at Andrea's house. The amazing girls at bible study threw a little shower for me on Tuesday evening. Nixon got so many cute clothes. I can't wait to dress him up! I think this boy thing is gonna be fun!
The delish cake!

Opening presents...

Thank you so much girls!!


Last weekend, Justin, Katie and the boys came to visit G and M. They had tickets to see Thomas the Train, but we joined them for a late lunch at Babe's. This is the only picture that I took. Tab gets embarrassed when I take pictures in a restaurant. So...that explains it! Ebby Lee is really growing up!

Ebby Lee is 11 Months Old (Today)...

She's 11 months old today!! We're waiting paitently in the doctor's office for Nixon's appointment.

Just chillin'

Daddy was tickling her...if you look closely you can see our 3 new teeth on the top! After the doctor's appointment, we ran some errands and then visited Rachel and Jaxson for lunch. On the way home, Ebby Lee fell asleep (whew)...remember she thinks she's too big for a nap now? When she got up we went for a walk with Amber and Bella...

Bella did NOT want to stop her crazy walking to take a picture! It was so nice outside today. Us Slaughter girls are ready to get a tan! Bring on the sun!

Look at my BIG GIRL!!!

This was last night...one day before turning 11 months old! She was SO tired b/c she decided that she didn't need to nap yesterday. This was officially her LAST bottle. I put them up/hid them until Nixon arrives. She's done really well so far today. I'm just a little nervous about bed time. She's growing up!! No more bottles??

She is a big fan of meal times! She wants food...any food that she can pick up on her own! Do NOT try to feed this girl with a spoon/fork (unless you have ice cream). She would be insulted! ha!

Fun at the Park...

Ebby Lee trying out the "public" swing at the park. We have one in our backyard, so it's not a new concept. It was weird to her that there was another little girl swinging RIGHT beside her. She just kept her eyes on that little girl the entire time.

First slide experience

The sliding solo thing was hard to do so I climbed up and joined her.

Ebby Lee is 10 Months Old...(WAY LATE)

Ebby Lee and Daddy in Canton

Kirby came to play

We ordered some furniture for Nixon's room. She thought it was so fun to play in the box. I thought it was so fun to pick up all those little styrofoam dots that were ALL over the house! ha! She's a pro now at rocking and patting her baby. She's getting ready for that little brother.

In her famous pose

Oops! I Did it Again...

Ebby Lee learned how to open the drawers in the bathroom, pull out the Q-Tip box, and make a huge mess. It happens approximately once a day. Why don't we just move the Q-Tips, you say?? Well, that would be too easy and it actually keeps her very busy...so for now, I'll buy some time while she's making her daily mess!

Look Mama!!