Happy 1st Birthday Kirby!!

She's all ready to party!!
Ebby Lee was so excited about Kirby turning one...can't you tell?? We joined Kirby and some of her friends at Chic-Fil-A on Friday to celebrate Kirby turning 1!! Kirby had a bow party...what a great idea, huh? We had a great lunch, delicious cake, and Kirby passed out the BEST party favors!!

Happy Birthday Miss Kirb!! Thank you so much for letting us spend your birthday with you!!
We're looking forward to many more celebrations with you!! We're so excited that you're one!Happy Birthday!

The Day it Snowed...a Lot!!!

Daddy worked from home so he was able to take a few minutes and enoy the snow with the Miss Priss. First, we put her coat and hat on over her pajamas and decided we'd just take a couple pictures.
Letting her touch the snow.

Then we came in and got warm. I dressed her up (since we were stuck in the house) and we tried to take some cute pictures. Her eyes kept watering and her nose kept running. That should have been my first clue that she wasn't feeling well, but I didn't get it! I just thought she was teething...so we kept up the photo shoot.

Ebby Lee smiling, but not looking at the camera!

Then we decided we should probably let her get down and "play" in the snow a little, because this might never happen again in Texas. I put her in about 3 layers of clothes, and Daddy took her outside to play.

Justin and Amber came over and they all built a snowman. Ebby Lee set with me under a blanket. I'm kind of a weenie when it comes to snow. I don't like being cold just to play in that wet stuff! So, she cuddled with me under the blanket and we watched.

Amber and Bella in the snow.
Side note...the next day, Ebby Lee had a fever and threw up (which was one of the worst experiences of my life...I am NOT looking forward to that happening ever again). A couple days later we took her to the doctor b/c the nights were killing us and she had an ear infection! Next time, I'll probably pay attention to those clues a little more?? Anyway, she is taking meds and now feeling SO much better.

Random Random Random...

Ebby Lee loved getting to play with her Valentine Cards. Thank you Nanny, Grandma Hency, and Grandma Campbell for those pretty cards.

She has officially stopped baby food. She wants NOTHING to do with it. It's not so much the food as the feeding. She wants to feed herself. Since she doesn't know how to operate a spoon or fork yet, that means she wants to pick the food up!! This was a ravioli and mixed veggies night. She was a big fan...can you tell??

Such a mess, but so proud of herself!

Kirby came over to play. The girls didn't actually play together, but for the first time ever....they played with the same toys. Normally, they like to act like they don't even notice there's another small person around, but this time was completely different. Ebby Lee would follow Kirby all around the house. They're really growing up!

Super Bowl Sunday...

We had a great Super Bowl Sunday!! We went to church, took naps, and then got ready for friends that afternoon. We had a low-key night with a couple friends joining us for the big game. I don't know about anyone else, but it's all about the food to me!! (Might have something to do with the fact that I'm preggo?) Anyway, we had some delicious food and great friends to share it with. This is the only picture I took the whole night. I know it's nothing great, but Ebby Lee was enjoying herself.

I Can Pull Up...

Ebby Lee has started pulling up and now there's no stopping her! This must have been a cleaning day...notice the toilet bowl cleaner and the Clorox wipes.
Had to get the back view...thought the jeans were too cute!

We got a ball the other day and she loves to roll it back and forth with Daddy. We have to clap and cheer for her after every catch and every roll!

Playing with Daddy

This was our January/Beginning of February...

This is what we've been up to...
*Tab hung Ebby Lee's new swing out back and she enjoyed pulling up on the window to watch. Too cute!

*She's performing two of her new tricks in this picture...she's waving and standing with help.
*She got all dressed up to run errands and go visit some friends. Thanks Carlye for this cute outfit!

*After our lunch, we came home and Daddy snapped a picture of us.
*We had lunch with Kirby and Kensington (and their moms) at the new McDonalds. These girls were troopers and ate a whole can of veggie dips while the moms talked.

*She got all dressed up for church.

*We heard from Allison that her daughter loves the show, Wonder Pets. So, I recorded it and we tried to get Ebby Lee to watch it. She was a big fan for about 5 minutes. Then it was over. She was done! She really enjoyed sitting in her Bumbo by Daddy in the chair.

*She learned how to get under the buffet in the dining room. She loves doing this. She thinks it is SO funny!

*Check her out!

*She had a playdate with Murphy Jo.

*The girls only stayed still for a few seconds!! I remember when they were so small and would lay there forever. Those days are over!! At least I snapped a picture while they were both looking. We love hanging out with Murphy Jo and her mama. They're lots of fun!

*She learned how to pull up on her dollhouse.

*She fell asleep while she was eating lunch. I only took her shirt off because she can get really messy. When I took the picture, the flash made her open her eyes!

*She had her first outdoor wagon ride. Thank you Santa for that awesome wagon!

*She learned how to pull up on this cool toy Uncle Jared got her for Christmas.

*She decided that she's too big for BABY food. She wants to eat table food or finger foods that she can pick up herself. I can usually still get her to eat one jar in the morning, but other than that...no way!

*She's gotten really good at clapping.

*We had a Night 'O Shulls...The Shulls came over to watch a football game, eat pizza, and relax. This is Kensington checking out Tab's REALLY messy office. Kensington has a new trick too...she can say, "Erika" REALLY well!! I'm so proud of her!

*The Shulls welcomed new baby, Smith on January 18th. We're so excited for them. We're looking forward to lots of future adventures with Smith. This was his first time at the Slaughter House. So cute!!

*Ebby Lee loving that all those Shulls were at her house to play with.


*Ebby Lee and Daddy ready for church.

*We met the Venters to eat dinner. Too bad we forgot to take a picture of them!!! So sorry! We hadn't seen them since August so it was great to catch up. We wished they lived closer to us.

*Tab painted Nixon's new room.

*He paused to smile.

*She played in Mama's room a lot. It's become her favorite place to play.

*Ebby Lee and Kirby went to the hospital to see Mr. Smith Shull.
*She enjoyed her first wagon ride...inside!! It was SO cold outside. Tab pulled her around the living room and kitchen. She was a big fan!

*She's clapping for Daddy! Good job pulling me!
*She LOVES to listen to books. We sit in the zebra chair in her room and read forever!!

Hope you guys had great Januarys too!