This picture is out of order, but this is when Brecken and Athena were at G and M's. Aunt Eleni got Athena and Ebby Lee matching outfits. We dressed them up and had a little photo shoot. Athena was so sweet with her. As you can tell from the picture, Ebby Lee was having a grand ol' time.
Athena, Ebby Lee, and Brecken at Mimi and Papa's house. They look like they were all being silly!
All of the cousins together for the first time!

Everyone...minus Justin
Brecken, Eleni, Brent, Athena, Lance, Katie, Garrett, Tab, Erika, and Ebby Lee

It was nice to make a stop in Hughes Springs and round out the 2009 Slaughter Christmas Tour. We enjoyed getting to see everyone!

Hughes Springs...

We got up early on Sunday morning and drove to Hughes Springs. Both of Tab's siblings were there with their spouses and kiddos, so it was fun to get to spend time hanging out with all of them.
Ebby Lee's first time in a swing. She was a big fan!

Lance and Athena playing outside.

Hanging with Boo and T-Nonna...

Eating snacks with Boo
I don't think she got enough attention while we were gone?? HA!

Another family tradition over Christmas Break is going to the basketball tournament the day after Christmas. We'll meet the family to eat, go watch some games, and follow it up with some delicious ice cream at the game. This year Ebby Lee was tired of riding in the car, so Boo and T-Nonna offered to stay at home and babysit while Tab and I hit up the basketball tournament. I think she enjoyed her time away from us!

Christmas Day...

Ebby Lee playing Grandma's piano with Tarah.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

This is Ebby Lee's chubby face. She's posing with Lindsey.

After eating lunch...this was the last pose in our Santa dress. We had a wardrobe change because she had SO many Christmasy type clothes to wear. We were struggling to get them all in. So, we changed!

All the grandchildren/spouses/great-grandchild with Grandpa and Grandma Hency. You can tell that I knew what camera was taking my picture....ha!

The DeClue Family

The Pingel Family

The Huffman Family

The Slaughter Family

It's become a tradition to take family pictures before we unwrap all the presents. When we were younger, we were smaller and we all fit well upstairs, but since we've grown up we do it downstairs where there's more room.
Ebby Lee was in heaven! She was in the floor with all that paper/bows. This is her favorite pose!

Ebby Lee got some fun stuff at Grandma's. She got a Raggedy Ann made by a family friend, a fun learning table, books, and much more.

I know this is really blurry, but she thinks it's so funny to be on our shoulders...especially if it's someone with hair and she can play with it!!
We had an awesome Christmas Day and loved spending time with family and friends in Missouri. We are so thankful for all the blessings we've been given this year.

Christmas Morning...

Everybody needs a little Christmas morning diaper change. She's such a big help with the wipes.
Checking out the presents in her stocking. I don't think she knew what to think?

Wow!! Look at all those presents. She must have been a good girl this year. I think it helps that she's the only baby in the family.

This is ALL she wanted to do with them!

What a yummy book!

She got an ornament with her name on it!

T-Nonna reading one of her new books.

Oh!! Blocks!

Everything tasted so good.
Reading one of her new her favorite pose.
I did take pictures of other people, but it was early and none of us were looking too good so I'm not posting those. I know that Ebby Lee had no idea what was going on, but it was so much fun to start traditions with our family of three...soon to be family of four. We're looking forward to teaching Little Miss Thing all about why we celebrate Christmas. After opening up gifts with Bruce, Mom, & Jared we all headed over to my grandparents house for Christmas lunch with all the family.

Christmas Eve...

Family Party #1...we went to Grandpa and Grandma Campbell's for a dessert Christmas and presents. Ebby Lee checking out her gifts.
Grandpa Campbell and his mousepad...those were popular gifts that we gave out this year and everyone seemed to enjoy them.

Wow! That's a big one!

This was her way of saying "thank you, Uncle Kelly and Aunt Sandi". She's really enjoying that farm.

Oh, a bow!

She finally figured out that she can crawl through the barn door.

Kody and Ebby Lee

Grandma Campbell and Ebby Lee

Kyle and Ebby Lee...she was being sweet to him b/c he was the one that put her farm together.

Family Party #2: We headed to Cape to the Christmas Eve service at church. There's something to be said about being at church with all 18 members of your family crammed onto a pew with you. It just melts my heart that we're all there together. Then we headed to Aunt Rene's house for some delicious food and family time.

Uncle Jared messing with Ebby Lee
I got down on the floor b/c I wanted to get a view of what she was seeing. Everybody started walking off, but you can tell that ALL these people were gathered around watching her. She's the only she gets lots of attention.

Tab, Tarah, and Torie

Lindsey and Ebby now we've dropped the bow.

Grandpa, T-Nonna, and Ebby Lee

Whitney & Erika

Tab, Linz, & Uncle Dale

Tuesday & Wednesday...

On Tuesday we went to Cape to do a little more Christmas shopping. We met Aunt Rene', Whitney, and Lindsey at the mall while the boys watched Avatar. I didn't get any pictures of the you'll have to imagine.
Wednesday: There's this yummy rib place close to my hometown called Hickory Log. They decorate all the walls super gaudy (sp?) for Christmas. It looks a little like Christmas threw up, but they have delicious bbq. It's become a little tradition for the 5 of us (6-with Ebby Lee) to go eat there before all the Christmas festivities begin.
Ebby Lee at Hickory Log

First taste of a rib...yummy!

Ebby Lee and T-Nonna with some of the fabulous decor.

Mama and Ebby Lee

The family of three-soon to be four...can I just say that Tab was so embarrassed that we were taking pictures?? He was so afraid that everyone would think we never get out of the house b/c we were snapping all kinds of pictures.

After dinner, check out that girl's mouth...she knows what that bottle means!

Hanging with T-Nonna

Fresh out of the bath...M got her these pj's. I know they were intended for Halloween, but they're really warm so she wears them a lot. So gorgeous!