Bass Pro & The Gaylord...

First stop...Bass Pro: Lance and Garrett were playing in the Winter Wonderland. We stopped by just long enough for Ebby Lee to do this:


This was our second stop: The Gaylord
Daddy and Ebby Lee in the parking garage trekking it up to the Gaylord...long walk!

Mama and Ebby Lee getting ready to enter. We went to the Gaylord to see the Ice. It was a big area all made of ice (9 degrees, might I add) so we put on these big parkas. We walked through the story of The Grinch. Since it was so cold, I just put Ebby Lee in my parka with me. I think it kept us both warmer.

Our family at the entrance...

Posing with the Grinch

Ebby Lee was having fun. The only time she fussed was when her hat would fall over her eyes and she could see nothing!

G and M...they were both wearing TONS of layers. I think Marla actually said that she was hot!

We were still doing good, but the hat was starting to slip.

M and G

Ebby Lee and Mama with Cindy Lou Who

The amazing nativity scene at the end.

Walking around the Gaylord...Tab obviously didn't know I was taking this.

Garrett, Lance, and Ebby Lee

Ebby Lee and G

The best we could get in the sleigh. Lance wanted to physically turn her head to make her look at the camera.

Lots of Firsts...

Ebby Lee is hanging her "My First Christmas" ornament on the tree. I misplaced it for a while, but just found it. We hung it up on the tree!
Ebby Lee's first time to help with a makeover:
Whitney and her kiddos stopped by our house one day for something. Mackey had a doctor's appointment and I went into Whitney's car to see Mackey's new glasses (adorable, by the way). We also found this:
Mackey had dropped almost her entire malt on her pants. We pulled what we could of Ebby Lee's that we HOPED might fit Mackey who is 2 years older might I add and this is what we got:

Mackey looking fabulous! Whitney had this shirt in the car. Ebby Lee contributed a denim skirt (which was an 18-24 months, don't know what I was thinking when I got that...too big) and some giraffe print baby legs. I was so proud of how good Mackey looked that I had to post it!

First snow:
I saw in other people's blogs they put their chid's coat, hat, etc. on and went outside. I wasn't thinking like that...I whisked her up in a blanket (notice my tank top) and we went outside for a quick photo op.
Our backyard

Fun with the Fam...

Uncle Jared and Ebby Lee playing outside.
Eating at Snuffer's...they have those soft high chairs that clip onto the table. It was so nice. She did so well getting to actually sit in the booth with us. Yummy, cracker!! She was probably eyeing my cheese fries!

Thanksgiving Day 2009..

Ebby Lee and her T-Nonna (Yes, I did have ALL my Christmas decorations up. I wanted my family to be able to see them and didn't want to have to worry about putting them up after everyone left.) Our plans this year...Tab worked the Cowboys game, so my mom, Bruce, Jared, and Erin all came to visit. Bruce and Jared went to the game as it was a girl's day!
Huffman Family Photo ' mom put this in her Christmas cards.

Boo & T-Nonna with Ebby funny, this year she was like a prop that we all got our picture with.

Uncle Jared and Ebby that she's older they have a lot more fun together.

Our family on Thanksgiving. I think I always OVER compensate with a BIG smile...hoping that will maybe get her to smile too?? I'll work on stopping that!

Mama and Ebby Lee

Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade...her first one ever!

Boys packed up and headed to Cowboy Stadium.

Tab (chain crew guy) and Gary (who also happened to work that game) posing before it started.

New Trick...

Ebby Lee was practically born with a bow in her head! She's finally learned that she CAN get them off. I caught her in mid-action, so I had to post these...hope you enjoy! She feels it...oh yeah, I've got it!
One nice tug, and it all comes falling down!

Uh-oh...the headband is still in the way.

Success!! Victory is mine!

I'm SO Thankful for...

So sweet! I know this is SO late. We had so much to be thankful for this happy healthy baby girl and a little boy on the way! Hope you had a Happy Turkey Day!

New Family Pics...

Daddy and Ebby Lee
Mama and Ebby Lee

This was the biggest smile she gave us ALL day!


We headed to Rockwall to meet up with Jennifer Jennings to take our family pictures. For some reason, Ebby Lee was not in a smiling mood, but she still got some really great pictures. Thanks, Jennifer!