Trip to the Lake House...

Ebby Lee and Paxton at the restaurant. Ebby Lee was having a cracker. So sad for her that she can't have burgers yet...they were delicious! Whitney posing with the pie. It was yummy too!

Ebby Lee and Kirby at the Lake House...Ebby Lee and I rode out for the day on Tuesday to go visit Pat Pat and Sue Sue's lake house. We shopped a little, ate a lot, and had a great time relaxing at the lake house.

Playing with my phone.

Decorating for Christmas...

She wanted to help decorate the tree.

Instead...we decorated her!

Merry Christmas!

Daddy putting up the lights.

Month of November...

Ebby Lee and I rode out to Marshall, TX with the Roans to watch Tab and Ken officiating the East Texas Baptist game. It was a beautiful day! Ebby Lee loved being outside. She's cheering Daddy on!

Check out the breakfast on my pj's.

I thought it was too cute that she was sleeping like this.

Caught in mid-roll.

The week of Thanksgiving we went for a walk with Ashley and her dogs. It was only 50 degrees when we left the house so Ebby Lee got bundled up!

Baby #2 is...

Waiting patiently in the waiting room to find out if she's having a baby sister or baby brother.
Still waiting patiently...

Baby #2 is....a BOY!!! We totally didn't see that one coming!! I think we just assumed it would be a girl b/c we have a girl and it's working out pretty well. We were REALLY surprised and we're REALLY excited. Mr. Nixon Talbot will be arriving in April 2010!

Ebby Lee is 7 Months Old...

She also has a tooth!! This is the day I discovered the tooth. We were heading out for a walk and I looked in her mouth. I was so excited that I started screaming in the front yard. (Luckily, no one else was outside) Oh, the little things us moms get excited about!

She can shop like a pro now sitting up in a cart! She usually starts tilting if you've got lots of shopping to do, but she can hang for a while.

M got her these pajamas. So cute!

She was so proud of herself sitting in that laundry basket.

Check out that sippy cup!
I feel like time is flying and my baby is growing up so fast! She has one tooth and is working on the second. She can sit up now like a champ and she's rocking on all fours. She has her own form of crawling that she's done a couple times, but it's like she's moving in slow motion. The first time she did it, Tab and I scared her to death by screaming and clapping, but she's gotten used to that now. We're falling more in love with her everyday!!

Halloween 2009...

This is how our day started...some oatmeal and fruit. Yum!
Then we went out to eat for a mid-afternoon lunch.

We came back home and got ready to trick or treat.

First we trick or treated at our neighbors' houses...just to say "hi". We went to Glen and Lee's house across the street to wish Ally a "Happy Birthday". She's the sweetest little girl and so quiet!

Then we ended the night at G & M's neighborhood saying "hi" to their neighbors and friends.

Wow! That camera's flash is really bright!

This house was really decked out. The man was hiding in a coffin jumping out and scaring trick or treaters. He said that he'd be nice to the little one. Ebby Lee did great on her first Halloween! I'm sure she's looking forward to next year! :)

Scare on the Square...

All dressed up as a GOLDFISH (for those of you that were wondering...Lorie! haha) and ready to get some candy!
We tried to take a photo of a goldfish (Ebby Lee), bat (Luke), Raggedy Ann (Leah), and a flying dragon (Carter). We should have known that would never work.

Ebby Lee, Luke, and Leah

Ebby Lee...check out Luke holding her hand...haha!

Wonder Woman (Azzi) and Ebby Lee

Mama and the goldfish

The whole family
This was our first time to go to Scare on the Square, so I didn't really know what to expect. The lines for candy were really long (Lucky for Ebby Lee...she doens't have teeth) but it was lots of fun. We ran into lots of friends and got to see everyone's kiddos all dressed up for Halloween.

Carving Her 1st Pumpkin...

Daddy, Ebby Lee, and the pumpkin BEFORE...

Tab working on the pumpkin.

The fabulous pumpkin AFTER

Out of Town...

Tab had to go out of town on a business trip last week, so instead of staying at home by ourselves Ebby Lee and I packed up and went with him. Our first stop was La Cantera in San Antonio. We stayed there one night. The resort was SO nice. During the day, when Tab had meetings it was a little rough. Ebby Lee and I walked all around the hotel. She made lots of friends that day. Then we traveled on to Austin to stay with some family. We stayed there one night as well. It's always nice to go visit them. They have three kiddos who are really good at entertaining Ebby Lee. I was a bad mom and this is the only picture I have to show from the trip. You'll have to imagine how much fun we had!

Harvest Party 2009...

Mama and Ebby Lee

Goldfish (Ebby Lee), Flower (Caroline), and Chicken (Kirby)

Goldfish was breaking down!
Rusty and Whitney invited our whole BFG out to their house for a Harvest Party. The kiddos all dressed up. We had delicious soups and stews. Then we made smores by the fire. It was such a fun time of good friends and good food!