Day 6...

Ebby Lee in the car on the way back to TX. The whole gang...we stopped to eat at this really fun local seafood restaurant in Madisonville, Lousiana.

We hurried out to the beach for about 2 hours of our final fun in the sun for 2009. Pat and Susan kept the babies at the house, which was so nice!! Paxton boogie boarded and Mackey built some sand castles. Then we went home, packed up, and got on the road to go home. Ebby Lee did pretty well in the car...considering we were in there for about 13 hours!! We had a great time and are looking forward to many more Sandestin trips!

Day 5...

The gators at Fudpucker's.
Ebby Lee was so sleepy. She was not at all impressed by those gators.
A creepy one in a tank.

The whole family in front of a tall alligator.

We went to the beach for only a short time, b/c it looked like it was going to rain (of course!). We decided to head over to Fudpucker's to check out the Gators, go ride some go-carts, and then eat a yummy meal at Harbor Docks. After dinner, Susan and Pat volunteered to babysit (thank you!) so Rusty, Whitney, Tab, and I all headed over to Baytown Wharf on the golf-cart to listen to some music and eat dessert.

Day 4...

Kirby and Ebby Lee...I didn't realize I wasn't in the picture..haha!
Ebby Lee, Mama, and Daddy...her cdress was soaked with slobber!

All the kiddos...Paxton, Ebby Lee, Mackey, and Kirby
We decided to go to the Baytowne Wharf area for dinner. We watched a band play while we ate and then let the kids run around and play.

Picture Night...

The whole family
Mama and Ebby Lee

Ebby Lee and Daddy

Erika and Tab (My air doesn't love the beach so much)
We decided since it was maybe the only fully sunny day we were going to have that we should get some pictures in while we had the chance. After pictures, we enjoyed a nice meal at Harry T's.

Day 3 at the Beach...

Ebby Lee and Kirby playing under the umbrella.
It's still so bright!!

Making funny faces!

Tab was laying out...almost asleep. Whitney played the old throw crackers around him to make the birds come trick on him. Birds flew in from the surrounding states, I think. We had birds everywhere!
Still trying to fight off the birds.

Almost all gone.

Beach Baby

On Day 3, Pat had set up a very important golf game for the guys. was a beautiful sunny day when we woke up. So, the girls decided to take all 4 kiddos to the beach. We should have known it was going to be crazy b/c we were outnumbered. At about 3 hours into it, the babies started melting down, Whitney had gone to get another umbrella at the house (that left only 2 of us), Paxton thought he was a surfing pro and kept getting farther and farther down the beach from us, and Mackey was building her a sand castle. Susan and I were so overwhelmed that we called the guys and begged them to leave the golf course and join us at the beach. After much persuading, they came to hang out at the beach and relieve us. It was a good thing they came, b/c it was such a gorgeous day. We stayed out at the beach almost the whole day!

Day 2 at the Beach...

Ebby Lee in the pack-n-play at the beach. I think my camera had some condensation on the lens or something. It was really windy so we had towels covering the outside of the pack-n-play.

On Day 2, it rained almost the WHOLE day. We got up and decided to conquer the outlet malls in hopes of having fun and staying dry. We had a good time shopping and ate at a pizzeria for lunch. We saw a sliver of sunshine or just non-gray clouds so we ran out to the beach for a little one-two hour beach visit. It was still windy and pretty cold, but we put on our big-girl pants and enjoyed ourselves...even if we were wrapped in towels!

Bed Time and Rockstar PJ's...

The girls enjoying bath time together in the sink.
I don't know if this is inappropriate on the internet or not, but I thought it was too cute not to post. Sorry girls!

Ebby Lee loved her some Cox kiddos this week. This is her laughing at Paxton. She LOVED he and Mackey so much!

Ebby Lee and Kirby in their super cute p.j's.

Day 1 at the Beach...

Last year, we went with the Cox family to the Sandestin resort and stayed in a two bedroom condo. (We didn't take any kiddos.) This year we decided to take them all! Luckily, Pat and Susan decided to join us, so we rented a house for the week in the same resort area. The house was really nice. There was plenty of room for everyone. It was even stocked with tons of beach supplies that definitely came in handy. We also had two golf carts that we drove around the area. This was day one on the beach:Ebby Lee enjoying her first day on the beach. Ebby Lee and Kirby hanging out under the umbrella. Mama and Ebby Lee Ebby Lee with her toes in the sand.
Ebby Lee and Kirby still hanging under the umbrella. They'd always roll around and manage to find the sand.Daddy and Ebby Lee
Enjoying the sun...but it was too bright to open her eyes.

The guys playing football.

Sue Sue and Mackey building a sand castle.

Saturday Night at Cantina Laredo...

Last year when we went to Sandestin, we decided to give the seafood a break and head out to Cantina Laredo for some good ol' Mexican food. I got some shrimp something that was fabulous. They didn't even have that meal at the Cantina Laredo in Frisco, so I've been dreaming of getting to eat there again. All year, I talked about going back to the Cantina Laredo in Sandestin. Well, they changed their menu and I was so disappointed!! It still turned out to be a great first night of vacation. It was raining, but we overlooked that and enjoyed some good food (notice I didn't say great) on the patio.
Ebby Lee eating a tortilla in her stroller.
Kirby eating a tortilla in her stroller. Those tortillas were the way to go. They kept the girls entertained for a long time.

Headed to the Beach...

Up bright and early and ready to catch an 8:00 flight!

This was ALL the stuff we needed to travel with a 5 month old for the week. We even sent a couple things down that aren't pictures in Susan and Pat's truck! Crazy, huh?

Nothing but nasty gray skies when we arrived. This is exactly what it looked like when we got to Florida last year!

Night Out with Kensington...

Kensington and Ebby Lee in their high chairs. The new car seat means one carrier to take inside a restaurant. So, we brought a blanket and stuffed the high chair. She did okay for a while. The girls wouldn't smile at the same time, so I posted both of the pictures.

Ebby Lee's turn to smile. This was the first time I've seen Kensington so interested in Ebby Lee. She's going to be ready to play with her little brother or little sister. Normally, she just kind of ignores her, but this night she was all about some Ebby Lee.

Riding in Style...

She's loving her big girl car seat! We decided to go ahead and switch her to a big car seat because we were going on vacation and we knew she's be riding in the car for 12 hours!! We thought this car seat would give her more room to stretch out than the carrier.

Loving on Boo and T-Nonna...

I think Tab was doing something really funny here, so they were both laughing.
Loving on Boo...

Look What I Can Do...

Daddy and Ebby Lee have a new trick.

I don't know why, but she loves be up there. He'll bounce her up and down and she'll laugh and laugh.

ANOTHER photo shoot...

She finally figured out the smiling at the camera thing.

Ugh! Another picture.

She was laughing so hard. She looks like dracula, but those are only gums...not teeth.

We had major problems with her wanting to eat the tutu. She kept stuffing that thing in her mouth.

My friend, Carrie, from high school made this tutu and bow. I thought it was super cute. So, while my mom was here we dressed her up and took pictures in it. Thank you, Carrie!

Tarzan baby

This was a swimming suit I wore when I was a baby. My mom brought it b/c she thought it'd be funny to see Ebby Lee in it. I was ten months when I wore the swimming suit. Ebby Lee is only 5!!! I'm going to think that washing/drying it definitely shrunk it up...haha!

Wearing Mama's suit