Ebby Lee is 16 Weeks Old...

Check out my new bow from Canton!
Still enjoying my bath time.

Working on rolling from the tummy to the back...still haven't got it yet.

She covered Tab's eye in spit-up. I tried to take a picture, but he was already wiping it off!! So funny!

Check out the "Little Turkey" pj's. We obviously won't be wearing those in November, so thought we'd get some good use out of them now.

First taste of a green popsicle. She LOVED it!!

She's started getting this very serious look when the camera comes out.

Ebby Lee still loves to eat her hand.

Relaxin' with one hand back in the swing.

First attempt in the Johnny Jump Up she wanted to keep her hands in and just chew! The second attempt was much better. Thanks to Mrs. Lorie for letting us borrow this!

Little hippo right out of the bath.

She loves to watch t.v. while sitting in her bouncy seat.

Daddy and Ebby Lee...

Daddy and Ebby Lee swimming in the pool.

Crazy Kiddos...

Crazy kiddo, Paxton

Mackey got the great idea to try to put her dress-up high heels on Ebby Lee. Ebby Lee was playing under the play mat and didn't seem to notice or mind what was going on. Mackey couldn't quite get the shoes to stay, so she talked her big brother, Paxton, into helping her out. Paxton and Mackey both proud of the job! Ebby Lee finally realized that something felt a little funny! Kirb was missing out on all the fun by snoozing in her bed.

A closer look at the high heels...cute, huh?

In a year, Mackey will be annoyed when Ebby Lee puts on her high heels, but this day she thought it was really funny.

Ebby Lee's 2nd Canton Trip...

Kensington and Ebby Lee ready to shop!
The 4 of us almost finished for the day.

On Thursday, Shay and I packed up the girls and drove to Canton. The girls were fabulous!! They hung out in their strollers most of the day without complaining. Shay and I found lots of good buys....several at Brassy Blueberry! (Whitney, wish I knew how to link things...if I did I'd link it to your blog right now.) I even started some Christmas shopping. I'm sure Shay probably started back in February. The weather was so nice. It was the perfect day to do some Canton shopping. We're looking forward to our next Canton trip with the Shull girls!

Look What I Can Do...

Ebby Lee started out on her tummy. She did her first magic trick of rolling over on July 29th. I put her down for a morning nap on her tummy. When I went in to check on her, she was on her back!

She started out on her tummy.

This is her mid-roll.

She ended up on her back!! Tab is giving her praise! We had lots of celebrations over this tummy to back roll.

Think of how many years Tab is going to mess with her...poor girl! What a face she's making, huh?

Ebby Lee is 15 Weeks Old..

Attempt #1...somebody please help me with this uploading problem!
Attempt #2...speaks for itself. I wanted Tab to get her outfit, not so much!

Mama and Ebby Lee all dressed up and trying to take a cute picture. Attempt #3...after this one, I gave up!

Smilin' for the camera

Chillin' on the blanket

Fussin' in the swing...she was fussing b/c she's starting to realize that she falls asleep in the swing! I think she's finally putting two and two together to realize that! She fusses for about two minutes and then is out like a light! Not for long, in the swing, but it's good for a quick 15 minute nap!

BFG Beach Party...

All lotioned up and getting ready to swim.

Ebby Lee and Daddy

Ebby Lee enjoying the water.

Tab and Ebby Lee swimming. She had her hand in her mouth the entire time!
So stinkin' cute!

She was such a good girl. She fell asleep and was taking her nap. During that time, a bird pooped on her arm!! It didn't seem to bother her, but I thought it was to funny...so I took a picture!

Lake Ray Roberts...

Casey, Sarah, and Tab trying to decide where and how to jump!

Tab jumping off the cliff.

Sarah jumping.

Casey jumping.

Erika skiing.

Tab and I drove to Lake Ray Roberts to meet Casey and Sarah for a fun afternoon out on the lake. There were a few minutes when we weren't sure if the weather was going to cooperate, but the sprinkling rain went away. We layed out, swam, skiied, and jumped off cliffs. (Well, I didn't jump off a cliff, but everyone else did.) It was lots of fun. We're looking forward to the next lake adventure.

14 Weeks Old...

Ebby Lee is 14 weeks old!

Sitting up in her Bumbo.

Mama and Ebby Lee ready to go to church.