Trip to Austin...

Mama and Ebby Lee in the pool. Cousin, G, in the water.Ebby Lee relaxing.

Drying off

Laying out with cousin, A.
They were both so happy to be laying under the umbrella with the wind blowing.
Ebby Lee playing on A's play mat.

Tab, Ebby Lee, and I traveled to Austin to do some training for work and also get to hang out with the family there. It was so nice to stay w/folks that have all the toys we have! Ebby Lee got to play on A's play mat and sit in his bouncy seat. It was just really nice. They have an awesome new house with tons of room. We had a great time visiting them! We can't wait to do it again!

Random Pictures...

Her favorite place to snooze these days...the couch.

Hanging out with G.

Ebby Lee is 13 Weeks Old...

I thought this hat was so cute, but when is she EVER going to wear this out?? So, I decided that we'd take some pictures and BLOG them! Ebby Lee is 13 weeks old. She's a happy baby (most of the time). When she's hungry, she wants to questions asked! She still loves laying under her play mat. She's also starting to enjoy the exersaucer. We pile lots of towels around her and she loves to look at all the bright colors. Her favorite things right now is her hand. She loves to chew and slobber all over it!
By the way, I promise when she hits the 4 month mark, I'll stop posting by the week!...I promise!

Big Girl Stroller Time...

On the way back to TX, it was me and Ebby Lee flying solo. She was so excited to be strolling through the airport sitting up and seeing everything! She thought she was BIG STUFF!

Hanging out on the Front Porch...

Grandpa, Grandma, and Ebby LeeT-Nonna, Grandpa, Ebby Lee, and Mama

Grandpa and Ebby Lee...she was really enjoying this swing!

Grandpa, Ebby Lee, Whitney, and Camden...Whitney was babysitting this day.

Pictures with the Family..

Ebby Lee and T-Nonna
Ebby Lee and Boo

Uncle Jared and Ebby Lee

Ebby Lee is 12 Weeks Old in Missouri...

Such a big girl!
Look what I can do!

Look at me!
Ha ha!! That was funny!

Hope you can tell what she's watching...The Bachelorette. We're starting early!

Holding her book and watching t.v.
Taking a nap on Boo.

Meeting the Campbell Crew...

Ebby Lee got to meet my dad's side of the family for the first time too. This is my grandma and Ebby Lee.
Ebby Lee was checking her out.

Aunt Sandi and Ebby Lee. Aunt Sandi sent her this cute outfit, headband, and socks right after she was born. Thanks, Aunt Sandi!

Ebby Lee fell asleep while watching a baseball game...can you blame her?

Ebby Lee and Kody...apparently he wasn't doing something right! She was not happy! Kody plays baseball at SEMO. We're ready for SEMO to play a school in TX, but I don't think that will happen.

Grandpa and Ebby Lee

Uncle Kelly and Ebby Lee

My dad, Keith, and Ebby Lee

Red, White, and Blue...

Grandpa, Ebby Lee, and Grandma

To celebrate the 4th of July, all of my mom's family came to her house. We were planning on swimming, eating, and hanging rained so we skipped the swimming plans. We had a yummy meal of fried catfish (Way to go, Bruce).

Ebby Lee showing off in her Bumbo. Where is this girl's bow?

Ebby Lee, Ryan, and Whitney...we tried to make a deal with them to come visit us again next year on the 4th. Hopefully that will work out. We have lots of fun hanging out with Ryan and Whitney!

Mama and Ebby Lee...there's the bow!

4 Generations of Hency girls

An up close 4 generation pic

Lindsey's second attempt at a diaper change. Good job, Linz!

The boys went swimming in the evening when the rain was completely gone. Ebby Lee fell asleep like this. It was so nice outside. She got super relaxed and was out! It was a great way to celebrate the Fourth!

Meeting the MO Family...

Playing with Uncle Jared after flying and then being in the car for 2 1/2 hours. Ebby Lee was so excited about getting out of that car seat!

On Friday, July 3rd, my mom invited her two sisters and their crews over to swim/lay out by the pool. That night, we went to my grandparents house to cook out and watch some fireworks.

Torie, Tarah, Ebby Lee, and Aunt Gina

These girls drove 5 hours to meet Ebby Lee. She was a big fan of Torie and Tarah. I think she took naps on both of them!

Meeting her great-grandparents...Granda, Grandma, and Ebby Lee

Lindsey was trying to show off her mad baby skills. She wanted to dress Ebby Lee for the pool. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. After approximately thirty minutes, Ebby Lee finally had her suit on and was ready to swim. Lindsey is still working on it.

Hanging out at the pool.

Another shot of the pool crew.

Mama and Ebby Lee...she's hard to see, but she was super relaxed.

Whitney, Ebby Lee, Lindsey, and Aunt Rene'. Ebby Lee's looking forward to doing lots of shopping with these girls when she's older.

Aunt Rene' is funny!

Lindsey and Ebby Lee

Loving on Grandpa

He was completely smitten by the end of the day! I think he even forgot there were other people there.

Ebby Lee got a bath in Grandma's kitchen sink.

Tarah, Ebby Lee, Aunt Gina, and Aunt Rene'

My grandparents' neighbors put on a big firework show on July 3rd. We all went out to the screened in porch to watch the fireworks. Ebby Lee was all ready for bed. She'd had a bath, was lotioned up, and dressed in her pj's.

Grandpa, Tab, Jared, Bruce, Torie, and Tina...all waiting for it to get dark.

All the girls walked out to the street to see the other firework shows going on in the neighborhood.

Look at those acting grandma really did a good job!
Tarah and Ebby Lee