Our First Bad Habit...

This was Ebby Lee's first nap on her tummy. I know it's against the rules, but she sure did sleep like a champ!! I think I checked her on about every 4 minutes, but she slept so much longer!

First Attempt at a Family Walk...

Tab and I decided that we should go for a little family walk. We got the stroller all ready, and when Tab put Ebby Lee in, he got this...a crying and screaming baby! I hope you can tell from the picture. So...we decided we'd go on a walk another day.

Who knew that this is what she wanted?

More Pictures from Week 1...

Finally...a cute picture with her eyes open! She was stretching out in Mama's bed.

All dressed up and ready to go!

She looks so tiny when she's surrounded by all that BIG stuff!

One more bath picture. Doesn't she look just disgusted to be in there? Notice her strategically placed foot..she's a modest one!

Ebby Lee Meets Cousin Garrett...

Garrett was excited to meet Ebby Lee. He was really sweet to her. He wanted to rub her head and give her kisses. As you can see, she was super excited about meeting him as well.

Night Out at Palio's Pizza...

For our first night out as a family of three, we met the Shull's and Cox's at Palio's Pizza for dinner. I didn't get good photos of all the families so...
Ebby Lee is representing the Slaughters.

The whole Shull family is present.

Mackey is representing the Cox family. It was great to finally get out of the house. Thanks for a great night!

Ebby Lee's 1 Week Old...

She's one week old and really excited about it. This is what Ebby Lee did at one week old...

She had lots of visitors including Nanny (Tab's mom, who came to visit). She enjoyed being held and getting to cuddle.

She loved being in the swing...even during the night.

She would lay under the play mat and look around. In this picture, she has some company under that mat...Daddy!

Easter 2009...

We celebrated Easter with an Easter lunch at M & G's house. We had lots of friends and family around to celebrate with: T-Nonna and Boo, the Cox's, and the Searights.

Easter night, Aunt Erin (a college roommate) came to visit us for the first time.

We also had our first bath at home. Well, it was a sponge bath, but I'm still counting it. She wasn't very happy about it.

In our pajamas and ready for bed!

Arrived at Home...

Ebby Lee just got home. This is how excited she was about seeing her house for the first time!

M and G came over to visit us our first afternoon at home. My parents were staying with us, but for some reason I have no pictures of them...sorry guys!

Daddy and Ebby Lee relaxing on the couch. She looks SO tiny. Doesn't Tab look exhausted??

Going Back in Time...

I want to start by saying that I know these are old!! But...I have this problem w/putting pictures in chronological order. It would REALLY bother me to start posting pictures of Ebby Lee as she is now...so I'm going back in time to when she was born and then going forward. Hope that makes sense!
Tab and I checking into Plano Presby at 5:00 a.m. on the BIG Day!! I just wanted to document how big I was!! YIKES!
Ebby Lee on her very own blanket for the first time!! Thank you Uncle Moose and Aunt Cindy for the cute blanket! We were packing up, changing into our "own" clothes, and getting ready to go home for the first time.
Daddy and Ebby Lee all buckled up in the car seat. Doesn't she look so tiny??

The whole family ready to go home!

Ebby Lee's Finished Nursery

Hope you enjoyed seeing my room!-Ebby Lee