It's definitely a...

We're having an Ebby Lee. We're going to make her go by "Ebby Lee" least until she's old enough to protest! She's due on April 25th. We're so excited about her arrival!! I'm posting these pictures because my family lives in Missouri and are so sad they're not seeing the baby bump! In the first one, somehow the bump totally disappeared and I look nonpregnant?? I don't know how that happens. In the second one, you can tell a little more. Here you go, Mom!!

ASU versus North Texas...

Tab, Erin, and I drove to Denton on Saturday to support our own Arkansas State Red Wolves while they played North Texas. We didn't really know where we were going, and somehow we ended up on a very small road (some might call it a sidewalk). The entire band was coming at us and there was NO where for either of us to go. So, we just parked and the band walked around us. As you can tell from the picture Tab was extremely mortified!! He could hardly look up. Yeah, right!! The band members were giving him the claw sign (b/c they're the eagles) and Tab was shooting back some sign himself. It was definitely picture worthy!

The crew that toughed out the entire game in the cold just to watch ASU defeat North Texas.

Tab and I at the game.

Thanksgiving 2008...

Tab and Gary after eating a big Thanksgiving meal.

Erin and I...can't you tell we worked hard? The Bisquick in the background was NOT used, but we thought it looked good for the picture.

While Tab was working, Erin and I slaved away ALL day working on our Thanksgiving dinner. Who knew it would take so long and require so much work?? Even though we didn't eat until 8:00 at night, our meal turned out to be delicious and one of the best Tab's ever had. (At least that's what he told me...)

Welcome to the world, Miss Kensington Kate...

I know this is REALLY overdue, (Kensington can practically drive by now) but here it is...

I helped host a sip 'n see at my house for Shay and baby Kensington.

All the hostesses with the new mom

The spread of looked better than a Thanksgiving Feast!

I totally blog stole all these pictures from Shay's blog, but I picked my favorites of Kensington!! We're so excited for Andrew & Shay!! Kensington is so cute and always dressed so fashionably! I'm looking forward to lots of girly adventures with Shay and Miss Kensington!!
Isn't she cute?? I think she's wearing ASU colors to support those Red Wolves!

I love the bow!!

Lance Turns Four!!

Lance and his birthday cake...doesn't he look so excited about having his picture taken??

Tab got Lance a Tony Romo figurine for his birthday. Justin, Lance's dad, is a big Green Bay fan, so Justin was very excited about Lance's gift.

Spiderman...aka Birthday Boy
Now that Lance and his family live so close we get to go to fun things like BIRTHDAY PARTIES!! Lance celebrated his birthday party with a costume party and a bounce house! Tab, Marla, and I drove up so that we could celebrate with him! Happy Birthday, Lance!