Fourth of July...

Shay, Whitney, Erika, Rachel, & Whitney
Mackey, Ryan, and Paxton...I think Ryan made a new best friend.
Andrew, Rusty, Tab, & Jared playing washers.
Miss Mackey after one BIG blow out! She looks so proud of herself!

Tab & Mackey

All the girls getting ready for the fireworks.

For July 4th, my cousin, Whitney, and her husband, Ryan, came all the way from Missouri to hang out and visit with us. We went to Rusty & Whitney's on the Fourth, cooked out, and then went to the Melissa high school to watch the fireworks.

Beach or Bust...

We just got back from a nice relaxing vacation in Sandestin, Florida. We went with our close friends, the Cox. We had a great time. The guys got to play golf and the girls had a fun spa day. We also had lots of sun bathing time. During the day, we would lay out at the beach and at night, we'd go eat somewhere fun. The weather was the only downfall to the trip. It didn't cooperate with us at all. It always decided to rain at the worst times!

The view that we saw arriving in Pensacola, Florida. YIKES!

This is Whitney and I at the beach the first day. Yes, we're in the ocean...not a pool. The water was so clear.

Tab and I all dressed up and ready to go eat some delicious pizza. There were tons of fun restaurants within walking distance of our condo so we never really had to get in our car.

This is all of us on a big lawn chair at the Baytowne Wharf area.

Whitney and I enjoying a concert.

Rusty and Tab being silly...can you tell?Rusty playing golf. I think that's the bay behind him. I'm not sure why I have a picture of Rusty and not Tab...but whatever!

Tab and I all dressed up again. We're kind of blurry but the stuff behind us looks nice.

This was the view from our condo. It was a rainy day so we decided to do a little shopping!

Tab and I our last night in Florida.

The Huffman's Come to Town...

My parents and my brother loaded up and made the 9 hour car ride to visit us a couple weeks ago. We did a lot of shopping and eating!! This is Jared and I getting ready for the pool.

We thought the "Cattle Drive" in Ft. Worth would be fun to go to one day. Little did we know that it's only 10 cows and 3 horses moving slowly down the street. I thought I was going to see like cows running and it might even be a little dangerous to stand on the sidewalk and watch. I should have known I had it all wrong when I saw a daycare taking a field trip and standing RIGHT by the street! We were a little disappointed, but the great lunch afterwards made up for it.

I wish this was a video so you could see how slow these animals were moving! We had a great time hanging out with the family. We can't wait for them to come back!