Check it all out...I finally blogged. I'm so proud of myself!!

Memorial Day Weekend...

Paxton & Whitney
Mackey, Susan, & Pat
Tab tickling Paxton upside down. It looked really awkward, but Paxton kept saying, "Do it again."

Tab left to go out of town on Thursday afternoon. Our friends, Casey & Sara, were getting married in Sarasota, Florida. I couldn't miss any more days of school this late in the year...so I had to pass up on the fun trip. Tab said that the wedding was so nice. I was so sad to have missed it. But...Congratulations Casey & Sara! When Tab was out of town, I hung out with the Cox family. We even had a little sleepover. I spent the night at their house on Friday night b/c we went treasure hunting...aka garage saling...bright and early on Saturday. We weren't very successful on the hunt! Whitney & I went to the mall with Mackey afterwards to look at swimming suits & other random stuff. Then we followed it up with a cook out at Pat & Susan's. I had a great time with the Pat, Susan, and all the Cox's. Thanks for letting me spend the weekend with you! When Tab got back on Sunday evening, we met the crew at Uncle Julio's to enjoy some delicious food. I don't know that I've ever seen so much food in my life!!

Mother's Day Weekend...

This is us all hanging out in Vicki's backyard. We'd just gotten back from eating catfish...yum! This is Bobby and Garrett(our nephew)...with Tab & Katie(Tab's sister) in the background.
This is Lance...our nephew. He's growing up so fast! I remember when he was so tiny! When Tab and I were in college, he lived about 45 minutes away so we were lucky enough to get to see Lance all the time. Now..we don't see him as much, but he's becoming such a handsome little man!

This is PaPa (Tab's grandpa) and Tab relaxing outside. Tab and I traveled to Hughes Springs Mother's Day weekend to hang out with Tab's mom, Vicki. Now that I'm blogging this...I realize that Vicki is in NO pictures. We'll have to get lots of pictures of her next time. Get ready, Vic! We had a great time just relaxing, hanging out with family, and stuffing ourselves-the food there is really good.

Byron Nelson...

Rusty, Whitney, Brian, A.J., Tab & I all traveled to Dallas to go to the Byron Nelson golf tournament. Crystal & Brent met us there, but I have no pictures of them...b/c cameras aren't allowed. I was all set to take lots of pictures! Overall it was a very nice day. I did get REALLY sunburned, but we had a great time. I think people watching was more fun than actually watching the golfers. This is a little photo shoot in the parking lot to meet the shuttle...when we heard that we couldn't take the camera. We had to get those pictures in somehow!

Movin' On Up...

Tab and I have been trying to talk Gary and Marla into moving to Texas for a little over two years. Apparently, we're pretty good at peer pressuring. After countless hours walking through model homes, tons of meetings with a realtor, and many hours lost searching online for houses that meet their criteria...they found the house of their dreams! They're building a house in Allen. Their house should be ready around November or December. We're very excited about this and look forward to them being so close! This was the night out after signing papers!!

The future home of the Slaughters.
This is the type of house they're building. They chose a different color brick & all that, but it will look similar.