The Easter Bunny Came!!

When we got home from house hunting ALL day long on Saturday, this is what we found. The Easter bunny had left us all presents!

Tab got a new shirt.
The Easter Bunny went to Mom & Pop's Popcorn Shop in Downtown McKinney for Gary's present. He got lots of popcorn, chocolate covered almonds, and taffy.

I was tagged...thanks Michelle! :)

I'm supposed to tell you guys 7 things about me that you probably don't know. I'm probably not going to be very good at this, but here we go:

  1. When I have to talk in front of a group of people that are my age or older, I turn red. I think it's hereditary b/c my mom does it too.'s like I feel myself getting hot & then it's too late. I'm red!
  2. I was one of those girls in high school that wouldn't eat in front of boys...not all boys, just the ones I liked liked. I don't really know why! I think I was deathly afraid of getting something in my teeth, so instead, I just wouldn't eat around a cute boy!
  3. I love Mexican food. It doesn't matter how many days in a row I eat it...I still love it! I could probably eat nothing but Mexican food for a whole year!
  4. I don't like animals. I know God created them, but there's just something about them that bothers me. I hate when pets...especially dogs...try lick me or breathe on me. When I was little every time I was around a dog, my mom would say, "Don't touch the dog. It's dirty!" So, I think deep down there's some part of me that still hears her say that when I see a dog.
  5. I also love Diet Pepsi. I'm not sure when I discovered that I loved it. obsession with it is pretty big. I only let myself have one a day, but it's just so good!
  6. The town I grew up in only had 93 people. It was considered a "village", because it was so small. Now that I live in McKinney, it's hard to understand how that works. Wal-Mart was 45 minutes away!
  7. I've had a lot of random jobs. I worked in high school and college. My most random job was a maid at Hampton Inn. I hated every single minute of it, but so many people said that they thought I'd I kept doing it. I wasn't going to quit!

Hope you guys have learned lots! Now I have to tag 7 new people: Kristin, Mandy, Whitney, Melissa, Rachel, Shay, &'ve been tagged!!

Garage Sale...Making Millions!

I know these are on Whitney's blog, so they might be a repeat for some of you. But...I thought they were pretty important. This was the first time that Tab & I had actually been selling things in a yard sale. All of that furniture was our stuff. None of the furniture even sold! We had to pay the dump to take our couches because they got turned down by Goodwill!! We worked really hard on Friday night pricing everything and getting it all organized. On Saturday morning, I was persuading Tab to get out of bed bright & early so I leaned over & said, "Maybe after today you won't have to work...we'll make SO much money". It got him out of bed, but it was SO far from the truth! I think after paying the dump, Tab & I made a total of $70!! That's it!! We all thought we deserved a nice big lunch we went to Hutchin's BBQ in McKinney. It was should definitely try it out!

Hail Storm of 2008!!

Of all weekends...the weekend that we have both cars parked outside & my parents were visiting so their car was outside too, it decides to HAIL!! I've never experienced hail this big & fierce before. I thought we were being bombed. We've gotten Tab's car fixed already, but not mine. We were so thankful for our fantastic insurance agent, Andrew. He told us exactly what we needed to do & took great care of us!

Valentine's Day...2008

Tab and I
All the Ladies...
All the Gentlemen...
The rest of our posse' in the enormous booth...Rusty, Whit, Shay, & Andrew
Leslie & Ryan
Jessica & Danny
Our BFG decided to go out as a group for Valentine's Day this year. I think the guys feel better about dressing up for the special day when they know that ten other guys are dressing up too. We went to Terilli's and had a very nice dinner.