The Big Day...

Gary doing "his thing". We were so proud of you!
I'm sorry these pictures are so out of order. Someone's going to have to teach me how to upload them in order! Anyway....Giant's win!
Tab, Gary, & Brent after the game. We went to this party afterwards. There were four huge tv screens so they replayed the whole game w/commercials. There was also this huge display of food!
Tab and happy to be there!
Sarah Evans
Ryan Seacrest was hosting the event on t.v. He told us when we were supposed to scream & all that.
Willie Nelson is singing behind Marla. He'd look our way and Marla would scream and holler. I bet he waved to her about 15 times and he probably blew her 30 kisses. We were so excited about Willie & Marla that we missed the pregame show in the stadium! Oops!

This is us on the "Big Day" getting ready to board the buses.
Marla and I at the stadium.
Tailgating Party!! I've never been to an event like this before. Everything was free! There was all different kinds of fun food to try. My personal favorite was this salsa bar. Every NFL team had a different salsa recipe. Sarah Evans and Willie Nelson were the entertainment.

Experiencing the NFL...

We went to the NFL experience on Saturday. There were tents set up where you could compare the size of your hand to Troy Aikman's, compare the size of your leg to an offensive linemans, or stare at Peyton Manning's locker. There were SO many people there. There were lines just to get into the store?? This picture is for my cousin, Whitney. She's got a big crush on Peyton Manning. When I saw him standing there, I just HAD to take this picture for her. This one's for you, Whit!
My crush, Matt Leinart, and I getting our picture taken. I was hoping I was going to run into him sometime this weekend, but he was no where to be found.
Marla looking mean in her football jersey!
Tab looking really mean in his jersey...wait his legs look a little funny?

Commissioner's Ball

Brent & Marla cutting a rug!
This was inside one of the airplanes of the past.
We got to go to the Commissioner's Ball on Friday night. It was at an airplane museum. There were three rooms or "tents"...past, present, & future. It was a really fancy night. There were bands, lots of food, & dancing! Gary & Marla standing in front of the Lombardi (sp?) Trophy. There were two guards keeping watch to make sure no one tried to steal it.
Tab and I in the "past" tent.
This was our crew. Marla preferred the band in the "present" tent. So, we hung out in there the most. It was a great night!!

Erika Joins the Paparazzi...

Adam Sandler was the most famous person we saw. He was looking like Paxton with his faux-hawk. He was being interviewed by some ESPN reporter. He had Rob Schneider with him.

We just kept running into famous people. We were told that "anyone taller than Tab around here is probably famous". So, we saw two guys that were taller than Tab & asked to get a picture with them. They were Atlanta Falcons football players. They told us they were "nobody special". We thought they were just being modest, but apparently they really weren't special. No one even knew who they were!
Tab just happened to bump into Cleo Lemon. They played together at ASU. Cleo is the startig quarterback for the Dolphins.
While the boys went to watch FBR Golf Tournament, Marla and I took a little break from sight seeing to go eat at the Hard Rock Cafe. Our waiter was so interested in why were in Phoenix. He was at our table the entire time!
We got to see Emmitt up close and personal!

Phoenix...Here We Come!!

Sorry! These pictures are out of order, but it will take a lot of time to switch them so I'll explain. Read the bottom picture first. This is Tab's attempt at getting back at me b/c I took the picture of him asleep. I don't really think it worked out for him.
For all of you that know my husband, you'll appreciate this. He hates to get to the airport early and have to wait. So...Tab prefers to get their RIGHT as the plane is taking off. That's what we did this morning and so we had to separate b/c there were no other seats open. I set in front of Tab. He amazes me! How many other people do you know who can fall asleep in the middle of two people on an airplane?