Friday Favorites


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Today, the Slaughters and Shulls are headed out on a special getaway!  We've been talking and planning this trip for months so the fact it's finally here-well I'm EEEEEKKKKK about it!  Tab and I cannot wait!

Be sure to follow along via Instagram.  I'll be sharing our vacation over there as much as possible.  :)
I'm taking a blogging break while we travel, but will be back here on June 27th.  And like I said, I'll do my best to over-post on Instagram.  

Hope you guys have a great two weeks!  See you soon!
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Picture Dump-June 2019

Well, that title just sounds wrong but I couldn't think of another way to phrase it.  :)  Happy Thursday, Everyone!  This is seriously the most random of picture dumps but a great look into what's been going on around here. 
Last Thursday-I shared a Photo Every Hour over on my Insta-Stories.  This is what my Thursday looked like.  6:00 a.m.-checked an early morning workout off my list!  DONE!

7:30 a.m.-I showered and was ready for speech.  Miss Britt continues speech twice a week in the summer.  She's been going to this particular speech therapist a little over a year and we absolutely love her!

While Britty was "speeching", Ebby Lee and I sat in the car and played MASH.  Do you remember that game?? 

9:30-back at home and getting my life organized for the day.

11:00-I picked the boys up from football camp.

11:30-we grabbed lunch before the afternoon crazy set in.

1:00-Ebby Lee's turn...volleyball camp!

1:30-car inspection waiting room.

2:00-Registration renewal took less than ten minutes.  I got lots of messages about doing it online.   We missed our paperwork in the mail so going into the office was my only option.  I even tried to use our local grocery store.  They offer registration renewals as well but you have to have that special ticket from the mail.

2:30-I got to camp pick up early to watch Ebby Lee's camp team play a few games in the tournament.

3:30 p.m.-Back home and squeezing in as much work as I possibly could.

5:30 p.m. Dinner out...with all the driving and carpool cooking dinner just wasn't on the menu.

Our local Mexican restaurant took care of dinner for us.  :)

6:30 p.m. Bowen had one more game before his big summer baseball break.

A cute crew of All-Stars...for this game the association does try to make it really special.  An announcer announced each kiddo, they had music, and they kept score...big big stuff when you're six.  :)  Our team WON! 

Then showers or baths for everyone before I got in bed by 10:00.  

Friday night some great friends, Meagan and her hubby, threw a fun "Texas Forever" themed party.  We had so much fun!

Sunday afternoon we drove an hour through lots of storms to make it to Nixon's baseball game...only to realize the game in front of us was delayed so we chilled in the car for a while.

Meanwhile, these cuties were having the BEST time at Ashby's party!

It's safe to say Britt Slaughter has come out of her shell.  She has quite a few baseball players at her beck and call.

After some INTENSE baseball, championship WIN for these boys!

You guys recognize the coach?

So proud of this guy!

A few days later Bowen woke up with ZERO front teeth.  The last one barely hanging on came right out in the middle of the night.

And we got to celebrate Brittany's Birthday with a fun dinner out with friends.

Whew!  We've been busy, but safe to say we're LOVING that summer life!

Let's Look-Inside our Suitcases

 Hey Hey!

Shay and I have teamed up for another episode of Let's Look.  This month we're sharing what's inside our suitcase.  Good news for you!  Tab and I are headed out on an adults-only trip {with Shay and Andrew} later this week.  We're headed somewhere Tab and I have never been and we're PUMPED about seeing and doing it all!

You guys know I'm not the most organized person in general, but I really do try to be super organized when I travel.  It just makes things so much easier!  Often times I think my brain just doesn't even think of things the way super organized people think-so believe me when I say that I've asked Shay seven billion questions about packing.  

Like I said, an organized suitcase can make a vacation so much better so this trip should be AMAZING based on my packing skills this week.  ;)

Here's a peek at a few of the items I'm taking...
I scored both these cover-ups from our FAVORITE, AMAZON {Pink and turquoise-but says "green" online}!  And the beach hat came from here.

Two of my most comfy pajamas made the cut for this trip-again, BOTH from AMAZON!  {Navy stripe-sold out but similar and palm print}

A few other things packed in my suitcase...
1. Tank because SUMMER!
2. Fun shorts-I saw these and instantly knew I needed them!
3. This top has been on repeat all spring/summer long. {Similar}
4. These shorts were a hit on our Disney World trip too.
5.  Pineapples are to summer as a leaf is to fall.  Isn't that right?
6. One romper that can be dressed up or down.
7. Another top that's been on constant rotation.

 Can you tell I'm not quite finished packing yet??

 Last summer I started using these packing cubes.  When our entire family goes on a trip, then each person has their own color.  Since this trip is just the two of us, I used the packing cubes that were sized best for our things.  If you can tell from the picture, I stuffed swim cover ups and suits into my beach hats to keep everything looking nice once we arrive.

There's a little peek inside my suitcase.  :)

Next month-we're sharing a typical day!  Hope to see you here!


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Tuesday Talk-Summer Ideas


I'm sorry I missed you yesterday!  I had half a post written thinking we'd get home from Nixon's baseball tournament in time for me to finish before bed.  Well, delay after delay and then two wins put us arriving home after ten o'clock.  I'm basically useless after 9:00 p.m. so there was no way that post was getting finished.  You'll see it on Thursday.  ;)

Today is TUESDAY TALK!  That day once a month when Fancy Ashley and I join forces to chit chat about anything and everything.  We'd love for you to join us!

We're on week TWO of summer around here.  My boys have baseball camp this week, we've been getting ready for our trip, I'm trying to leave an organized house, things have been busy so far-and it's only Tuesday!  We typically hit up the pool most days for a couple burn some energy, hang with friends, and have fun-it is summer after all!  But when we come home, my kiddos want to be couch potatoes.  On days where they spend three hours at sports camp and then follow it up with swimming for three hours, I don't really mind.  But other days, I'm trying my best to prevent having four little lazy bones.  What is your favorite indoor activity {afternoons can get HOT here in Texas mid-summer} with kiddos?


I typically make them all go upstairs and play.  It's amazing what they can do and how their little imaginations can create!  Please share your suggestions!  I'm sure not only me-but many other mamas would love some ideas!

Thank you for reading today, friends!

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Friday Favorites-June 7th, 2019 Edition


I had big plans of sleeping in late, way too late bedtimes, and days spent completely by the pool but I've gotta be honest-the three big kids all had camp this week so it didn't really look like that.

Needless to say, I'm PUMPED about no camps today and am looking forward to a fun FRIDAY!  I've linked up with Andrea and Narci and we're sharing our FRIDAY FAVORITES!  I've started sharing FIVE FAVORITES each week and this one will be no different.  :)

Summer nights are absolutely my FAVORITES!  I've been completely off my dinner "A" game and we've pretty much had sandwiches, take out, or eaten out every night for a week.  

Our local high school conducts a variety of sports camps for elementary and middle school kiddos.  It's one way for our kids, who live in a large town, to make the high school mean a little something to them at such a young age.  My kiddos have gone for the last several years and it's one of their FAVORITE things about summer.  They get to be active, learn some new skills, and have a lot of fun with their friends.  

Our local baseball team headed to STATE yesterday and the football campers got to be a part of the crowd cheering them on.  My boys thought this was so cool!

You guys know this about me...pets just aren't my thing.  But a FAVORITE this week is friends who will let my kiddos pretend they have a pet for a while.  Some sweet baseball friends let Britt walk around with their puppy several times at Bowen's baseball game.  Britt thought she was hot stuff with that dog's leash!  FAVORITE moment for Britty!

#4 BOOKS!!
More reading time is on the summer horizon!  I have a list of must-reads, but if you have a FAVORITE book suggestion-PLEASE SHARE!!  We head out on vacation soon and I'm working on loading my Kindle!

One morning this week the boys were waiting for their carpool and Britt and I were outside keeping them company.  Please watch what happened...all smiled for me.  :)

Britt captured about to hit Bowen in the head.  Her allegiance lies with Nixon.  #always

Everyone made up and pretended like that incident never happened.

Then these faces...

And the kid on the right was DONE. 

Hope you guys are enjoying your summer!  Slaughters sure are.  :)


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It's that time AGAIN!

Over on my Insta-Stories today, I'll be sharing a photo every hour {ish} of what a typical day looks like around here on June 6th.  Please follow along at slaughteren over on Instagram.

Hope to see you there!

Potty Talk


Friends, I'm not trying to toot my own horn here but I think it's safe to say Britt is POTTY TRAINED!  Granted, it took us not one but two big attempts and she's way over three-years-old but we got there.  Who thought the last week of school would be the best week to solidify that "potty training status"?  Please know I'm sending myself an eye roll for that.  Needless to say, WE MADE IT!


This was pretty much me this time around. :)

Just wanted to send a little potty training encouragement to anyone else in the trenches of potty training!  You've got this, Mamas!

A few things that worked for us this time around...{I know that every kiddos different but maybe something will work for your too.}

*Our first big attempt I read that Oh Crap Potty Training and while it was super helpful I got nervous {and probably a little stressed-who am I kidding?} anytime something had to differ from what the book suggested.  That laid back potty training vibe just wasn't there thanks to ME!

*Both times we used the "commando" method at home for several days and that WORKED!  Why'd no one tell me about this with my other kids?

*My attitude this time was way more laid back.  

*We have a little potty set up in the bathroom.  Britt is so tiny that she can't get on the big potty all by herself but she can potty in the little potty all by herself.  And-she is proud of herself when she takes care of business solo!

*We didn't do candy or anything like that either time but we did celebrate BIG!  Lots of dancing in the bathroom.  :)

Happy Potty Training Vibes, Fellow Mamas!

Dance Recital Spring 2019

This past weekend was marked in our calendar as SPRING RECITAL WEEKEND.  It had been jotted down in my calendar months ago.  From January to May, these dancers work on their recital pieces learning and perfecting each dance.  This time the Slaughters were represented by not only Ebby Lee but Britt as well.

Friday evening these girlies rehearsed.

Look how big Britty looks up on the stage!
{She walked out to her spot and burst into tears.  Her teacher got her calmed down and then she did an awesome job.}

Saturday evening show-Ebby Lee and Kensington were jazz ready!

This is apparently Ebby Lee's Spring Recital 2019 pose.  You'll see what I mean...wait for it. :)

The tap dance was up next and someone snuck in this picture.

Then Ebby Lee, Ashby, and Kensington performed in the ballet.  Please see the progression of a "simple" picture.



Nixon played in a baseball tournament earlier in the day but we all made it back in time to see all the performances.

 So proud of this girl!

On Sunday, Miss Britt got to take the stage for her ballet performance.

Everything is better with sweet friends.

It's safe to say-Britt agrees.  :)

Her little class did GREAT!  I was nervous about her crying on stage, but she did SO GOOD!

After the performance, she got flowers!

So so proud of this girly too!

Everyone got to watch her do her thing on the stage.  Nixon was supposed to be at a baseball tournament during her performance, but it got rained out.  He'd asked me multiple times to make sure I recorded it so he could watch.  Now, I'm not saying he'd choose ballet over baseball but that tiny dancer has him wrapped around her little finger.  

The whole family was there!

And G and M too!

We ended the night with one more ballet performance by these ballerinas.

I'm so proud of these girls and their hard work all year long!