Friday Favorites-MAY Edition


This has been a WEEK!  It's always such a nice SLOW change of pace when baseball games are cancelled due to weather.  It forces our family to have a night in and I absolutely love those nights.  But-the craziness of ALL THE MAKE-UP GAMES drives me batty!  Needless to say, it's been a WEEK!

In Friday fashion, I've joined Narci and Andrea to share some FAVORITES.  Lately, I've been sharing FIVE FAVORITES and that's what I have for you again today.  :)

#1 These Two
First up are these two over at Style Duplicated...aren't they CUTE?!  Jeni is one of my dear friends making up half of the dynamic duo that is Style Duplicated.  I've met Paige a few times through Jeni and Paige is just as precious and funny in real life as she appears on social media.  These girls are not only gorgeous but they're crazy fun in real life too.  Mix and Match Travel just sent these two {and their hubbies} to the Bahamas and they shared the first half of their trip over on their blog.  If you've been tempted to head to the clear blue waters of the Caribbean, you will HAVE to book a trip after reading!   Remember to e-mail to learn more!

#2 Maycember Medley
I've seen this video by the Holderness Family floating around social media and finally watched yesterday.  You GUYS!  This is SO ME RIGHT NOW!  NINE DAYS LEFT!  #whoscounting

If you missed my post on Wednesday, we just recently celebrated TWO YEARS with our Britty.  To say she's LOVED by many would be such an understatement.  Her little transformation has been amazing to witness and I can't wait to see what God has planned for her future.

#4  Little Sisters
Britty pictured with her little friend, Hadley, and fellow little sister of another tee-ball player.  This is what most of our spring nights are, sweaty, and living at the ball park.

#5 Summer Looks
I shared some Red + White + Blue looks earlier this week.  You should check them out if you're on the hunt for something new for summer!

It was a little short and sweet today, friends.  What can I say?  I'm blaming "May".  :)

Have a GREAT weekend!
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Red + White + Blue 2019

Last year, I shared a Red + White + Blue post where I highlighted some items all fitting that Red + White + Blue bill.  It was a hit!  And I'm back with more!

First up, this romper gives me ALL THE SOUTHERN CHARM feels.  Did anybody watch last night?  I'm currently working on this post Wednesday around 1:00 p.m. so I have high hopes to watch tonight but I'm not sure it'll happen.  Have no fear I WILL be recording!

I'm very long-torso'd so finding rompers that are plenty long enough can be tricky.  This Lily romper fit perfectly{True to size for me}!  It's off the shoulder, has a fun print, and just screams, "SUMMER!".  

There's a teeny bit of a blush pink mixed in the design so I paired mine with these coral statement earrings.  {Earring style or earring color}

Big fan of this red jumpsuit.  The straps are adjustable which helped my length..other than that-true to size.  I'd pair this with heels or wedges for church and these sandals for an outdoor party.

These tassel earrings matched so well and brought a little more fun to the outfit.

This top is full of the Red + can pair it with white to complete the outfit!  This exact top is sold out but the same print in a different style is available.

Who's headed to the beach this summer?  I love this dress and I think you need it.  It runs true to size and the back has buttons to adjust the straps.  

I paired the stripe dress with these red tassel earrings...perfect for a Red + White + Blue look.

And this dress is the prettiest blue plus it's not just a normal cotton which spices it up a little.  I realized AFTER I'd taken the picture and taken the dress off that this dress is inside out in the picture!  Blogger Fail-but imagine how good it looks not inside out.  ;)

A little earring close-up...

This was my #OOTD yesterday for two kiddos' orthodontics appointments, one speech therapy visit, one swim lesson, one hitting lesson, one dance carpool, and one tee-ball game.

White Tee-Cut Offs {Sized up to a medium}-Earrings

While it was a crazy busy day, I couldn't help looking over at my right hand girly, Britt, and being so very thankful she's ours.  Thank you for all your sweet words yesterday!


Britt's Gotcha Day 2019

All the feels today, friends.

On this day, two years ago Britt Bradford Slaughter was placed in my arms for the very first time...from that moment on our hearts would never be the same.
 I'm not sure if you can tell in the picture but pictured above are three super excited kids, one baby who was scared to death leaving everything and everyone she'd ever known, and two terrified parents who had no clue what was in store but were stepping out in faith.  

Looking back we've come so far in the last two years.

Two years ago we had a teeny baby who couldn't walk or crawl or talk and today she can do all of those things.

You can read all about our Adoption Journey in these-

Bringing Home Britt Posts...

Adoption Questions Answered...

Post Adoption Updates...

 Britt has gone from super shy and reserved to Miss Personality.  She's always talking, dancing, singing, and full of life around our house. 

 We're her people.  And we're so very thankful she's ours.

 If God has placed adoption on your heart, I pray today that you'll act on it.  I'm so very glad we did.  There are kiddos out there just like Britt waiting for their forever family, someone to be in their corner, to comfort them, to cheer them on, to protect them, and to love them.  I pray that someone reading today might be that family for a child who's waiting.

We could have missed this, but I'm so glad we didn't.  Our Britty is the sweetest and we love her big.

Now I'm off to enjoy the day with this sweet girl of mine.

Happy Wednesday!

Top Three-Things that Surprised Me

Hey Hey!

It's TUESDAY!  And I'm throwing it back to a post I haven't done in several years-Tuesday's Top Three.  Years ago, I shared my top three of all different kinds of things a couple times a month.  My top three hair products,  my top three spring nail colors,  my top three gifts for a get the idea.

Today, I want to talk about the Top Three things that have surprised me over the past month...

#1 Country Rap
I had some boys in my car last week and Ebby Lee was playing the d.j. by letting them request songs.  One kiddo requested a song that sounded like country but then the guy started rapping.  When I asked what we were listening to his response, "Country rap".   Did you guys know this is out there?  Am I the only one who's never heard of country rap until now?  COUNTRY RAP?

#2 Night Guard
I went to the dentist recently and was told I really should get a night guard.  {Hi!  My name's Erika and I grind my teeth.}  I've been putting this off for years so when I was checking out I asked to make an appointment for the impressions for the night guard.  Thankfully, the receptionist said she'd go ahead and give me a quote.  Surprised again when the quote said $500.  $500 for something I'll sleep in?  I'm not sure what price I was expecting but I know it was less than that.  You guys I will now be sleeping in Nixon's extra flag football mouth guard every night to save my teeth and some money.  

#3 Nose Hairs
Apparently thirty-five is the age when things really start changing or at least it's the age for me.  We were driving somewhere {I was in the passenger seat} and I flipped the visor down to look in the mirror at something on my face and I HAD APPROXIMATELY 75 NOSE HAIRS HANGING OUT OF MY NOSE!  To say this "surprised" me is putting it a tad too mildly.  This shocked me.  I didn't outwardly freak out in the car but as soon as we got home I went to town with tweezers.  Tab walked in the bathroom as I was taking care of the situation and then I freaked out about how I'd seen all these nose hairs in the car and his response was, "Yeah, I saw them GLISTENING in the light in the car but I wasn't gonna say anything". words.  He actually said, "glistening".  Don't worry-after our discussion I'm one hundred percent confident that Tab will never keep something like that to himself.  I had flashbacks of health class when the teacher said, "By the time you've smelled yourself, ten people have already smelled you".  I was a little nervous about that statistic applying to nose hairs.  Consider this my PSA, check your nose hair situation, friends!  Needless to say, thanks to Amazon Prime and my new trimmer this should never be a problem again.

Clearly we're all friends here because I'm talking nose hairs.  So now it's your turn...what's surprised YOU lately?

Mother's Day

Typically on the weekends I do my best to squeeze in any work time I can snag-in between volleyball games, after baseball games, or before my people wake up.  On Saturday morning, I woke up early to work and Tab strongly encouraged me to take a day off work, sleep in, and enjoy my Mother's Day weekend.  After a little convincing, I did just that.  

Needless to say, I've got nothing but a picture of my people on Mother's Day to share.  I'm so very thankful for these four.  Hope you had a great weekend with your people!  And I'll see you back here tomorrow!

Friday Favorites-Mother's Day Edition

Happy FRIDAY, Friends!

And a big ole HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you mamas out there!  I've teamed up again with Narci and Andrea and are bringing FIVE FRIDAY FAVORITES to this little space today.  :)

Have you read this book?  I added this to my Kindle for our Walt Disney World trip and I'm so very glad I did.  If you haven't read it, STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING NOW and get to reading!  SO SO GOOD!  5 STARS from me!

You GUYS and your COMMENTS!
I posted over on Instagram that I finally jumped on the Air Fryer train and purchased this air fryer.  {Right now-it's a Diamond Stud Offer for $29.99-I'm not sure what that means exactly but I paid way more for mine!}  I asked for help in what to even do with it, and you guys delivered!  Be sure to head to my Instagram for some ideas if you're looking for some air fryer inspiration too.

Denim Shorts are a staple item in my closet I wear all the time.  These are the three you'll see on repeat ALL SUMMER LONG.

All those are boyfriend shorts with reviews saying that they run a little large, but I wear my normal size and wear them a little lower on my waist then my jeans.  That way it gives me a little length and I'm not wearing super tight shorts.

In honor of Mother's Day on Sunday, I'm adding my mama as a FAVORITE!  Tina, better known as T-Nonnie, among her grandkiddos is an amazing mom.  When she comes into town, she is working the entire time to make my life a little easier.  She's always down for a trip to visit or babysit and my kiddos absolutely adore her.  She loves us well and we're so thankful for her.  Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

This little gadget is making the Top Five list this week!  It's so darn easy and convenient to read in bed with this little book that lights up and adjusts to the dark.  Tab isn't a fan of me having the light on if he's drifting off to sleep so this solves all our problems.  Speaking of this, I need to add a new line-up of books to my you have any recommendations?

Thanks for reading today, friends!  We have a weekend full of sports and I'm looking forward to our little Mother's Day celebration on Sunday.  Hope you have the best weekend!

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Slaughter House Shenanigans

 With the end of the school year quickly approaching, our house has been full of all the things...sports, concerts, meetings, etc.  Here's a little look at what's been going on around here lately...

Britty before school Thursday all decked out in her colorful Matilda Jane.

My new favorite way to drink coffee, in this Walt Disney World mug.  :)  If you missed my trip recaps you can see them here...

Remember if you book a trip with Mix and Match Travel during the month of May, you'll be entered in the giveaway to win $500!  E-mail us at to learn more!

My favorite breakfast or brunch option...breakfast tacos from Hat Creek.  My preferred method is bacon, potato, spinach, onion, and cheese WITH the green salsa.

I got lots of questions about this top from yesterday's post.  I ordered a medium and like the way it's long enough to wear out or I can front tuck it as well.  The picture online shows those long strings with pom poms but remember-I just cut mine off.

I got to attend Nixon's Economics Fair...he was the proud owner of the Hit and Get Football Stand.

We had an end-of-the-year concert for the 4th and 5th grade choir.  Can you spy Ebby Lee?

This is what it looks like when you have three older siblings who keep you up WAY TOO LATE with baseball games and other activities.  You put yourself down for a nap!

Nixon went to a Ranger's game on Friday with a friend.  They got to grab some autographs before the game.  He thought this was the COOLEST!

This is what nine-year-old boy heaven looks like.  :)

 He had zero fun...can you tell?

 Saturday and Sunday were completely full of baseball...Nixon's team played in a tournament with games about 40 minutes away each day.  We left the ball park on Saturday night around 10:00 p.m.  I think it's safe to say this is the age where baseball gets REALLY fun to watch.  I like watching my kiddos at all ages but they're really playing some competitive baseball now and I'm here for it!

We were back at it on Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

 I'm not sure how Nixon feels about his friends being so nice to Bowen, but Bowen is a HUGE fan.  

On Sunday their team played three games and I could really write my own little blog post about how proud I was of their performances.    The last game was super intense, it was back and forth the entire time, and actually ended in a tie which meant we went into extra innings.  Let me just say-this is the first game I've ever had a hard time just sitting to watch.  All the parents in the stands were STANDING because it was such a tense, competitive atmosphere but our boys SHOWED UP.  They played so hard, fought with grit, and I wanted to cry when the game ended.  

  At one point, when we held them in the last inning, I literally jumped up in the air with my arms extended!  WHO AM I?!  hahahaha!  It was like I lost control of my body for a second.  Needless to say, I'm thoroughly enjoying this baseball season.

After a weekend of baseball, Nixon and Smith chilled like this as we waited for our dinner table.

Nixon's uniform was a dirty mess but do you know what it looks like to be a younger sibling and spend all your time at the ball field?  You end your night looking like this...
Britty Girl was a MESS!

Have you seen the movie, The Croods?  She was kind of channeling that baby Crood a bit.  Don't you think? 

Okay, that wraps up a look at The Slaughter House Shenanigans.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

Let's Look at Your FAVORITE #OOTD

Hey Hey!

It's time for LET'S LOOK in MAY!  This is the link-up I host every month with Shay where we take a little peek at how we do something and we invite you to share how you do something.  The goal is for us to all learn a little from each other throughout the year!  Today, we're sharing some of our FAVORITE OUTFIT OF THE DAY looks!

I've gotta be honest-this time of year I can go two ways...
1. I either am all put together with full hair and make-up.
2.  I look like I just rolled out of bed.  If I know I'll be outside with the kiddos or sitting through baseball games in the heat, I can often times talk myself out of looking put together.

No one wants to see me looking like a HOT MESS so I'm sharing some of my FAVORITE looks for the warm spring days we're having here in Texas right about now..
Okay, this is my favorite kind of look this time of year...
Fun Top-I scored this one on Amazon.  While the colors are fun, it surprisingly washed well, and it comes in a variety of colors, please know I cut the pom pom strings off.  One of my fell off as I was putting the shirt on {yes, super sturdy apparently} so I just snipped both strings off and I might like it even better.
White Jeans-I bought these earlier this year because my other white jeans weren't looking super white.
Miller Sandals-If you remember I was actually gifted a pair of these sandals in gold three years ago on a work trip with Tab and let me tell you-I wore them ALL THE TIME!  They lasted THREE years and to be honest I'm still wearing but they didn't look as nice as they once did.  I replaced that pair with another one and already have worn them so many times.
Earrings-In "Hot Pink".

Am I looking Disney World ready in this one?
Here are the details...kimonotankshorts, and shoes.

Let's chat about those shoes for a second...they give off the Skechers Go Walk vibe but are just a tad different.  They come in a TON of colors and are super comfy.

White jeans are my jam ALL MONTH LONG.  On this particular day, I paired them with this top and leopard belt from Amazon.

And my FAVORITE pajamas right now happen to be this pair from Amazon.

That's what I've been wearing lately...well, who am I kidding...add a couple rough looking outfits for those hot baseball games.  :)

What is YOUR favorite look right now??

Don't forget to join us next month when we look at the inside of our suitcases!


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