Friday Favorites-Good Friday Edition

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Today, my kiddos are out of school so we're enjoying the day together.  In Friday fashion, Narci, Andrea, and I are sharing our Friday Favorites.  

In honor of Good Friday, I'm doing things a little differently around here and just sharing ONE FAVORITE. represents Jesus Christ's victory over death.  His resurrection shows that eternal life is possible to all who have faith and believe in Him. 

That's why we're celebrating this weekend...He Has Risen!

If you're looking for a place to celebrate, I'd love to invite you to our church.  We have services all weekend long where we'll be celebrating Easter.  I'd love for you to join us!  You can see all the information here.

Praying you guys have a great Easter weekend!
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A Little of This and That from Nixon's BIRTHDAY

Friday, Britty and I took the birthday boy lunch.  Any guesses on his request?

Chick-Fil-A!  Our love for Chick-fil-A still runs deep.  {You can see a post I did all about Chick-fil-A years ago.  My lastest obsession is the chicken wrap..basically because I use ALL THE SAUCE as I eat.  What's your Chick-fil-A go to??}

Please note the tiny three-year-old walking over to the table full of boys.  This girl is gonna be trouble.  The teachers were so sweet and didn't mind this girl was causing a ruckus in the middle of lunch.

She loves him BIG and the feeling is mutual.  :)

You can read all about Nixon's birthday party in this post.  I followed it up on Tuesday with a post asking your thoughts on tipping and birthday hosts at parties.  Feel free to check that out as well and share your opinion.  I don't mind one bit that we all have different opinions-as long as we are respectfully disagreeing with each other.  :)

I get asked a lot about gifts for kiddos...probably Nixon's age and ALL-BOY the most!  It seems like you guys struggle in the gift department a bit with nine-year-old boys as well.  That age can be tough!

Nixon got some AMAZING gifts at his party and I instantly knew I needed to share them with you...

*Favorite team accessories...Nixon got a football, water bottle, and shirt all decked out with his favorite team.  For all your sports' lovin' kiddos, this was a HIT!  Whether it be-football, baseball, basketball, soccer...grabbing some things with their favorite team logo is a GREAT idea! 

*Water Balloon Toys...He got a wide variety of Bunch of Balloons.  Do you remember those balloons you hook up the water hose to and in seconds you have TONS of water balloons ready to go?  SO EASY!  And if your boy is like mine, he's a big fan of water balloons.  Another gift included this Bunch of Balloons Balloon Launcher-loved it!

*Wooden Louisville Slugger...I had no clue Nix would be stoked about this bat, but he was PUMPED!  He told me he was sleeping with it that night.  Baseball moms-remember this.  :)

*Base Set and Wiffle Ball Combo...This gift came all packaged together and I thought it was a great idea.  Everything you'd need to play a game of wiffle ball...the bases, the bat, and a big bag of wiffle balls.  You could switch out the wiffle ball stuff for a kickball  as well.

*Pool Toys...this squirt and smash pool toy will be a big hit as soon as our weather warms up.  Any type of football for the water is always a good idea as well.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something else I should pass on, but I can't remember!  I'll pass it on if I think of it!
Check out our street on Monday afternoon...wiffle ball game in full effect.  And please note the largest Ziploc bag EVER for an after school snack of goldfish.

I think that wraps up a little of this and that from my favorite nine-year-old's big day.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

Come Check it Out!

It's that time AGAIN!

Today, I'll be over on my Insta-Stories sharing a photo or two every hour showcasing a day-in-my-life.  Make sure you're following along on Instagram {slaughteren}.

Also, I'll be throwing in that poll from yesterday.  Let me know your thoughts!

Hope to see you over on Insta-Stories!


Tuesday Talk-What Do You Do?

Hey Hey!

It's Tuesday Talk that day every month when Fancy Ashley and I come together to chit chat about anything and everything!  Today, we're talking mom stuff and I'm looking for your opinions.

If you saw my post yesterday, we just had Nixon's birthday party over the weekend at a local trampoline place in town.  Typically when you have a birthday party outside of the home you have a party attendant or party host who's helping out with making sure things run smoothly for your party.  Then at pay time they ask if you'd like to tip your party helper.  

Tell me what do you do....

Let's talk in estimates-if your party is $250, then the location suggests tipping 20%-which is $50.

Do you...

1.  Tip $50?
2. Tip something else-maybe $20?
3. No extra tip.
4.  Base it all on, the amount of work/helpfulness. {Ebby Lee has had the dress-up party where the party helpers basically do everything for the, make-up, entertainment, etc. versus the party host ordering and serving food.}

I always wonder WHAT do people do?  Do you tip the full 20%?  I'm assuming party hosts are getting paid differently than waiters or waitresses but I don't know the answer to that.  Anyone know?

I'd love for you to let me know what you'd do...1, 2, 3, or 4.  And I'm gonna add a little poll to my Insta Stories as well.  I'll let you know the overall verdict once the votes are in.

Thanks for reading today, friends!
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Nixon's Urban Air Birthday Party

Friday night we partied hard nine-year-old boy style at the new Urban Air in McKinney.  I'd never been but my mom had taken my kiddos and they all had such a great time that Nix decided he'd love to invite his friends for his birthday!

This place has ALL THE THINGS...trampolines, dodge ball, zip line, ropes course, slides, ball pit, and more so this post is gonna have a couple pictures but basically I saw the boys, told them what to be listening for to come to the party table and didn't see them again until it was pizza time.  I should add-the place was totally safe.  They actually had to walk by our party table to get to the exit so I wasn't worried about anyone's safety. 

My, oh my how birthday parties have changed in the Slaughter House.  I remember working on decorations months before parties back when I had tiny babies.  This party I showed up with an Amazon box full of party favors and THAT WAS IT!  Tab picked up the cupcakes on the way.  Now if all the decorations are your thing, that's awesome but this group of boys didn't care one bit about decorations.  They were there to run, jump, climb, and have a crazy amount of fun!

We had our own party host who took care of our table, got our food, and made sure things were running smoothly.  Friday nights at Urban Air are Glo everything was black light/glow in the dark.

This post isn't sponsored in the least bit but I'm just adding party details for anyone interested.

*That big tub housed all their shoes.  If you're there to play, you have to wear a pair of their special socks.  Everyone who's there without a party has a big area to store shoes.
*If you'd prefer a private room for your party, I'd ask at the time of booking.  I booked WAY late and this table in the middle of the crazy was all that was left, but I was told a private room is $50 more.  You just have to let them know at the time of booking.
*You and your party host decide a time on food/cake and they make the announcement about Nixon's party going to the table at that time.  Even though I had a hard time hearing what they were saying over the loud speakers-the boys came running!  But yet Nixon doesn't hear me when I tell him multiple times to pick up his shoes?  Hmmmmm......  :)

Just a few pictures of the fun...

As I was walking around, I looked up at one point and a boy from the party was ziplining right above my head!

I found these two on my {nearly impossible} quest to locate each kiddo.

You know who was unfazed by all the crazy?  That girl.  Can you spot Britt on that trampoline.  Smith and Drew were doing flips and she was trying her to best to hang with them.


The Birthday Boy

I added those balloons to the pic because I caught a girlfriend mid-talk.  :)

Bowen thought he was so cool to be hanging with the "big boys".

As soon as the pizza and cupcakes were eaten, they were playing again before parents arrived.

The PERFECT nine-year-old party-Nixon had a BLAST!  And that's what it's all about.

Happy Monday, Friends!

Friday Favorites-Nixon is NINE Edition!

Hey!  Hey!  FRIDAY!

Today is a BIG day in our house.  Nixon, who just turned two a couple months ago, is turning NINE-YEARS-OLD today!  How did that happen?!  I'm doing things a little differently here on the blog.  I shared all my favorites yesterday so if you missed it, please check those out.  Narci, Andrea, and I are hosting and bring you the fun linky party but today, I'm dedicating this space to my FAVORITE NINE-YEAR-OLD!

Let me introduce you to super helpful, crazy into sports, ALL BOY, who is wrapped around his three-year-old sister's finger like no other sweet NINE-YEAR-OLD!

Nixon has always been a sports fanatic but now he's officially hit that stage where he's watching some sort of game anytime it's his turn for the television.  He prefers to watch one of my least favorite things-OLD GAMES we've recorded.  {I don't mind a sporting event in real time but if it's recorded-especially years old-I'm OUT!  They are Nixon's favorites.}  He's still a HUGE Dude Perfect fan as well.

I mentioned it above but it's worth noting again-Britt Slaughter can get Nixon to do ANYTHING for her.  He's like a silly putty in her hands.  He. Cannot. Resist.  Their relationships is just the sweetest to witness.  While she loves all the kiddos, Nixon is her favorite because he lets her do ANYTHING she wants.  Play basketball outside?  He'll do it.  Blow bubbles in the driveway?  He'll do it.  Draw with a black Sharpie on his face?  He'd let her.  He has no willpower against his little sister.  And-it's so sweet to watch.

In his spare time, Nix would prefer to be outside throwing a ball, kicking a ball, or hitting a ball.  And let me tell you-it's a good thing he doesn't get his hand/eye coordination from his mama.  He'd be in BIG trouble.  

What a blessing it is to be his mama.  We love this kid so much!  Happy Happy 9th Birthday Nixon-Man!

A Little Birthday Questionnaire with the Birthday Boy:

What's your favorite color?

What's your favorite television show?
Dude Perfect

What sport do you like the best?

What's your favorite outfit?
Shorts and a t-shirt

What song do you love?

What's your favorite cereal?
Lucky Charms

Who's your best friend?

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Football Player

What's your favorite book?
Guiness World Record Books

What are you really good at?

Where would you like to go on vacation?

What is your best memory?
When I got Kyler Murray's autograph

What vegetable do you hate the most?

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Who's your hero?
My Parents

What do you like to do best with your friends?
Play Sports

What's your favorite subject in school?


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Five Favorites

Good Morning!  
{or Good Afternoon or Good Night-depending on when you're reading this!}

Tomorrow is Nixon's birthday so my blog post will be all about Nixon, so today I thought I'd share FIVE FAVORITES from my week.  Pssst...I'll still have the Friday Favorites link-up up tomorrow.

Please pretend like Madeley's eyes are open.  I took three pictures and this was the best one-even with closed eyes!  Last week, Shay and I took these two to get their nails painted.  The sweet lady who was polishing their nails got them suckers and made them feel so special.  A morning nail date out with these girlies is a FAVORITE!

These two friends are another FAVORITE.  Last week at dance each day had a theme.  Can you guess the theme for Thursday?  PINK DAY!

I read this book, Gray Mountain, on my flight to Missouri.  This book has probably been in my book cabinet for YEARS, but I finally got it out and read it.  I'm so glad I did.  Reading is definitely a FAVORITE of mine.

Getting home to this girl {and her siblings} is always a FAVORITE!  She's been to too many baseball games.  Her new favorite past time is hitting balls of the tee.  She gets her bat, bangs it a couple times on the ground, and swings.  And, in case you're wondering-this is her hands-on-her-hips pose.  ;)

It's BIRTHDAY WEEK for Ebby Lee and Nixon!  On Tuesday, we celebrated Ebby Lee!  Nixon had a baseball game so we found ourselves eating a birthday dinner at 8:30.  YIKES!  But this girl had a strawberry dessert, presents, and a table full of people who love her-that's what it's all about!  Instead of a party, she's opting for a fun night away.

Okay, I think that wraps up my FIVE FAVORITES!  Come back tomorrow to read all about my NINE-YEAR-OLD!  Happy Thursday!

Let's Look At...Your Pantry

WAHOO!  Happy Wednesday, Everyone!  It's that time each month where Shay and I host, Let's Look!  If you're a blogger, we'd love for you to link-up and join us!

First up, I'm feeling like WHERE HAS THE WEEK GONE?  I flew back from Missouri on Monday after a cancelled flight and several delays.  Yesterday, was Ebby Lee's birthday which meant I was running around like a wild woman trying to wrap presents and make sure the day was special for her.  Moms, you know what I'm talking about.  Right?  Anyway, I'm shocked it's already Wednesday and time for Let's Look!

Today, we're talking PANTRIES!  I have no doubts that when I thought we should take a look at everyone's pantry that I'd be MRS. ORGANIZATION by April 10th.  hahaha!  WRONG!  WRONG!  WRONG!  I didn't take into consideration all the spring sports starting so early.  So today-you're gonna see my REAL-LIFE pantry.  Now I did do a major pantry haul earlier this year {there were SIX BAGS of trash-just imagine how that looked!} and grabbed some pantry goodies to help me stay more organized, but I wouldn't say it's one hundred percent finished.  {Check out the top shelf!}

Okay, friends...welcome to my pantry!

*The builder put some little gadget on our pantry door and master closet door so that when the door is open, the light comes on.  When the door is closed, it's off.  Just a little sidenote for anyone building a home.  We didn't build this home but I think it's a great idea!*

When I opened my pantry door yesterday afternoon, this is was what I saw.  Real-Erika-sized-mess in the pantry.  :)

I don't know about you but so often when I'm needing to clean out a closet or drawer I think I need to have a chunk of time blocked off to do it.  If I have anything less than an hour or two, there's not enough time, in my opinion.

Well, WRONG again!

Now, granted I didn't touch the top shelf-it's still a mess, but I did a quick pick up session that lasted less than seven minutes.  SEVEN MINUTES!  And got the rest of the pantry in tip top shape.

Doesn't it look SO MUCH BETTER?

Those canisters on the top row are from The Container Store.  I've heard you can often score a great deal on similar items at HomeGoods, but I've never been that lucky.  The bottom shelf has these containers and I put snacks in for the kiddos...bags of chips for lunches, apple sauce pouches, raisins, bars, etc.

My favorite closet organization item....this canned good organizer.  Saves a LOT of space and allows me to see everything so much better!

Okay, friends!  There you have it-the pantry of a really messy closet hoarder straightened up in less than SEVEN MINUTES.  :)

Next month, we're sharing a spring or summer #OOTD {Outfit of the Day}.  I hope you join us!

Have a great day!
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Ebby Lee is TEN

Oh, this girl of mine is TEN today!

Is it just me or does ten sound SO OLD?

Ten years ago today two very nervous soon-to-be rookie parents made our way to the hospital having no idea what to expect.  It feels like both just yesterday and a lifetime ago all at the same time.

Ebby Lee is sweet, fun, such a kind big sister, and always up for a laugh.  She keeps the boys in line, is working hard to teach Britt all of her colors, and absolutely loves school and her fourth grade teachers this year.

Watching this girl grow up is such a blessing.  She makes our days even more special!

We love you so very much!  Happy Happy 10th Birthday, Ebby Lee!

A Little Birthday Questionnaire with the Birthday Girl:

What's your favorite color?

What's your favorite television show?
Liv and Maddie

What sport do you like the best?

What's your favorite outfit?
Matilda Jane Dress

What song do you love?
Try Everything {Zootopia}

What's your favorite cereal?
Frosted Flakes

Who's your best friend?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What's your favorite book?

What are you really good at?
Art and Drawing

Where would you like to go on vacation?

What is your best memory?
When we saw Britt for the first time.

What vegetable do you hate the most?

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Who's your hero?
Mom and Dad
{Remember how this is an ongoing joke?!}

What do you like to do best with your friends?
Watch Movies

What's your favorite subject in school?

Now I'm off to make sure the day is extra special for our TEN-YEAR-OLD!  Happy Tuesday!