Friday Favorites-February 2019

Hey Friends!

Narci, Andrea, and I have teamed up to share FRIDAY FAVORITES!

A FAVORITE outfit from the week...this leopard sweater, {under $20!!!-comes in three other colors.  I went with a's on the shorter side but nothing a little front tuck can't fix.  Size up if you'd like a little more length} my old jeans that are WAY too busted out in the knees but they're my absolute favorite fit {similar}, the earrings I wear ALL THE TIME, and wedge sneakers {similar}.

Have you guys heard of this brand, Isle of Paradise?  I've officially used this tanner twice and really liked it both times.  It gave me a really pretty color but it wasn't an orangey-color and it wasn't enough color that you could tell I missed a spot.  Horrible explanation but if you used self-tanners before-I think it'll make sense?

I told Shay she needed to try to ASAP BUT it's sold out everywhere and Amazon is taking full advantage and enjoying the supply/demand situation and it's PRICEY over there right now.  I'll keep you posted if it comes back in stock at a better price.  If you've tried any other products, please let me know.

I'm highlighting a new FAVORITE small business...Life and Laundry Apparel.  The business was started by two mamas who create custom workout apparel, tees, and hats.  Look how cute this LOVED tank is.   And it's on SALE NOW!  {It paired so nicely with my new workout pants.}

 Check out this tank as well!

Life and Laundry Apparel is offering you guys 30% off your order with the code SLAUGHTEREN!  EEK!  All of their fitness tanks are such a cute alternative to a solid tank I'd typically wear to the gym.

I'm adding this hat to my cart RIGHT NOW and ordering today!  

Thank you, Life and Laundry Apparel!

Okay, I talked Trader Joe's a few weeks ago and totally forgot to mention that Everything But the Bagel Seasoning.  Yes, I have it.  Thanks to Sheaffer!  I'm pretty sure she dropped some off at my house one time because friends don't let friends eat plain avocado toast.  ;)  I was walking the aisles of Costco recently and came across THIS Everything Bagel Crusted Cod.  We REALLY liked it!  My kids kept saying it tasted like chicken tenders.  MOM WIN!  I served it with veggies and everyone ate dinner with smiles on their faces!  The box comes with six large pieces of cod...I baked them all and we had one leftover.  Costco shoppers-Slaughters highly recommend this!

Did you guys see this?  The TINIEST box of wild rice made it's way to my grocery pick up earlier this week.  I need to order two other teeny boxes to have enough for my people at dinner time.

Another comfy Amazon top for the win...this one might be tunic length on some of you if you size up.  I ordered a medium and it's long but not long enough for leggings as pants, so I front tucked a little bit.  This camo top is softer than the leopard one from my Wednesday post.  It comes in other camo colorways and at under $19 a STEAL!

I FINALLY started reading this potty training book and so far I'm loving it.  So much of the entire process is about ME and MY ATTITUDE.  The author does a great job of whipping the parent into shape before we even begin.  

I spent three days a few weekends ago with Britt in panties really diving into the potty training game and then life happened and I put her in a pull-up when we went out of the house.  WRONG!  Since then I've been using the term, "we're TRYING to potty train", which the author of the book is like...NO, you're not TRYING to potty train.  You're either all in or you're not.  It's basically like the author is giving me a stern "talking to" to gear me up.

Needless to say, it was just the push I needed.  If you're in the same spot and needing a push I highly recommend this book!

That wraps up my favorites from the week!  We have some kid fun planned know full of a fun spot that smells like dirty kid feet and then a relaxing weekend before ALL THE SPRING sports begin!  Happy Friday!


Sale Round-Up

It's that time of year when all stores are really marking down all things winter to make room for all the spring goodies.  You might be someone who only shops in the current season and if that's you, then keep on scrolling...but if not, there are some GREAT sales to be had right now!  If you're looking to stock up for next year or just find a few treasures to wear right now until it {FINALLY} warms up, I have some goodies to highlight.

This Anthropologie turtleneck is on major sale!  I recommend typical sizing for this one.  And don't forget about these fur booties on sale too!  Perfect for next year or an upcoming ski vacation.  ;)

This beanie is on sale for under $8!  I really should stock up for Christmas gifts next year!  It comes in one other colorway as well.

These wedges are a GREAT price...mine are the "antique green".

This top isn't on sale, but it's such a great price already you can't go wrong.

Okay, I LOVE the look of these heels BUT they were not the best shoe for me to wear in New York City.  I'm certain there's a video of me floating around somewhere where I'm attempting to walk without moving my feet.  {BECAUSE THEY WERE IN PAIN!}  If you have toes of steel and are looking for a super cute heel, GET THESE!  They're on sale and SO CUTE!  If you don't have toes of steel {no judgement, I learned in NYC I don't either} then check out these heels.  On sale too and almost an inch more manageable. My jumpsuit is here.

These leggings are on MAJOR SALE!  {And they come in other patterns as well.}

 My SHEAFFER top is on sale too!  Along with these booties for a GREAT price-under $50!

Hope you guys take advantage of those prices!  Our family is heading to the mountains for Spring Break so I'm snagging a few other winter items {at great prices} for that trip.  Happy Thursday, Everyone!


Mom Uniform

Hey Ladies!

Happy Wednesday!

I thought I'd pop on today to share a typical "Mom Uniform" in Erika world.  :)

This leopard sweatshirt comes in a wide variety of colors, is from AMAZON, and is a great price.  I grabbed a medium {in the camel} and I'd say it looks like a sweatshirt but it feels more like a regular shirt.  The weather is kind of all over the place here in Texas so this can be worn with shorts on warmer days this spring and paired with jeans and fur booties on the cold days.  Oh, and the earrings you're seeing ALL THE TIME!

Another peek at my look.

 On this particular day, I forgot to grocery pick-up so I had to run to the store to grab stuff for dinner that night.  This is us at 4:30 p.m. grabbing something super quick for dinner with my favorite shopping buddies.

Sometimes we find creative ways to tackle the checkout line.

What happens when you send three hungry girls to the store right before dinner time.

One of my favorite quick dinners to whip up in the kitchen are these Steak and Wedge Burgers by my bestie, Shay.  Everyone in our family likes them.   I usually make these on the griddle for a quick meal.  I've got no skills on the grill and that way we're not waiting for Tab to get home from work before dinner can even be made, so my tip is I throw all six burgers on the griddle and they're done in no time.  On this particular night, I grabbed that deviled egg tray because my boys LOVE deviled eggs and I'm only making those on special occasions.  I should tell you after our meal there were only two deviled eggs that didn't get eaten!  

I don't know what has happened to me and Ebby Lee.  The last THREE boxes of brownies we've tried to make have turned out super crazy chewy.  It's like we keep missing the same step or something.  So, this batch of brownies...well, let's just say everyone fought over the middle pieces because the outside pieces could have broken a tooth.  Aren't you jealous of our baking skills?  ha!

Hope you enjoyed a look at my "Mom Uniform" and a family favorite quick meal.


Tuesday Talk-Let it Go

Hey There, Tuesday!

Yesterday, when the kiddos were out of school, I was productive but we also snuggled on the couch and had the easiest, lazy morning.  I know my days are super limited for how much longer some of my kiddos are interested in snuggling on the couch with me, so I take full advantage!  It was absolutely perfect and the best way to start my week.  Hope your week is off to a great start as well!

It's Tuesday Talk over here on the blog.  That day every month where Fancy Ashley and I team up to chat about anything and everything!

If you missed our link-up in January, you should check it outI re-introduced myself for everyone who's new to the space.  WELCOME!  And feel free to go learn a little more about me.  :)

Okay, in this world full of Pinterest moms, over the top children's birthday parties, and life in general through an Instagram filter sometimes it's hard for us as women, wives, and moms not to feel a little overwhelmed.  We CANNOT do it all!  But sometimes it feels like we should be.  Right?  

Today, I wanna talk to you about those things you let go as a wife or mom.  I'm talking about the things we'd really like to control but we can't keep dinner on the table, laundry semi-caught up, homework finished, and all the what are the things we "let go".

I have two major things on my list {and a handful of others-I'm not Super Woman} to share...

*Laundry Put Away-
I'm great at doing the laundry.  I can wash and dry it like a BOSS, but I suffer where most of us suffer...the putting the laundry away.  For the last several years, the three big kiddos have been responsible for putting their own clean laundry away...putting things in drawers, hanging up clothes, etc.  I should brag on Ebby Lee right here...she's AMAZING at this chore!  But the boys are another story...their closet looks like an episode of hoarders and it used to really bother me.  To the point of, I'd periodically go to their room and clean it out for them, but that wasn't helping one bit.  I realized they knew I'd take care of it so they tried hard to earn that "hoarder" title so that mom would come up and clean it.  Now...I let their closet go.  I periodically ask before sports' games if they know where their jersey is or baseball pants and as shocking as it is...they ALWAYS know where their uniforms are.  So...I don't care how messy their closet is.  I LET IT GO and feel so much better about it!
{We are in the middle of a little room switch up so when the boys each have their own closet, I think it'll help or it'll create TWO hoarder closets...I'm not sure.  Only time will tell.}

*Go To School Like That
This is the first school year where I've really given up the reins on what the big kiddos wear.  Always before we'd choose clothes together or I'd just do it myself to ensure they matched.  I will occasionally tell a kiddo they can't wear a red shirt with red shorts {that's my only stipulation} but if you want to wear shorts and be REALLY cold at recess?  Go for it!  If you want to wear those socks with those pants?  Go for it!  If you want to wear something that really doesn't match?  Be my guest.  I realized they could really care less what they look like when I'm choosing their clothes-they were taking no ownership in it and the only person it was bothering was me!  Now they choose and it's creating more responsible people.  

What about YOU??  What is something you've LET GO over the years in order to make your life a little easier and in the long run raise more responsible humans?  My whole intent for this post was for us to share, encourage each other {no one can do it all}, and learn from each other in the process.  

Thanks so much for reading today, friends!

My Valentine's Day

I shared my Valentine's Day over on Insta-Stories on Thursday, but I know not all of you are Instagrammers, some of you have way better things to do than check my Insta-Stories, or maybe you just missed it?  If you already saw this, then scroll on through.  :)

Here's a look at my Thursday, February 14th...
 My alarm went off at 5:00 a.m.

 I checked blogs while I was still in bed.  It helps me slowly wake up and then I walked straight to the coffee maker.  I clearly need some new coffee mugs. 

 With coffee in hand, I got to work on my bible study.  I'm REALLY liking this study on Joshua.  There's a book too, but if you were wondering which one to grab, I'd go for the study.

 I got started on my blog post for Friday.

 I made a quick stop in Costco last week and randomly grabbed these Veggie Frittatas.  They're SO good!

Just a few minutes after this picture, Tab texted me from the bedroom that he REALLY thought he had the flu!  UGH!  {Spoiler Alert-He later went to Urgent Care and it wasn't!}

 At 7:30 a.m. I dropped off three big kiddos who were ready for a great day!

Mrs. Shay came by to take Britty to preschool.  We decided to go a little understated for this holiday.  ;)

 I straightened up the house, got laundry started, cleaned up the kitchen, and got ready for the day.  This tee, similar cardigan, and these loafers {MAJOR SALE} for the win!

Grocery pick-up at my local grocery store is one of my VERY favorite things in life!

I stopped by Starbucks to grab Tab a medicine ball.  I'm not exactly sure what it is-my guess is steamed lemonade with citrus mint tea??  It's something very similar to that?

Unloaded groceries and worked at my desk for two hours on vacations for travel clients {E-mail us at if you'd like help with an upcoming vacation!  We'd love to help you!} and finished my blog post.

First stop was an ice cream party in Britt's preschool class room.

Then we drove over to Bowen's school to hit up his party.  I actually went to Nixon's class first but his party started later.

We popped in to see Ebby Lee and then grabbed Nixon before heading home.

The flu or some random cold got me and I felt awful by the time I got home.  Instead of a steak dinner, we opted instead for Chinese takeout.  We didn't even mind because we spent the evening with the ones we love.  Hope your Valentine's Day was spent with your favorites!

These four have today off.  We have a birthday party, some games they've been asking to play, a couple creative things they want to finish, and anything else we can squeeze in before I have to start working on dinner.

Hope you have the BEST Monday, Friends!

Bloggers-remember, tomorrow is Tuesday Talk!  I hope you link up with us!

Friday Favorites-February Edition

Happy Friday!

We have such a low key weekend and I could not be happier about it.  Couple it with an extra day off on Monday and well, it's just gonna be a good one!

I've teamed up with my girls, Narci and Andrea, to bring you FRIDAY FAVORITES!  Every Friday we host this link-up where we invite all of you to join us.  You simply share some faves from the week, link to us, and then add your blog to the link-up!  Easy Peasy!  I hope you'll join us!

This week I tried to really Marie Kondo my life to see what was bringing me JOY I could share with all of you and I came up with this hot, random mess of a list...

I can't stop talking about this laundry detergent.  One of my girlfriends in my neighborhood uses it and I promise you if she's doing laundry and I happen to walk by her house-I can smell this laundry detergent OUTSIDE!  It smells absolutely divine!  This week {due to those nasty flu germs} I've been washing ALL THE THINGS and this laundry detergent makes doing laundry a little more enjoyable.  I heart this stuff!

Did you catch my Dry Shampoo Challenge Round One earlier this week?  I shared my VERY favorite out of the seven dry shampoos I tried recently.  Round Two research is going down right now.  :)

Some new workout gear arrived recently from Athleta.  The ombre pants, floral pants, and tanks {both tanks are this style-just different colors} are all some new favorites.  The sweatshirt and jacket are both old and sold out.  

I've broken up and gotten back together with this nightly moisturizer more times than I can count and we're officially "back together".  The only reason I ever break up with it is the price.  It's pricey!  My local dermatologist runs deals on certain brands every once in a while and this was on sale so I splurged.  It's definitely a FAVORITE!

Something else I'm loving....THIS HAIR DRYER!  You guys!  It's under $60, leaves my hair looking as smooth as if I'd just gotten a blow out and is EASY PEASY to use!  If you're in the market for a new hair dryer, well look no further!

Did you see THIS POST from earlier this week??  Shay and I shared our FAVORITE READS!  That post inspired me to TURN OFF THE NETFLIX and grab a book.  

Remember Gymboree is going out of business?  Well, the prices are now really falling!  I just placed an order and snagged 60% off everything!  I spotted this swimsuit for $3.19!  You're gonna see Britt Slaughter sporting this suit this summer.  Now's the time to shop, friends!

I shared a photo every hour on my Insta-Stories yesterday{well I did good until after school}.  I think the flu from last week caught up with me and I was exhausted!  We had big plans to have a fancy Valentine's Day dinner last night here at home and we all just decided at the last minute Chinese takeout sounded better.  So, we'll be eating good this weekend!

Hope you have a great Friday!


Inlinkz Link Party

Photo Every Hour-February 2019 Edition

Hey Hey!


We don't have any crazy, romantic plans over here but we will be celebrating this DAY OF LOVE in some fun ways.  I'd love for you to follow along.  

I'll be sharing my day with a photo every hour over on Insta-Stories.  Be sure you're following me HERE.  Every time I document these days I get some of the sweetest messages and feel like I'm really getting to connect with all of you.  Please check it out and let me know how your day is going too!

Hope it's a great one!

Let's Look at...My Favorite Reads!


Shay and I are all ready for Let's Look!  It's our monthly link-up where we take a peek at the little things in your life.  Today, we're taking a peek at our favorite reads.

I must tell you I've been taking a major reading break this winter.  My Winter Reads 2019 is gonna be crazy short.  ALL GOOD, but crazy short.  Hope you're ready for it!

If you haven't read this book, you should stop what you're doing now...let the kids skip school, call in sick to work, tell the hubby you're taking a mental health day and read this book!  Immediately!  I was reading this on my kindle and kept's gotta be almost over, THEN something BIG would happen and there'd be another two hundred pages.  That happened approximately three times.  It's so good, leaves you guessing, and really could be like three great books in one.


The Dinner List is all about a woman's list of who are the five people she'd like to have dinner with-dead or alive...well her fictitious list REALLY comes true.  She finds herself sitting around a dinner table WITH THOSE FIVE PEOPLE.  It was so interesting to see how her five people interacted with each other-let alone her!  I really enjoyed this one too!

Okay, after you finish The Great Alone-take ANOTHER day off work and get to reading this one.  Swear on This Life was such a good read and had me sucked in from the first few pages.  Imagine hearing about a new author hitting the scene only to being reading and hearing YOUR EXACT LIFE STORY!  I don't want to give too much away.  This one is rated R so readers beware but if that doesn't bother you, I highly recommend it.

Reese's Book Club books rarely steer me wrong and this one was no different.  One day in December {hence the title} a girl spots a guy through a bus window and falls truly, madly, and deeply in love with him.  She feels a spark through just that one look and actually spends years looking for him.  She doesn't see him again UNTIL...her roommate introduces her new boyfriend DUH, DUH, DUH.  The book spans a decade or so as we follow along with what transpires after that one day in December.  A cute read that you could read any day of the year.

In case you're missed other recent book posts...

If I had to choose one book as my favorite, I'd choose this...

There you have it...those are some of my CURRENT FAVORITE READS.

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek at those.  :)

Blogger friends, be sure to join us next month.  NEXT MONTH WE'RE BLOGGING OUR LET'S LOOK POSTS A WEEK EARLY.  The FIRST Wednesday of the month will be our link-up to accommodate for Spring Break schedules.

Have a GREAT day!