Day in the Life

It's time for another Day in the Life!

This was my yesterday, a pretty typical Wednesday.  Well, other than the fact I shared a car with Tab.  Keep'll see.  :)

My alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. like it does most mornings.  I shut my alarm off and read blogs in bed.

Then I go from room to room turning on lamps {and in this case folding blankets from the night before}.  You guys have mentioned I need a timer or a remote on my lamps.  I totally agree, but I don't know how to do all that so for now, I just turn them on.

I got all cozy under a blanket and did my Bible Study, Finding I Am.

Then I grabbed my computer and got some early blog work done.  It makes my day run so much more smoothly if I tackle some work in the early morning.

I got to a stopping point and had about ten minutes before I needed to wake up my kiddos.  I also had about ten minutes of the Big Brother episode from Sunday night left to watch.  I heated up a quick breakfast and finished watching.

I woke everyone up...Britt sleeps with Nixon every night and she's started fussing about wearing her pajamas since Nixon sleeps without a shirt.  That's why she's only in a diaper.  The big kiddos prefer to get up a little earlier and have some extra downtime rather than being rushed in the morning.

After breakfast, oatmeal for them and lunches all packed we were ready!  Tab's car is in the shop, so he stayed to work from home and he kept Britt {who was getting picked up for preschool}.  I took the big three to elementary school and then made my way to the gym.

I had my water bottle ready!

I arrived to find Shay setting up all the core boards.  Lots of my other mama gym friends arrived and we chit-chatted until it was time for class to start.

Wednesday's class is super hard.  I'm not the best at cardio and it's all about jumping, squatting, sliding, etc.

I found a reason to leave class a few minutes early.  #oops

I went straight back to the house to let Tab take my car to a meeting.  This is me...still sweating from that class.

At this point, it's like 10:15 and I'm ready for lunch.  :)

I emptied the dishwasher, 

ordered a few Scholastic books from Ebby Lee's book order, talked to three travel clients, and got started on some work e-mails before I freshened up and made my way to...

Kindergarten Lunch Duty!

But I arrived early and got to see these fourth grade cuties first!  {By the way, it was college shirt day.}

I had to drop something off for Nixon's teacher so I got to see him for just a minute.

Then I had kindergarten lunch duty...but it was busy!  There was no time for pictures!

Since Tab had my car, I drove this Cushman/Gator thing we have to school and back.  It's got a big bench seat but essentially a truck bed in the back.  And I've never driven it before, but thankfully it got me to school and back home.

I came in and had just a little bit of this delicious treat while I finished working.

I got home and had more travel work to finish.  {But I took a picture of my blog because I was keeping all names private.}  The theme of the day was...get it in.  I had minutes in the morning, before heading to school, and then after school.

Then I folded two loads of laundry.  #myfavorite  #justkidding

Tab was on his way back from his meetings right about time for pick-up so he grabbed everyone for me.

Please note her hair...Tab fixed her hair.  He told me he could not figure out how to get her ponytail higher.  How did he never learn to do this on Ebby Lee?

Homework Time!  After school, Ebby Lee read out loud to Bowen.

While Britt snacked and I listened/straightened up the upstairs.

Ebby Lee had dance {Shay took her}.  Nixon went to baseball with Tab and I decided to tackle Britt's closet since I had a few minutes.  My latest decluttering book is all about that...not feeling you have to wait until you have four hours set aside to handle a room or closet.  I had about an hour so I squeezed it in.  Her closet had gotten out of control....summer clothes, fall clothes, too little clothes, etc.

I switched out clothes that were too little and re-organized things.  I got 75% of the way finished {and will get it all done this weekend}.

When I realized Ebby Lee would be back from dance any minute.  I grabbed a quick bar and got Bowen and Britt ready to go.

Not only were we having car issues but our refrigerator is having it's own set of issues this week as well.  I've been going to the store daily to grab meat for each night.  {Only doing this since Sunday...I can't do it long!  The repairman is coming Friday.}  All that to say, since Tab and I shared a car all day there wasn't time for me to head to the store.

After Ebby Lee arrived, I drove through Whataburger to get the kiddos something for dinner.

Nixon's baseball team had a scrimmage and I wanted to watch.  We managed to only arrive a little late.

Someone didn't seem to mind her dinner at the ball park.  :)

 They've been practicing together for quite some time now so it was awesome to see them play!

We got home and Tab and I had leftovers for a super late dinner.  Everyone showered and we put the kiddos to bed about thirty minutes past their normal bedtime.

Not too bad for a Wednesday.


NYC Girl's Trip

This past weekend Ebby Lee and I headed out on a GIRL'S TRIP TO NEW YORK CITY with Shay and Kensington to celebrate Kensington's 10th birthday!  This birthday trip has been in the works for a while so we were absolutely pumped about the day finally arriving!

We caught an early flight out of Dallas so we could soak up as much time as possible hitting the city on Thursday.  Hello, 6:30 a.m. flight!  With four kiddos at home, it's tough sometimes to get a big chunk of one-on-one time with any one kiddo.  This trip will be treasured for so many reasons but one being all the time I got with Ebby Lee.

*I'll add any links to things we were wearing if they're still available.  I got several questions about items and will link them.  I promise.*
I clearly need to work on my elevator selfie game.  WHAT am I doing?!  hahaha!
We arrived, grabbed bags, and headed directly to our hotel to drop our bags and HIT THE CITY!  Sidenote:  We stayed at the JW Marriott Essex House Hotel and I'd highly recommend it.  It was super nice, in a great location, and had the best views!  {not sponsored at all-just sharing in case you're looking for a good one.}

We were starving and were right down the street from the Plaza Hotel, which houses that cute, chic food hall on the concourse level.  You won't find any McDonald's or Taco Bells at this food court.  ;)  

Shay and I had these DELICIOUS lobster rolls from Luke's Lobsters for lunch.  I was one small step away from licking that little paper container.

Central Park was up next!  We misunderstood and totally thought that was Jessie's penthouse from the hit Disney show.  Wait for it...  {That was our hotel with, "Essex House" above it.}

After a quick popsicle break, we realized that was actually the Jessie building.  :)

With alarms that went off at 2:50 a.m., these mamas were in MAJOR need of some coffee!

This girl has my heart.

Ebby Lee:  Shoes, Bow
Erika:  Dress {Mine is from a couple years ago so the camo is not available but this is the same brand}, Necklace, Shoes, Crossbody {I know...shocker, I was carrying something.  Right?}

Ten was the very best age to take this kind of trip. They're in that sweet spot between skipping down the sidewalk and begging to have a "real coffee" from Starbucks.  And they weren't embarrassed a bit by us moms, which I know is definitely fleeting as they get older.  ha!  

We made a quick stop at The American Girl store where they both got a little souvenir.  

I don't have any pictures of this next adventure...but we stopped into Saks Fifth Avenue to grab a few things.  One thing led to another and Shay and I found ourselves in the Bobbi Brown make-up chairs.  Keep in mind...we applied make-up at 3:00 a.m. that morning so they pretty much could have talked us into ANYTHING!  This was something that wasn't planned...just a spontaneous little walk into the store but turned into one of my favorite New York City trip memories.  We walked out with New York City makeovers and two bags of new make-up.  :)

And then it was back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

For dinner we had reservations at The Mercer Kitchen.  It was super chic, "very fancy"-in the words of Ebby Lee, and the food was delicious!

Ebby Lee-Dress-{sold out}, Bow
Erika-Dress {40% off!}
Day One was a complete success!

Day Two began with an Uber ride to our breakfast spot, La Pecora Bianca.

This place was CUTE!  It was very girly {not that a guy wouldn't enjoy a meal here}, the food was delicious, and my coffee was on point!

Holy Yum!  Take a second to check out that plate!  DELICIOUS!  That's a truffle omelet served with home fries and a latte. 

My favorite nine-year-old :)

Ebby Lee-TopBow
Erika-Top {sold out}, Shorts {are Old Navy and sold out}, EarringsNecklace, and Shoes {this style is supposed to be a little different but all the sizes are fully stocked and I can't even tell the difference from the picture}

Love this bestie friend of mine!

These two were living their best life!

On top of the world....errrr, the 86th Floor of the Empire State Building.  And I've gotta add, us mamas were living our best lives too.

Checking out that VIEW!

Then we made it all the way up to the 102nd Floor.  :)

Once again, no pictures of this...but we went to the 9/11 Museum next for several hours.  The museum was absolutely amazing.  What a tribute to all those who lost lives and sacrificed themselves to save others.  I'd definitely recommend this if you're traveling to NYC.

Also, our girls had heard about 9/11 but seeing all the information at the museum really brought the event to life for them.  There were certain parts we had them skip simply because things were graphic but for the most part they walked through the exhibits and really learned so much.
Someone told us about the festival going on in Little Italy so we headed there for lunch.

A pit stop for pasta and pizza!

The streets were full of vendors, there were lots of people, and the energy was fabulous!

Georgetown Cupcakes was up next!  And let me tell you...that Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cupcake did NOT disappoint!

According to these faces, the unicorn cupcakes didn't either.  ;)

Look how CUTE these two looked for dinner on night two.

Ebby Lee-Dress
Uber ridin' with two of my favorite girlies.

We had dinner at The Loeb Boat House in Central Park and it was the girl's FAVORITE!

Our table was right beside this water and the sweet staff kept the girls supplied with bread to feed the fish throughout the entire meal.  The crab cake was absolutely delicious!  And then my entree was great too...bacon-wrapped fish!

We took a little pedicab ride over to one side of Central Park...

where we had a CARRIAGE RIDE through Central Park!

Saturday we woke up with a TEN-YEAR-OLD in our room!

We had a yummy breakfast at Sarabeth's right by our hotel.  I had a jalapeno and cheddar omelet-it was just as delicious as it sounds.  :)
We walked around the Upper West Side and then made our way back to Central Park.

This is what a Saturday stroll looks like in New York City.  :)

Ebby Lee-Romper, Bow
Erika-Top {Can't find it-boo!}, Shorts
Can you name that movie?

And then this sweet police officer agreed to step in for a pic too.

We got all fancy one last time to celebrate Kensington's special day with dinner at Carmine's.

Ebby Lee-Dress, Shoes

These two kept us and surrounding patrons entertained while we waited.  :)

Then it was FROZEN time!

This show was SO good...the music, Ana and Elsa, and ALL THE SETS!  It was SUCH a good show to see.  If you're taking your kiddos, SEE THIS!  Ebby Lee loved gave it two thumbs up!

We've been listening to the musical's soundtrack since we got back on Sunday.  #cantstop
A HUGE thank you to Shay and Kensington for inviting us to celebrate with them this weekend.  We made four days worth of amazing memories we'll never forget.