Holly Jolly Weekend Recap

This weekend was the first weekend of NO FOOTBALL in our house!  WAHOO!  We had Tab home with us the ENTIRE weekend, so we tried our best to pack in as much fun as we possibly could.

Friday evening, Ebby Lee helped Britt paint.  You guys if there was ever an ounce of doubt in my mind about my big kids being a good older sibling to Britt, well shame on me.  They are all so stinkin' sweet to her.  She loves them big as well.

After showers and pajamas, we all snuggled up to watch Elf.  My idea of a PERFECT Friday night!

WHOA!  I look super creepy but this was me and my side kick on Saturday morning watching our favorite six-year-old basketball player in his first ball game.

Check out #2!

This kid really impressed me....he knew what to do on offense compared to defense, which is HUGE when you're playing kindergarten basketball!

Then we had an afternoon volleyball game, but I forgot to snap a picture.  :(

We had big plans for Saturday evening...a visit to Santa, a fun dinner, and then the Christmas parade.  But due to the rain, the parade was cancelled.  We still made the most of our night out!

My four cuties waiting to see Santa!  

 WHY, oh WHY is it so much cuter when they cry?   And how'd we already hit the "too old to cry around Santa stage"??  Now, I might cry!  ha!

 This was our second year to visit the Santa in downtown McKinney and he didn't disappoint.  He was so sweet and said that he remembered seeing them last year.  He took the time to ask what each one wanted for Christmas and even talked a little football with Nixon.

If you're looking for a Santa to visit, I highly recommend the one in downtown McKinney.  You must book a reservation, but we were in and out within minutes.

Just for fun...this was us last year.  :)

Then it was DINNER TIME!  I made reservations back when I reserved Santa for a yummy {pre-parade} dinner at Harvest.  Britt's blurry because she was rocking.  :)

Then we hit up a few shops around the square.

My crew making the most of our rainy Saturday.  We pulled out another Christmas movie favorite and ended the night with Home Alone.

Sunday was full of resting, birthday parties, and laundry.  Ebby Lee and I snuck away after dinner to run a quick errand and in the middle of Wal-Mart I looked over at this sweet girl I was laughing with and just had a moment.  I'd go back to the baby days in a heartbeat just to snuggle baby Ebby Lee one more time.  Mamas, it's so fleeting!  But let me tell you...when she's nine-years-old, excited about running an errand with you, can get herself in/out of the car alone, cracking jokes, and causes you to have the best time in Wal-Mart you realize this whole growing up right before your eyes thing isn't all bad.  I love this girl so much!

We had ourselves a Holly Jolly Weekend!  And are looking forward to making the most of the Christmas season!  Hope you are too, friends!


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

It's rainy, chilly {for Texas}, and the perfect day to stay all bundled up inside watching Christmas movies cleaning out closets.  A girl can dream...right?  ;)

I'm here sharing some FAVORITES from the week with my girls, Andrea and Narci.  If you blog, PLEASE join us!

First up is this GREAT NEWS...my girlfriend, Brittany, found THIS SWEATER at another online boutique and it's less than what I paid!  You can find it HERE.  I sized up to a large and I wish I had a medium.  To be honest, it was sold out in both small and medium when I bought mine-that's why I grabbed the large.  It's not a warm sweater...just keep that in mind, but I am a fan and HIGHLY recommend it for under $40!

 My second FAVORITE this week is Shay's Annual Recipe Exchange...this night is absolutely chock full of amazing girl time, the most delicious foods, AND a hostess that has us all leaving with THE biggest smiles on our faces.  This night gets me in the Christmas spirit every year and this year did not disappoint!  Shay blogged all the details to how she throws this party.  You need to have one next year with your girls!

This is what I brought...Marla's Mexican Corn Dip.  Marla made this for a Father's Day BBQ one of the very first time I met her.  Is it crazy I remember that?  This dip is GOOD!  Serve it with crackers, chips, or veggies {but I'm not sure why you'd want to do this-ha!}.

Another FAVORITE night happened this week...our BFG {another word for our Sunday School class, Life Group at church, or Bible Fellowship Group} Christmas dinner.  Andrea does the best job planning this evening.  We have a delicious meal followed by a wide variety of games-GUYS AGAINST GIRLS' STYLE.  She shared all the games we played in her post yesterday.  If you're hosting a dinner for friends or even at a family Christmas-you should play these! 

Wanna see the cutest Target cart EVER??
Yes, I scrubbed her down with wipes when we got back to my car...don't worry.  I'm fairly certain she's seen her big brothers ride this way, but she got herself all situated and was so proud of her ridin' style.  That big smile is a FAVORITE!

And these meme was a FAVORITE, for sure!  hahahahaha!  I posted it on Instagram and lots of you could relate...Amazon is not only inside my house, but took a picture to prove it.  :)

We have a super fun and festive weekend planned!  I hope you do too!

Girlfriend Gift Ideas


Christmas is just NINETEEN DAYS AWAY!  Girls, I don't know about you but I have {or had-I made a big ole purchase last night} some major shopping to finish and complete.

When I asked for reader questions a while back, several of you asked for the same thing...GIRLFRIEND GIFT IDEAS at a variety of price points.

I am the first to let you know when I'm totally clueless on a topic {like that darn elf yesterday}, but girlfriends, well I have some AMAZING ones and I know a thing or two about this subject.  :)


{And they're not all pictured.}

These gift ideas are at a variety of price points, so hopefully you find something that will work for your budget.  I've gotta be honest...one of my favorite things to get from girlfriends is any of their favorite things.  Maybe a favorite lip stick?  Favorite nail color?  Favorite beanie?  Favorite laundry detergent?  My girlfriends {and yours too} know what they're talking about when it comes to products so when they gift me something they love, 99% of the time I'll love it too!  Keep that in mind when you're shopping!  If you love it, odds are they will too!

Under $10
Cozy Socks-You can never go wrong with cozy socks...I'm wearing this pair RIGHT this second.
Simmers' Cookbook-One of my favorite things...any busy mama would LOVE this!
Play Beauty Box by Sephora-The gift that keeps on giving or it doesn't have to, it can just be one month.
Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink-My sister-in-law shared this lip color when she was here at Thanksgiving and like I said above...I love trying my girlfriends favorites because most of the time, they become my favorites too.  I tried "Dreamer" in this lip color and really like it!
Hair Rings-The best way to get work done AND not have a pony tale line in your hair the rest of the day.

Under $20
Mix and Match Mama's Meal Planner-Again, any busy lady would LOVE all the helpful ideas in the kitchen.
Kopari Deodorant-If you're looking for something outside the box, go with this!
Grace Not Perfection-This would be a great book to gift a girlfriend.
Beanie-Wear mine all the time and a great price point!
Ground Meat Chopper-You guys know I love this!  Pair it with a cookbook or gift it separately!

Under $75
Flannel Pajamas-Lots of different patterns and so comfy/cute for the holidays.
"The Sheaffer" Top-Who would't love this top?!
Lip Set-A gift set full of different lip color....sign me up!
Tech Bag-The CUTEST bag for laptops...I ordered one for myself!
Twisty Tee-This is my most worn shirt to the gym.  I throw it on over all my workout clothes.  Easy to gift and trust me...she'll wear it ALL THE TIME!

I'm also a huge fan of gifting "experiences" or maybe even "quality time" to girlfriends.

Some Ideas-You could gift gift cards for any of these or you could gift the experience with you as well.

Dry Bar Blow Outs-I LOVE a blow out, but a blow out with a dear girlfriend is even more fun!
Mani/Pedis-Again, they're relaxing on their own, but if you're joining me-even better!
Lunch/Coffee/Brunch Date-A lunch, brunch, or coffee on me can be a great little gift.
Girls' Night at the Movies-So much fun!
Spa Day-If you're looking for a big gift-facial, massage, and more-paired with a girl friend is even better!

What about YOU?  What's your favorite thing to gift the girlfriends in your life?  Please SHARE!

Thanks for reading today!

A Confession....

First up, I'd like to start this post by saying that I really try not to be a complainer.  I do my best to look on the bright side and always find something to be thankful for BUT when it comes to this topic I've got nothing positive to say....
Do you see him?

I must confess our elf, Sparky, hasn't made it to our house yet.  My kids keep asking where he could be and I have every intention of making some sort of note saying he broke his leg and will have a delayed visit this year, he's helping with ELF Training and has a few things to wrap up before he arrives, or he got stuck in a horrible snow storm at the North Pole and just cannot safely travel at the moment.  But for some reason, when I begin writing the note, I PANIC!  They're older now, beginning to ask questions, and I feel like they're going to know it's OUR paper or it's a pen WE OWN!


I realize they ask ZERO questions once he arrives and this tiny little stuffed elf is REAL to them, but for some reason they've got me frozen in fear of them knowing the note is ALL ME! 

What is wrong with me?

I'm 99% sure this is the last year my two big kiddos will believe.  {Nixon is already asking some really good questions and I'm being one hundred percent honest but he hasn't connected that Santa not being real could mean the elf isn't real either?  Which sounds WAY crazier when I type it all out.  I basically think he's in that-he really knows BUT the magic is hard to let go of kind of stage.}  

And I would just bring him back today BUT Tab's been traveling and wanted to see Sparky's arrival first hand.  Tab is coming home tonight so we should be all set to go with a fun surprise tomorrow morning. 

Until then, I'll spend my morning before they awake trying to write like an elf {and odds, are panicking and throwing ALL the notes away-JUST in case they notice}.

Clearly, we all have a little crazy and that ELF is bringing out some of mine!  Hope this brought a little smile to your face today, friends!


What I've Been Priming Lately

Hey Everyone!

I've gotten some requests for another PRIME POST and you know me...I like to give the people what they want.  :)

I started this little series way back  in February, shared a post again in April, in June, and then September as well.

Today, my list is full of a wide variety of things Amazon Prime has been delivering to my house...hope you enjoy!
We have an old I-Pad in our house so I decided I'd add a new case, add new games for Britt, and Santa will be leaving this beauty on Christmas Eve for that sweet girl.  No one will notice it's the old I-Pad.  #wellplayedmama

Tab is quick to laugh at some of the items I "gift" him for Christmas.  He's one of the most practical people I know and is never really asking for anything.  So, for Christmas I tend to buy him things he really needs....like a new belt {because he REALLY needs a new one}, I-Phone chargers {to make everyone's life easier}, and a new garden hose {did you read the word, "practical", a few sentences up?}.  None of the things listed are gonna be under the tree for him this year, but you get the idea.  Or, I gift him things we'd like for the house...like this Echo Dot.  I've heard some of the amazing things they can do and while I feel just a tad guilty gifting him something I'm super pumped to dig into myself.  Well, the good news is...I don't feel THAT guilty.  :)

Bowen was scheduled to have a park birthday party at our local park complete with a big obstacle course bounce house.  He kept mentioning wanting to play kickball, so I ordered this set of playground balls for the party.  With the pump included, Nixon and I had these aired up in no time.  When the location got changed, we just loaded these up and took them to the gym...they were big hits!

It's no secret Tab's family is REALLY into the movie, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  It was their family favorite growing up.  Remember last year's Christmas picture...

So many of you began quoting the movie yourself or asking where my mother-in-law got the shirts.  {I don't remember where these exact shirts came from but a quick Google search produced a TON of options.}  

Since Christmas is about mixing both families' traditions to start our own new ones, I started collecting the Department 56 Snow Village National Lampoon Christmas Vacation pieces.  Ebby Lee and I usually choose one new piece to add to the collection every year.  This year we decided to choose a more "normal" house so it'd make the Griswold house stand out even more.  #missionaccomplished

Britt got this little Christmas tree for her birthday.  If you have a kiddo, who's INTO your tree...definitely recommend trying this one to keep tiny hands off the real tree.

I use this paper all the time....kids wanna draw?  Rip off a sheet.  Need a table cloth for Thanksgiving?  I ripped off a sheet.  You get the idea...multi-purpose for sure!

I've shared this detergent before, but it was time for my laundry room to get a new scent.  This detergent smells SO GOOD!  I use it on all my clothes, linens, etc. but I know some people just use it on towels and sheets.  This would make a great little gift for someone as well. 

Speaking of gifts, Bowen was invited to several birthday parties this fall so I ordered several of these Dude Perfect football sets for all his friends.  One day I was at school and a kiddo in his class who'd received one from Bowen said something to me about the football for his birthday and another kid spoke up and said, "Hey!  Bowen got me a football too!"....in a shocked voice.  #youdontsay

These fleece pullovers were all the rage last season and let me tell you...they're back and they're on AMAZON!

I ordered this for Britt's birthday but when I started laying everything out I decided I'd hold it back for Christmas.  I have no doubts Britt will love this, but so will three other kids!  ha!

For Britt's birthday, I also ordered a few decorations for her party.  This banner was my favorite thing that arrived for sure.  It brought all the colors to the party!

I've gotta be honest...I have a big load of Christmas gifts in my Amazon cart right this very second but before I pull the trigger I need to ask Bowen ONE MORE TIME what he's hoping Santa brings him.  Fingers crossed it happens to be in "Santa's" cart already.  Have a great day!


Weekend Wrap-Up-December Edition

I started to title this post, "Holly Jolly Weekend", but then decided this weekend wasn't as festive as next weekend should be-so I'm saving it.  You just wait for the Holly Jolly Weekend Wrap-Up coming your way next week.  ;)

If you live in Austin, Texas, or Norman, Oklahoma, or are just big TX, OU, or Big 12 fans in general, then you know there was a BIG game played in Dallas over the weekend.  Tab was selected to officiate that game.  {WAHOO!}  The crew stayed at the Omni-it was so pretty and all decked out for Christmas.  I wish I would have taken more pictures to show you.  I drove down after school pick up on Friday to meet up and go to dinner with everyone.  We were treated to a yummy dinner at Perry's Steakhouse, where I decided right then and there if they fried anything in whatever they'd fried that asparagus in, I would eat it.  It's going to be so tough eating a regular ole piece of asparagus now.  #setthebaronasparaguswaytoohigh

I wore my sequin top from the Gibson line...even though it's hard to see, paired it with some velour pants I've had for years {this is the brand I have}and always pull out during the holidays and my leather jacket.

Speaking of the Gibson holiday Glam line, I have to take a quick break to discuss, MY GIRL, SHEAFFER, HAS A TOP NAMED AFTER HER ON THE NORDSTROM WEBSITE!  This was how I styled my "Sheaffer" for a dinner out...with dark denim skinny jeans, a leopard belt, and some cognac booties.  I ordered both a small and a medium because I wasn't sure how it'd fit.  The small is perfect with a front tuck.

I'm seriously SO SO happy, proud, and excited for this girl....basically, I've got all the "mom feels" right now for Sheaffer.  Ha!  Sheaffer....so so proud of you, friend!  XO

One more look at the "Sheaffer" up close...super cute lace detailing.  The top also comes in white and black.  I love the fact you can dress it up or dress it down.  If you have any Christmas parties coming up, New Year's Eve events, or a fun night out...grab this top!

The view from Tab's hotel room was amazing!  But a dance recital the next day was calling my name so back to McKinney I went.  :)

This was Tab on Saturday.  

And I was with my favorite dancer at her Christmas dance recital.

The boys went to the game with some friends so I had the girlies solo.

The cutest group of dancers.

These girls did such a good job!

Her favorite thing about the day?  Tab and the boys made it back to watch her second performance!

Such a great performance!

My sweater is HERE.

Lots of holidays parties and fun nights out this week!  And we're READY!  Happy Monday, Everyone!