Friday Favorites-Ours Edition

It's FRIDAY!  I'm teaming up with my girls, Narci and Andrea to bring you FRIDAY FAVORITES!

Today, I'm sharing something VERY different than a typical Friday Favorites post.  I'm sharing a little bit of my heart.  :)

Each and every adoption is different and each and every adopted mom has a unique story that's all hers.  From the adopted mamas I know, I'd say each of them has something that's been "their thing".  What I mean by that is maybe they really struggle with not knowing why their kiddo was placed for adoption or maybe not knowing the town they were actually born in is sad to them.  Not being able to meet the birth mom is emotional for some to think about.  Or a million of other "things" could be what's really hit home.  If you're an adopted mom, I'm not sure what your thing is {and to be honest, I didn't know what my thing was} until a few months ago. 

Just randomly it hit me that I wondered how many days Britt spent in an orphanage.  I quickly added it up, did the math, and then I went back to the calendar to count how many days she'd been with us.  Today, marks the date she's been part of a family longer than she was ever in an orphanage alone and you guys....I gotta tell's my thing.  As I type this right now, tears are rolling down my face.

 Who knew I was gonna be so affected by November 16th, 2018, but I have no doubts I'll remember this day for the rest of my life.

I'm so sad I missed her first eighteen months..  I hate to think of her sick.  Did she have a favorite nanny who bonded with her and held her when she was sick?  Or did she just lay in her crib alone?  What about when she had surgery in the hospital?  Did a nanny go with her or did she have to stay there by herself?  GAH!  I don't even want to think about it!

The point is I missed out on a lot, but today on November 16th, 2018, I'm just so very thankful.

I'm so thankful God placed adoption on our hearts.  I'm so very thankful he chose that sweet baby miles and miles across the world to be ours.  And let me tell you...I'm so very thankful she's ours.  Now she's been ours more than she was ever alone and I'm so very thankful.

That's all I have today, friends!  Just wanted to share my thankful heart.

As long as all my people stay healthy we're headed out on a little football adventure with Tab.  He typically travels without us {and now because of ALL the sports they all have games they miss if they go with him}.  Not this weekend!  We're ALL tagging along!   And I'm not sure who's more excited!  You can follow along with our crazy fun on Instagram. 

Adoption Community Link-Up

Yes, the title is correct-I promise!  

I just want to share Britt's family birthday dinner with you first.  On Monday evening, we headed to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate with homemade rolls and cinnamon butter.  Is there really any other way to party when you're three?  ;)  At one point, I looked over and Bowen was eating the cinnamon butter WITH A SPOON!  NOOOOO!!!!

M and G came to party too!

In this moment, I said, "Bowen, can you open your eyes a little more?".

Then I got this...

And even when you think she's not listening, she always is.  I moved my camera to this cutie and she made Bowen's face.  hahahaha!

This cutie is THREE!!

And she MIGHT {can you hear the sarcasm?} have a sense of humor.

These two!  One is pre-Bowen and one is post-Bowen...can you tell who is who?

Lots of family fun surrounding our booth and celebrating Miss Britt turning THREE!


Okay, I get asked a lot about recommendations for adoption blogs and I decided I'd just have a little link-up where you can add your blog!  If you've adopted, been adopted or are in the process {lots of us would love to follow along}, PLEASE link-up!  Hopefully, we can all find some new blogs to add to our daily reads!  And I'll post later on Instagram asking the same-for those of you who don't have a blog.  ;)


How We Wednesday....Talk Adoption

Hey Hey!

You guys!  A COLD front has hit Texas and in turn, it's made me not want to leave my couch!  #ortheblankets  #orthefireplace

Today is How We...Wednesday!  Once a month, Shay and I join forces to discuss HOW WE do something.  Our hope is you share HOW YOU do something and we all leave learning from each other.  #thatsthegoal

The topic this month is something near and super dear to my heart...we're talking ADOPTION.

For those of you new here, eighteen months ago this week our family of five adopted a sweet baby girl from China.  To be honest, she changed our lives by turning us all into mush.  She has us wrapped around her little finger, all five of us love her so very much, and we cannot even begin to imagine our lives without her in it.  

You can read all our adoption posts...

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To be honest, this is one of those days I'm hoping I learn a LOT more from YOU than you learn from me.  I don't have anything earth shattering to say about how we're teaching our children.  My big kiddos remember everything about when we got Britt, so I feel like they lived it just as much as Tab and I did {but clearly, in different ways}.  We do talk about adoption all the time.  I don't want it to be like Britt remembers us telling her one specific day about being adopted.  It's something we're trying to talk about more and more, because as she gets older she'll "get it" so much more.  My big kiddos and I did just have a talk about what details they should share with others.  Like I said, they remember EVERYTHING from the trip and the experience, but there are details that are super personal to us and especially Britt. 

Growing up I didn't know anyone close to me who'd adopted or who'd been adopted so the idea of adoption wasn't something my eight or nine-year-old self would have been discussing, but with my kiddos it's very different.  Earlier this week, Nixon was working on his Star Student poster for school and it asked him to tell something "Hot Off the Press".  Any guesses what he chose to share?  {I have no doubts his entire class already knows.}  BRITT!  He talked about adoption, how his family adopted, how his little sister is amazing, and he didn't include this but totally should have-how he lets her do anything she wants!  ha!   #spoiled

More than anything, I want my family to be advocates for adoption.  Adoption is simply amazing!  I'm blessed with an amazing family and awesome friends.  I cannot even begin to imagine how it would feel to not have someone in my, friends, or anyone!  Some kiddos live their entire lives not having a mom or a dad, simply alone...just the thought-breaks my heart.  Adoption has changed all six of us Slaughters in big's taught us to love even bigger.  We could have missed this, but I'm so glad we didn't.

Once again, if God has placed adoption on your heart, I pray you'll act on it.  

How do YOU talk adoption with your kiddos?

Join us next month when we talk ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS!

Tutus and {Breakfast} Tacos Party

 We partied yesterday Tutus and {Breakfast} Taco style for Miss Britty's THIRD Birthday!

I don't think Britt had ever put on a tutu-until this moment.  She twirled, she danced, and she had the best time enjoying that tutu before the guests arrived.

The Birthday Girl  :)

There's a local spot that's a new kid/mama favorite...Hat Creek.  We actually had Britt's little family party here last year as well.  It has a great patio area and even a fun outdoor area for the kiddos, but yesterday felt like WINTER showed up here in Texas.  We didn't take advantage of the outdoor area much.

The good news is-we were the ONLY people in the entire place.  The staff was so nice.  They told me I could move tables around and just make it my own.  That's just what we did.  :)

I didn't decorate much...just ordered a few things off Amazon Prime, you know my BFF ;), to make it look a little festive.  To be honest, since Hat Creek serves breakfast and their breakfast tacos are GOOD-I was trying to work that into a theme.  I found, "Tutus and Tacos" online and LOVED it!

The decor went more "fiesta", but the party favors were all "tutu".  :)  I found an etsy shop that made tutus for party favors!

All our little friends started arriving and we got the party started!  Libby made it!

This picture of Britt and Madeley makes me laugh.  Britt was being silly and Madeley was being shy.  

This girl was READY for her taco!

Baby Violet had an audience from the start...everyone is her biggest fan.

Mary Elle and Josie came to party too!

We sang, "Happy Birthday", and Britt showed us her acting skills.  I forgot a lighter so we had to pretend.  She nailed it!

After I cleaned the icing off her, she wanted her mama to hold her and then she fell asleep!!!  Well, I thought she was.  When I tried to take a selfie, this sweet girl smiled.  FAKER!

Love these mama friends of mine!

And these sweet little friends as well.

So thankful for all our friends who came to party!

We had a great little brunch party.

LOVE these mama friends too!

And these!

Then we headed home for the birthday girl to take a big ole THREE-YEAR-OLD nap.  :)

So much fun celebrating our big THREE-YEAR-OLD!  We spent the evening having a fun family dinner.  I'll post pictures of that later this week.  Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


Britty is 3!

Today, this sweet, sweet girl turns THREE!

She's sassy, spunky, and sweet all balled into one.  {At home-out in public, she's quiet and shy!}

She's grown so much this past year.

From a two-year-old who wasn't saying much at all to a little girl who tells us exactly what she wants.  I might be the only one understanding what she's saying at this point, but I hear it-loud and clear.  ;)

She has us all wrapped around her little finger.

If you need us today, we'll be doting on this precious girl ALL DAY LONG.


Now we're off to celebrate!


Friday Favorites-Hot Random Mess Edition


Narci, Andrea, and I are coming at you with three big ole doses of FAVORITES!  We hope you'll join us by sharing some of your own, reading ours, and linking up each week.  Thanks for stopping by today!  Now buckle your seat belts for a hot, random mess of my FAVES!

First up is Turkey on the Table.  Marla was so sweet to get this for my kiddos.  It's a turkey that comes with a book explaining how we have so much to be thankful for.  As a family, we take turns writing on a feather and are adding things we're grateful and thankful for all month long.  Right before Thanksgiving, we'll take time to read each and every feather.  I know we all can skip right over Thanksgiving during this time of year.  {Trust me, I'm speaking to MYSELF right now!}  This is a sweet and simple little activity that puts the focus on being THANKFUL. 


 You might have noticed I went out of town on a little girl's trip to New York City this past weekend.   {I'm totally being facetious.  If you're on social media, we might have taken over your feed.  ;)}

It was the PERFECT getaway!  We saw so much of the city, ate amazing food, slept ALL night long without kiddo interruptions, and had the best time!

 We managed to squeeze in lots of laughs {and even jump into a picture being taken}. 

 I think as moms it's so nice to take a pause, let dad take over, and recharge for a bit.  That's just what we did this weekend!

We created a shared album on our phones and all came home with the same pictures.  Instead of my typical vacation recaps, it was nice to just enjoy the moment, not worry about taking pictures, and have fun.  So no official recap this time!  You can read Andrea's New York City post from yesterday.  

The moral to this part of the post would be to find some time to get away's good for everyone!


I do have a couple clothing finds I loved...I bought this coat during the anniversary sale and LOVED it.  I wore it everyday!  And this is that beanie pictured above...I bought this last year.  It's available in several other colors.  Great price and would make a great stocking stuffer!  

*My purse is this one and this is my nail color.

For dinner out the first night, I was going for NYC chic.  This jumpsuit is a FAVORITE!  It was super comfy, paired with a leather coat, and these heels {which were super cute but THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE HEEL EVER-you've been warned}.

Night two...Meagan and I were ready to HIT the town!

This is the worst outfit picture EVER....but my dress was also a FAVORITE!  It's from Dillard's and I loved it!  It was a great length...long flutter sleeves.  Seriously, if you're in the market for a fun holiday dress, check it out!  And after my heels on night one, I bought myself this pair of booties for night two.  SO COMFORTABLE!


That's all I have for today, friends!  Thanks so much!  Happy Weekend!