It's definitely a...

We're having an Ebby Lee. We're going to make her go by "Ebby Lee" least until she's old enough to protest! She's due on April 25th. We're so excited about her arrival!! I'm posting these pictures because my family lives in Missouri and are so sad they're not seeing the baby bump! In the first one, somehow the bump totally disappeared and I look nonpregnant?? I don't know how that happens. In the second one, you can tell a little more. Here you go, Mom!!

ASU versus North Texas...

Tab, Erin, and I drove to Denton on Saturday to support our own Arkansas State Red Wolves while they played North Texas. We didn't really know where we were going, and somehow we ended up on a very small road (some might call it a sidewalk). The entire band was coming at us and there was NO where for either of us to go. So, we just parked and the band walked around us. As you can tell from the picture Tab was extremely mortified!! He could hardly look up. Yeah, right!! The band members were giving him the claw sign (b/c they're the eagles) and Tab was shooting back some sign himself. It was definitely picture worthy!

The crew that toughed out the entire game in the cold just to watch ASU defeat North Texas.

Tab and I at the game.

Thanksgiving 2008...

Tab and Gary after eating a big Thanksgiving meal.

Erin and I...can't you tell we worked hard? The Bisquick in the background was NOT used, but we thought it looked good for the picture.

While Tab was working, Erin and I slaved away ALL day working on our Thanksgiving dinner. Who knew it would take so long and require so much work?? Even though we didn't eat until 8:00 at night, our meal turned out to be delicious and one of the best Tab's ever had. (At least that's what he told me...)

Welcome to the world, Miss Kensington Kate...

I know this is REALLY overdue, (Kensington can practically drive by now) but here it is...

I helped host a sip 'n see at my house for Shay and baby Kensington.

All the hostesses with the new mom

The spread of looked better than a Thanksgiving Feast!

I totally blog stole all these pictures from Shay's blog, but I picked my favorites of Kensington!! We're so excited for Andrew & Shay!! Kensington is so cute and always dressed so fashionably! I'm looking forward to lots of girly adventures with Shay and Miss Kensington!!
Isn't she cute?? I think she's wearing ASU colors to support those Red Wolves!

I love the bow!!

Lance Turns Four!!

Lance and his birthday cake...doesn't he look so excited about having his picture taken??

Tab got Lance a Tony Romo figurine for his birthday. Justin, Lance's dad, is a big Green Bay fan, so Justin was very excited about Lance's gift.

Spiderman...aka Birthday Boy
Now that Lance and his family live so close we get to go to fun things like BIRTHDAY PARTIES!! Lance celebrated his birthday party with a costume party and a bounce house! Tab, Marla, and I drove up so that we could celebrate with him! Happy Birthday, Lance!

Arkansas State Vs. I don't even remember...

Before going to the game, Tab and I met up with one of my college roommates, Carrie, and her husband, Kurt. We met them for lunch and had a great time catching up. It just wasn't long enough!

Tailgating before the game.

Casey (a former teammate and buddy of Tab's at ASU) and his wife, Sarah...our traveling companions. We took a road trip to Jonesboro, Arkansas to see the new Red Wolves! I don't remember who we even played. I remember that it rained. Sarah and I were troopers and just set out in the cold, wet rain!! It was great hanging out w/the Venters!

Arkansas State Vs. A&M...

We ran into family while we were tailgating. She doesn't look too excited to be taking her picture with Tab. Maybe because he's not wearing maroon?
Rusty, Tab, & Jared got to go down on the field...while Rachel, Whitney & I were suffering from nosebleeds!!
After the game...we're tired...can you tell?
Tab looks pretty excited!
I'm sure all of you know by now that Arkansas State beat A&M. Tab and I were not expecting that, but the Cox's and New's were good sports. We got introduced to the best cuisine in College Station and we now know where the elevators are in Kyle Field...right, Rachel? :) It was good times with some great friends!

Tab's other new hobby...

Tab and Bryan are the new "trunk guards" at the Dallas Cowboys home games. They are in charge of guarding the trunk that holds the special defensive helmets. Tab gets to be on the Cowboys sideline and is loving every minute of it.

Tab's New Hobby...

Look at that ref! Tab's started officiating football this year. These are pictures from his very first scrimage.
He doesn't even look like a rookie!
There he is again!

Celebrating our Birthdays...

Sometime in August, again I can't remember because it was SO long ago, we all went out to celebrate Tab's, Susan's, and my birthday.

The boys

The girls

My Trip to Missouri...

I went to Missouri for a long weekend this summer. I went to just see the family and hang out. Mom, Bruce, and Jared picked me up from the airport in St. Louis and we tried to find fun things to do on a rainy day while waiting for the Cardinals' game that night. We went to Union Station to stay dry & entertain ourselves. As you can see, Mom and I were very interested in the Fudgery guys cooking and singing about fudge!

The rest of the family drove up and met us for the game. It looked like it could pour down and rain at any second, but it stayed dry! I don't even remember who they played or if they won, but it was great getting to see everyone. It was also exciting to see the new Busch Stadium...very fancy! Apparently, the rest of my trip wasn't exciting, because I didn't take any other pictures!!

Photo Shoot with Lance

This photo shoot all started because Lance and Tab were dressed alike. Then I think we got a little carried away. Tab and I went to Hughes Springs for the annual Leftwich Family Reunion. We had a great time relaxing, visiting the family, and eating delicious food!

Erika and Lance

Craft Day

Whitney and I decided one Thursday morning that we should have a Craft Day. We loaded her kiddos up, got all the supplies we needed from Hobby Lobby, and went to Angela's house to create our masterpieces. All three of us made necklaces and we deco-podged(sp?) canvases. I was pretty impressed with our design skills. I can't wait for our night with Andrea so I can learn how to knit!!

Happy Birthday Gary!

This was the first celebration we've been able to spend with Gary and Marla since they've officially moved to Texas. We had them over, along with Bryan, for a pizza dinner, dessert, and gifts!
We got him a book that was back ordered so Tab wrote a riddle for him to figure out what we'd gotten him. Needless to say, Gary couldn't remember what he'd ASKED us Marla ended up solving the riddle for him. Happy Birthday!

Rest of the Bandermann Visit...

Tab and Whitney enjoying the Texas heat.

The crew that decided the homemade ice cream line was too long, so we had snowies instead. After arriving downtown about two hours before the ice cream was supposed to be ready, we shopped a little and ate lunch at the Pantry. The line for homemade ice cream was incredibly long. We opted out! It was a crazy hot day!!
Tab, Whit, Ryan, Marla, Gary, and I all piled in the car and drove to downtown Dallas to see the JFK stuff. You guys that know me well know that I don't like history. For some reason I think it's like extremely boring, but for some reason, I think the JFK assasination is incredibly interesting. We walked around downtown. Then we followed it up with a nice air conditioned dinner at Chuy's.

Whitney standing in the middle of the road where JFK was first shot.

Ryan and I are standing in front of the fence where "they" think there might have been another shooter.

Whitney and I enjoying a nice Chuy's dinner. We had such a great time hanging out with Ryan and Whitney for the weekend. We can't wait for them to come back! I don't think they know this, but we're hoping it becomes an annual event!!

Fourth of July...

Shay, Whitney, Erika, Rachel, & Whitney
Mackey, Ryan, and Paxton...I think Ryan made a new best friend.
Andrew, Rusty, Tab, & Jared playing washers.
Miss Mackey after one BIG blow out! She looks so proud of herself!

Tab & Mackey

All the girls getting ready for the fireworks.

For July 4th, my cousin, Whitney, and her husband, Ryan, came all the way from Missouri to hang out and visit with us. We went to Rusty & Whitney's on the Fourth, cooked out, and then went to the Melissa high school to watch the fireworks.

Beach or Bust...

We just got back from a nice relaxing vacation in Sandestin, Florida. We went with our close friends, the Cox. We had a great time. The guys got to play golf and the girls had a fun spa day. We also had lots of sun bathing time. During the day, we would lay out at the beach and at night, we'd go eat somewhere fun. The weather was the only downfall to the trip. It didn't cooperate with us at all. It always decided to rain at the worst times!

The view that we saw arriving in Pensacola, Florida. YIKES!

This is Whitney and I at the beach the first day. Yes, we're in the ocean...not a pool. The water was so clear.

Tab and I all dressed up and ready to go eat some delicious pizza. There were tons of fun restaurants within walking distance of our condo so we never really had to get in our car.

This is all of us on a big lawn chair at the Baytowne Wharf area.

Whitney and I enjoying a concert.

Rusty and Tab being silly...can you tell?Rusty playing golf. I think that's the bay behind him. I'm not sure why I have a picture of Rusty and not Tab...but whatever!

Tab and I all dressed up again. We're kind of blurry but the stuff behind us looks nice.

This was the view from our condo. It was a rainy day so we decided to do a little shopping!

Tab and I our last night in Florida.